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Kratom Pros is a Central Texas kratom vendor with an air of genuine passion and consumer care. This Austin-based supplier has attracted hundreds of curious visitors and loyal return customers with its generous kratom starter packs. This vendor’s online store can be found at

Many Texans have flocked to Kratom Pros’ La Cresada Drive botanical garden for a firsthand look at its eclectic kratom cultivars and killer customer support staff. In today’s post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this alluring brand and its four-star speciosa specimens. Read on for all of the pros and cons in our Kratom Pros Vendor Review.


Kratom Pros Product Review

Kratom Pros is an Indo-kratom supplier with offices in Austin, TX. Located snugly between Deerfield at Brodie and Crema Bakery & Cafe, Kratom Pros is a modest downhome vendor with a strong presence in the Oak Hill area of Travis County. It is famed for its awesome products and excellent owner.

Chris Greenwood founded Kratom Pros with a clear mission in mind: to provide only the finest native kratom powder. According to its FAQ page, Kratom Pros went through 40-50 different suppliers to find the best kratom, ridding themselves of kratom strains that didn’t meet its demands. The problem: this claim cannot possibly have any basis in reality.

Despite what most Westerners might imagine, Indonesia only has so many kratom farmers. Although the Mitragyna speciosa tree grows in abundance in the Emerald of the Equator, there is only a select number of private kratom plantations. The pool of kratom farmers is limited to approximately 15-20 operations across the entirety of the country.

If Mr. Greenwood was sourcing kratom products from 40-50 suppliers this likely means they were sourcing it from domestic wholesalers. While there is nothing wrong with a vendor doing so in times of need, such a move runs counter to Kratom Pros’ own claims about its business.

According to the site, “There are NO middlemen. We get our kratom directly from the source in Borneo, Indonesia.” This is a statement that is contradicted again on the company’s homepage. In graphic advertising its March deals, we can clearly see that Kratom Pros’ White JongKong comes from both the US and Indonesia.

image of kratom powder and leaves

Kratom origins notwithstanding, this brand has enjoyed a short but successful run in the ethnobotanical industry. Customers from far and wide have expressed their admiration for Kratom Pros, with most patrons giving it a four or five-star rating. Patrons love this store’s Green Banjar and Kratom Sample Packs.

What seems to set Kratom Pros apart from other online vendors is its diverse product line. Unlike other brick-and-mortar headshops with an e-commerce companion site, Kratom Pros doesn’t stock three kratom strains and a couple of kratom capsule blister packs. This is a full-fledged catalog of kratom.

Mr. Greenwood promises high quality, saying Kratom Pros would rather have three solid strains for each kratom vein color than carry a bunch of substandard kratoms, but the evidence shows that the site is stocked with six to 10 variants of each kratom vein.

Many of these strains appear to be preternaturally bright in color, particularly where green veins and red veins are concerned. Oddly, Kratom Pros’ white vein kratom powder seems to look stale by comparison. It is unclear whether its more vibrant colors have been achieved using synthetic additives or simple photo-editing.

Considering its high prices and abnormal color, we were surprised to learn that Kratom Pros is as fashionable as it is. The brand seems to be largely well-received. However, the site is sorely lacking in pertinent features, such as a refund policy or third-party lab results. These vendors make no claims about purity or safety.

Kratom Pros’ expansive collection includes Green Banjar, Green Borneo, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Maeng Da Thai, Green Malay, Green Vietnam, Mystic Maeng Da, Premium Plantation, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Indo, Red JongKong, Red Kapuas, Red Maeng Da Thai, Red Vietnam, Super Green, Super Maeng Da, Super White, White Bali, White Kansel, and White Maeng Da JongKong.


What It Costs & How It Compares

image of kratom pros kratom cost

Kratom Pros’ pricing starts at $9.95 for an ounce of kratom powder, with 100 grams going for $34.95. A quarter kilo (250 grams) sells for $64.95, while a half-kilo (1,000 grams) will run you $119.95. That is more than most vendors charge for a full kratom kilo.

As for Kratom Pros’ kratom kilos, you will pay more than double the current industry average, with 1,000 grams selling for a staggering $199.95. And this is to say nothing of its kratom capsule pricing. This vendor’s kratom pills go for $124.95 per 300-count, which equates to less than 320 grams of kratom.

By contrast, the best industry brands provide economic pricing to their online clientele. has 300 capsules of Krave Gold for $69.99. Alternatively, has a 300-count of Njoy’s Bali Kratom Pills for just $32.99 and visitors can get 10% off their total by signing up for their email newsletter.


Kratom Pros Coupon Code & Discounts

Kratom Pros does not appear to offer kratom coupon codes of any kind. In fact, the Kratom Pros Instagram post has many followers, but no actual posts. There is no offer of an email newsletter on its website, nor is there any mention of a rewards or loyalty program.

Its clearance page is limited to one hinky strain that’s on “sale” for what most brands generally charge on any given day of the year. The lack of discounts extends to its payment methods and shipping options. There is no free shipping on bulk orders, nor are there discounts for those who pay with cryptocurrency.


Kratom Pros Customer Reviews

image of kratom pros customer reviews

It may not be the most dependable or the most affordable brand, but people seem to appreciate its quality. One reviewer said, “These guys are AMAZING! A++ I didn’t know there was kratom this Strong!” Another reviewer said, “They have always been so kind and helpful…amazing…never leave unhappy!”

Elsewhere, a user wrote, “I really recommend the Green Banjar! It’s really potent and helps a lot… This high-quality kratom doesn’t compare to what I’ve been buying.” Another reviewer agreed, writing, “Amazing professional owner Chris who texts back quickly with expert advice from a decade of experience.”


Is Kratom Pros Legit?

All evidence points to Kratom Pros being less than legitimate. We were unable to find any business registration for this company. What’s more, Kratom Pros is not a participant in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program. We see no incentive to buy from this brand.


Bottom Line

In light of Kratom Pros’ lack of industry accreditation or consumer incentives, we cannot recommend this vendor. Though reviewers seem to enjoy its products at a local level, we are put off by the seemingly phony color of its kratom powder and the lofty prices it charges.

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