White Rabbit Kratom Review

White Rabbit is a headshop Kratom brand that has enjoyed some popularity since it debuted in 2012. The company’s most popular product, White Rabbit Superior Maeng Da, has gained a lot of positive and negative attention since 2018. So, what’s the real scoop on this brand? Are their products the real deal or nothing more than a rabbit trick? Let’s find out!

White Rabbit Kratom Review

The first thing you need to know about White Rabbit is that clicking on Google’s link that shows the company’s URL will NOT take you to their site. Instead, it bounces to an “Online Pharmacy” that apparently specializes in erectile dysfunction medication. The same thing happens when you type in the company’s URL. Oddly, though, clicking on the link from White Rabbit’s Twitter page takes you to the brand’s site.

White Rabbit Kratom Product Line

Getting a clear answer about what products White Rabbit is currently selling – or if they’re really still selling any at all – has been very difficult as of mid-February 2020. The biggest problem is that White Rabbit is no longer listing any of their products on their website. Instead, they’re providing a link to Live Well Kratom. However, when the link is clicked on, a warning message comes up about the site being insecure and possibly hacked.

The products we know they’ve sold in the past include:

  • Superior Maeng Da, Superior Maeng Da XL, Maeng Da Thai, Liquid Maeng Da Extracts, & Kratom Herbal Smokes

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

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Pricing as of 2019 looked like this:

  • 5 Superior XL Capsules – $10.50
  • 30g Superior Powder – $28.95
  • 25 XL Capsules – $35

White Rabbit Kratom Coupon Code

Because White Rabbit doesn’t sell any products from their website and works mostly with wholesale customers, there aren’t any coupon codes available. Any coupon codes that might help buyers would have to be for Live Well Kratom. Of course, visiting that site doesn’t appear to be safe as of mid-February 2020.

White Rabbit Consumer Reputation

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White Rabbit’s products have gotten a surprisingly positive reaction in many Reddit threads over the years. And when we say surprising, we mean because hating on headshop brands is practically a sport on Reddit. One Redditor even said that White Rabbit provided an experience that was “3-4 times more pleasurable” than Kratom they’d purchased online.

A review of White Kratom’s products posted to the I Love Kratom forum was also mostly positive. In fact, the overall Kratom quality from this vendor received an impressive 84/100. However, the high prices lowered the overall score to 65/100.

White Rabbit Customer Service

Reviewers seem to have a fairly good impression of White Rabbit’s customer service, at least as it has been delivered in the past via Live Well Kratom. The reviewer on I Love Kratom said, “Shipping was pretty fast…and was packaged very well. Pouches are very high quality & seal very good. Kratom is of good quality…Customer service was good with no problems.”

Bottom Line

White Rabbit Kratom has earned high marks in the past, but you might not want to buy Kratom from a site that may have been recently hacked. Of course, if Live Well Kratom and White Rabbit are still operational behind the scenes, then the odds are good that you’ll be able to find White Rabbit’s products for sale at a headshop near you.

Do you prefer to buy your Kratom online from secured sites that don’t sell headshop brands? Head over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to find a reputable option that sells high-quality Kratom for a good price!

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