A Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors

Finding a reliable kratom vendor can be a real pain, especially if you’ve been burned in the past. We understand how frustrating this process can be, especially when you’re trusting your personal information with faceless strangers on the Internet. 

Given the largely unregulated nature of the industry, shopping for kratom online can feel like walking through a minefield. To help guide our customers and add some transparency to this $1.3 billion industry, we have compiled the following list of the best kratom vendors.  

These suppliers have been evaluated based on affordability, purity, transparency, and more. Whether you’re looking for a bulk kratom site or a bad-ass head shop brand, you can find it here. 

Best Online Kratom Vendors

With so much that we still don’t know about kratom in general, the stakes are even higher for responsible product information and marketing communications. When e-commerce sites use misleading or incomplete product information, when they deploy promotional strategies designed to cover up inferior products, and when they add to customers’ frustrations with a poor shopping experience, too many people end up getting turned off and potentially missing out on kratom’s benefits.  

Not with Golden Monk. And, in our experience, not when dealing with the following vendors. We invite you to explore the best vendors for raw powder, extracts, gummies, bulk orders, and the like. Just keep in mind, the following companies offer a first-rate website and online shopping experience.  

Best Headshop and Kratom Store Vendors

When you buy kratom online, you have to practice some patience. For kratom enthusiasts, waiting for a package to arrive can be more frustrating than standing in line at the DMV.  

At the same time, it’s one thing to do your due diligence from the comfort of your own home by researching online whether a kratom copmany is AKA-approved and provides access to their products’ Certificate of Analysis. It’s another thing to read numerous product labels one-by-one while standing in the middle of a narrow aisle or to keep asking the store associate to take kratom shots down from the shelves behind the counter.  

We totally get it, which is why we’ve compiled this short list of the top headshop kratom brands. These are the brands with products that are widely available in retail stores and with generally good reputations and industry certifications.  

Best Kratom Extract Vendors

What makes one kratom extract manufacturer better than another? Along with the purity and alkaloid content of the extract itself, clear product labeling and kratom education is especially important when selling kratom extracts. One of the most common ways—one of the only ways, really—that people have a bad experience with kratom is when they inadvertently consume a much larger serving than they intended. Extracts are commonly five, ten, even twenty times as strong as raw leaf kratom.  

The best kratom extract companies clearly indicate a recommended serving size that all but guarantees the user doesn’t experience unwanted effects. This is especially important for kratom users looking to experiment with different kratom extracts including shots, bottled drinks, gummies, capsules, resins, and any number of different types of liquid kratom extract. With experience, the user can then decide for themselves the best type and optimal serving size of kratom. 

Best Kratom Shot and Gummy Vendors

You want to seek out a kratom vendor with a shot or gummy that has an appealing composition for your use. People who use kratom for a pure energy boost should look for a mitragynine-dominant product that’s formulated for this type of effect. People who are looking for more soothing effects should look for a low-mitragynine product that lets kratom’s secondary alkaloids come through. 

More than just the quality of the kratom itself, consider the packaging, product labels, and delivery system. Clearly labeled serving sizes are essential to get a consistently good experience with practically any kratom product. With shots, however, we recommend looking for kratom shots with an eye dropper that can deliver a more precise serving. On the other hand, kratom edibles, just like the yummy kratom gummies from Golden Monk, should be clearly marked by the vendor with warning labels and use packaging that clearly distinguishes it from kid’s candy. 

Best Kratom Tea and Bottled Drink Vendors

One of the fastest growing segments of the kratom industry, bottled drinks can be seltzer, tea, or juice that’s been infused with kratom. To find the best bottled kratom drink for you, there’s usually no substitute for trial-and-error. Often, what sets these drinks apart is the flavor, but we wouldn’t discount the kratom content and effects, either. Adding various flavors can also alter the way that kratom is absorbed. 

Still, we wouldn’t just try any and every company with a bottled kratom drink. Especially with these types of kratom-infused products where the taste is masked and the manufacturing process involves extra steps where something could go wrong, we think it’s imperative to stick to AKA-approved vendors that publish a Certificate of Analysis for their products.  

Best Kratom Capsule Vendors

The appeal of kratom capsules is obvious. They completely mask kratom’s bitter flavor and can be consumed discreetly in a wide range of situations. From the size of the individual capsules to the quality of the kratom inside, there are more differences between vendors than you might suppose at first.  

Because capsules mask the kratom’s taste and aroma, you’ll need to rely on the vendor’s reputation to know you’re getting quality kratom before you give the product a try. Kratom capsules are available for both raw kratom leaf and extract formulations, so read the product label carefully. Golden Monk already offers one of the largest selections of raw leaf kratom capsules, but the following vendors prominently feature their capsules, offer a wide or unique assortment, and have a solid reputation overall.  

Best Kratom Strain and Loose Leaf Vendors

Know that the differences between various kratom strains and powder products are sometimes exaggerated by manufacturers who are trying to navigate kratom’s uncertain regulatory status and the rules of the road for marketing kratom in the public square. Nevertheless, there are significant differences in the purported effects of different color kratom veins, as well as meaningful differences in quality and effects with kratom strains sourced from different regions, growing conditions, and cultivation practices.  

Apart from the strains and veins, some people prefer loose leaf kratom specifically for brewing tea, while the most versatile powder can be brewed, dissolved, or even taken with the toss and wash method.  

Best Bulk Kratom and Wholesale Vendors

Let’s start with this: Golden Monk is the best source of bulk kratom in the industry today. While many of our customers enjoy our 250- and 500-gram quantities of kratom powder, we truly can’t be beat for our combination of kratom quality and price when it comes to one kilo and split kilo bags of raw leaf kratom. Capsules, too! While we sell batches as large as 1,000 kratom capsules, many customers enjoy the cost savings of 500 capsule orders while also experimenting with different strains. 

That said, we don’t currently sell wholesale kratom to distributors, resellers, or retailers. Still, in the interest of the greater good for the industry and our customers who may occasionally shop for kratom in retail stores, we don’t mind sharing our thoughts on some of the best kratom wholesale vendors out there today.  

More of the Best Kratom Vendors

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Directory of Kratom Industry Vendors

When shopping for kratom, the options are virtually limitless. By choosing a reputable brand with a solid track record, you’ll generally get a safe, quality product. With a little experimentation, you can then find the perfect kratom product for your personal goals.  

View our full directory of kratom vendor reviews to find the most promising one to try and to know which ones may be better to just stay away from altogether.