Kratom Crazy : Awesome Products at Insane Prices

Kratom Crazy is the biggest kratom vendor in the Southern United States, easily outranking the top-tier vendors of its time. It was one of America’s first and most significant sources of kratom extract. It was also one of the purest. You can visit its website at:

This North Carolina kratom supplier offered multiple payment options and a money-back guarantee at a time when most vendors were unable to accept credit cards. Today, Kratom Crazy remains a hot topic among kratom connoisseurs, many of whom discovered kratom for the first time at its online store.

If you’d like to learn more about this once-prominent kratom brand, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you about ethical farming, hand-selected leaves, first-generation coupon codes, and lab-tested kratom extract that put Kratom Crazy on the map. Read on for all of the pros and cons.

What is Kratom Crazy?

It was a brand of immeasurable influence, one whose industry impact can still be detected today. Kratom Crazy first appeared in the 2010s, offering essential green vein, red vein, and white vein kratom powders, such as Bali kratom, Borneo kratom, Indo kratom, and Maeng Da kratom, in both powder and capsule form.

The company grew its sizable customer base by expanding its product line, driving down prices, and filling its educational blog with helpful content. As it developed a following, Kratom Crazy added carefully selected and genuinely exotic kratom strains, such as White Sumatra and Yellow Vietnam. Its following continued to grow over the ensuing years.

Famed for its liquid kratom extracts and variety packs, Kratom Crazy became the first American vendor to offer Mitragyna speciosa for pennies on the dollar. When brands like Happy Hippo Herbals were charging up to $300 for 1,000 grams of powdered kratom, the team at K.C. I was dropping $120 kilos and split kilo deals.

image of kratom crazy product line

Kratom Crazy’s Product Line

With more than 33 items to choose from (not counting its kava + kratom combo), KC inspires awe among kratom enthusiasts. This impressive variety encouraged other vendors to branch out from simple greens, reds, and whites. Soon, the market was saturated in so-called “enhanced kratom” blends and fermented kratom “strains.”

The difference between Kratom Crazy’s powders and those of other brands is their character. Each of its strains was renowned for its freshness, potency, and purity. This was likely due to the brand’s commitment to excellence. KC was guaranteed never to be adulterated, and each batch was routinely submitted for third-party lab testing.

Before the AKA rolled out its GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program, Kratom Crazy was giving customers access to certificates of analysis and delivering refunds on any batch of natural herb that was less than optimal. Consumers were encouraged to return any kratom powder that did not pass muster.

Maeng Da kratom and White Sumatra were among Kratom Crazy’s most infamous kratom strains, but its collection was such that there was always a new product to outperform the last. Many customers considered Maeng Da to be its best kratom powder, but others noted the exquisite aroma of its Super Green Malay.

This vendor’s products were offered in powder and capsule form, with kratom powder available in pouches of 100 grams, 250 grams, 500 grams, and 1,000 grams. The more you purchase, the less you pay. At the time, these deals were unprecedented. In 2022, e-commerce sites adopted K.C.’s business model to great success.

Regarding variety, few have come close to what this brand achieved. At the height of its powers, Kratom Crazy stocked all of the following and more:

  • Bali Kratom (Green)
  • Bali Kratom (Red)
  • Bali Kratom (White)
  • Borneo Kratom (Green)
  • Borneo Kratom (Red)
  • Borneo Kratom (White)
  • Elephant Kratom
  • Green Hulu Kapuas
  • Green Maeng Da Kratom
  • Green Thai
  • Green Vietnam
  • Horned Leaf Kratom (Green)
  • Horned Leaf Kratom (Red)
  • Horned Leaf Kratom (White)
  • Indo Kratom (Green)
  • Indo Kratom (Red)
  • Maeng Da Kratom (Private Reserve)
  • Raiu Kratom (Green)
  • Raiu Kratom (Red)
  • Red Hulu Kapuas
  • Red Jongkong
  • Red Kali
  • Red Ketapang
  • Super Green Malay

Other items included Ultra Hush Kratom Shots, proprietary kratom strains, powdered kratom extract, Black Kratom Extract, and more. This vendor would frequently add or subtract items, depending on how they tested and whether they measured up. When an item proved less than stellar, it swiftly retired.

Quality was a priority that continued unabated until the brand’s closure in 2019. When Kratom Crazy learned of the disappointment many customers felt with kratom capsules, it wasted no time rolling out a line of jumbo kratom caps. These larger kratom pills were more accessible and more potent than their predecessors.

image of what you can expect to pay

What You Can Expect to Pay

You could argue that Kratom Crazy set a precedent yet to be beaten. Nowadays, online kratom vendors charge anywhere from $70-100 for a discount kratom kilo. However, prices used to be far higher for no other reason than vendors could get away with charging whatever they wanted.

As a largely unregulated industry, the kratom biz has been overrun by sketchy brands that exploit the uneducated. As the public familiarized itself with how dirt cheap kratom is, the intelligent brands dropped their prices. These same vendors would invariably jack their prices up at the first sign of trouble. The only one who didn’t give in the panic was Kratom Crazy.

In the wake of the media hullabaloo about a 2016 kratom ban, this brand kept its prices low and its inventory fully stocked. At no point did it waiver on its mission to provide consumers with great products at great deals. As time wore on and the economy fluctuated, these prices went down instead of up.

As mentioned earlier, Kratom Crazy once charged $120 for a kilo. When it closed its doors, the company sold 100 grams for $19.99 and kratom kilos for $89.99. Kratom capsules were offered for slightly more, with a 250-gram pouch selling for $99.99 and a kilo selling for $217.99. These kratom capsules were vegan-friendly and packaged with fresh kratom leaves.

You could buy kratom variety packs for $31.99, each pack consisting of three to five best kratom samples. Packs typically consisted of Bali kratom, Borneo kratom, and Maeng Da kratom. Each pack consisted of multiple 50-gram bags.

Bulk kratom bundles were also available for those who wanted to go hog wild. If you were looking to stock up for the season, you could get five kilos for $424.99. These prices were unheard of then and continue to inspire awe even today.

Payment Options

This North Carolina kratom supplier set a new standard in the industry with its flexible payment methods. Users could avail themselves of its ACH/eCheck options or pay by credit or debit card. Unfortunately, this flexibility – and the extenuating circumstances surrounding it – played a role in Kratom Crazy’s dissolution. More on this in a moment.

What is important to remember here is the brand’s tireless commitment to the American consumer and their needs. This vendor worked seven days a week to ensure customers would have a wide range of payment methods at their disposal. This included COD (Cash on Delivery) when any or all others failed.

image of kratom crazy shipping and returns

Shipping and Returns

Like all top-shelf kratom vendors, KC gave its patrons a choice between standard shipping and expedited shipping on orders of all kratom products. Over the years, several alternate options were added, but USPS Standard Mail and USPS Priority Mail were always available.

Kratom Crazy was lauded for its excellent customer service and reasonable prices. This extended well beyond its products to the cost and speed of fulfillment. Processing times were incredibly fast, particularly during supply chain disruptions that hampered the industry.

This seller provided kratom same-day shipping on orders placed during business hours on weekdays. To qualify for same-day shipping, a transaction had to be completed before 12pm EST Monday thru Friday.

Kratom Crazy Coupon Code and Discounts

To save working-class Americans from the oppressive cost of shipping and handling fees, the brand offset its ancillary charges by giving its loyal customers discounts and free goodies. These included free kratom samples and promo codes.

Kratom coupon codes were accessible via social media platforms, such as Facebook and Reddit, and the site’s promotions page. Codes were typically redeemable for 10-20% off one’s order. Terms and conditions vary, but there was always the opportunity to save, especially with bulk buys.

Top Kratom Crazy Alternatives

Although Kratom Crazy is no longer active, several online vendors match or exceed its affordability, innovation, and quality. Many of these brands have taken a page from KC by disclosing third-party labs and guaranteeing their kratom products. Here are our top picks for the best KC alternatives:


As with Kratom Crazy, MIT45 has developed a reputation as an industry disruptor. This Utah-based manufacturer produces some of the best kratom leaves alongside its mitragynine-dominant liquid kratom extracts and capsules. Its robust alkaloid concentrates are among the most potent and affordable. A two-serving honey-based kratom extract gel costs only $11.95.

New Dawn Kratom

Despite being somewhat new to the game, New Dawn Kratom has already gained national attention for its competitive prices, natural herb, and potent kratom powder. Where others spread themselves too thin by concocting a king’s ransom of proprietary blends and raw kratom leaves, New Dawn Kratom keeps things simple with bare kratom leaves and kratom powder at the best prices. Kilos are available for $79.99.

Austin Organic Village

Like Kratom Crazy before it, Austin Organic Village prides itself on the purity and potency of its kratom leaves, offering only natural herbs. Known for its bargain basement kratom capsules and package deals, this Texas vendor sells two-way splits for $128 and kratom starter kits for $39.00. As a GMP-certified brand, Austin Organic is lab-tested and furnishes a money-back guarantee.

image of top kratom crazy alternatives

What Happened to Kratom Crazy?

The first thing you notice upon visiting is the banner at the top of its homepage. The message reads: “Kratom Crazy is Ceasing Operations Effective Immediately.” This message has remained at the top of the site since 2019.

Will Kratom Crazy Return?

It’s a question that gets asked often, but the answer is anyone’s guess. While it may seem far-fetched for a kratom vendor to bounce back from financial ruin, it isn’t unheard of. Many companies decide to rebrand, especially in the age of social media engagement.

SoCal Herbal Remedies, perhaps the only brand to achieve the same level of popularity as Kratom Crazy, recently relaunched under the moniker First Coast Tea Co. Kratom Crazy could very well reemerge with a new design. This is pure speculation on our part, but as the expression goes, ‘Never say never.’

Bottom Line

Though it has been three years since Kratom Crazy closed up shop, the brand continues to exert its influence on the industry it helped to create. The hospitality and transparency it exhibited have resulted in a more conscientious and responsible pool of kratom vendors.

You’ll have no trouble finding substitutes if you want to buy kratom. The best kratom is just a click away these days.

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