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Red Vein Borneo gets its name from the Island of Borneo in Indonesia. Both Red Borneo and Red Bali are popular red vein kratom strains.

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Red Borneo Kratom provides a highly fragrant and relaxed performance. In fact, some claim that this strain’s performance is more relaxed than any other type of Kratom. Red strains from Borneo also tend to be especially rich in alkaloids. No wonder so many people call Red Borneo their favorite.

Red Borneo Kratom History

Red Borneo grows on the world’s third largest island. Borneo’s territory is split between multiple countries. This Kratom strain originated in the area controlled by Indonesia, which still provides a home to the Mitragyna speciosa tree. The unique soil and growing conditions inside Borneo’s old growth forests create an unusual alkaloid profile. Experienced growers in this region carry on their long-standing family tradition of cultivating and harvesting the very best leaves.

Red Borneo Kratom Average Price

Easy availability keeps the price of Red Borneo down — much to the glee of Kratom enthusiasts everywhere. You can try out a 28g (1 oz) bag from a wide array of vendors for only $4.99 to $9.99. Those who prefer a 4 oz bag will find plenty of options between $19.99 and $34.99.

As always, though, you’ll get the best deal by investing in bulk Red Borneo Kratom. Here at The Golden Monk, we’re pleased to offer 250g of Red Borneo for $49.99. Even better, you can get 1 kilo (1,000g) from us for only $99.99.

Similar Strains To Red Borneo Kratom

Red Bali is similar enough to Red Borneo to draw comparisons. However, it’s widely agreed that Red Borneo is very similar in alkaloid profile to Red Bali. You may also want to check out Red Sumatra or Red Bentuangie. Also, don’t forget that there’s a Green Borneo and White Borneo.

What Makes Red Borneo the Right Choice?

Bed Borneo provides a fantastic option for those who like Red Bali.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

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    Red Borneo Powder

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    Mitragyna speciosa powder

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      39 reviews for Red Borneo Kratom

      1. gotjobdo (verified owner)

        Golden Monk is my one and done. The best customer service and great product. Can’t beat their prices . Thier Red Borneo is my favorite

      2. Dallin Seager (verified owner)

        Great site, smooth and easy ordering, great discounts, and surprisingly fast delivery. Fantastic quality Red Borneo. No disappointments.

      3. gardenchops2 (verified owner)

        Great customer service from my experience. I’ve ordered 2 kilos of Red Borneo. I am happy with the quality and price.

      4. aloesignals-4318 (verified owner)

        I really liked this my first try with the Borneo! Red was my choice and it’s all I was hoping for switching up on Bali! I appreciate the dedicated service and great product! Way to go for me! Golden Monk

      5. pauldeleone

        It’s really good; I recommend it.

      6. nateruzicka (verified owner)

        I love that this vendor sells K in 1 kilo bricks. I don’t know where I would be without this product! I’m a customer for life!

      7. jdrofromtheghetto (verified owner)

        Will be ordering a kilo next time. AND THE SHIPPING WOW… was pretty good (these reviews crac me up:) . In the current age of online shopping & deliveries it wasn’t the fastest ( a few days) but the shipment was easy to track and on time.

      8. fatjacksonthecat (verified owner)

        Golden Monk carries the best red borneo by far.

      9. asapstroud94 (verified owner)

        I am a regular purchaser of kratom, my old supplier was more expensive for a lower quality product. I ordered 250g of red Borneo I couldn’t be happier. Thank you!! golden monk keep up the great work!!

      10. charlesfrye40 (verified owner)

        I just recieved my first order I got to say there awsome I been thru numerous vendors and no one has the quility they have and can prove that.thank you so much I’ve wasted so much money till now.

      11. timmusmax111 (verified owner)

        I had a question about one of the labels on my package and got a call back straight away. The product itself was some of the best kratom I have ever had. Impressed with this company and will be ordering in bulk very soon. Keep up the high quality product and the high quality service guys.

      12. reese2013dog (verified owner)


      13. 3dprintingfuture (verified owner)

        I have searched the globe since 2010 for good powder. Hit or miss usually. I have bought from at least 30 different vendors in my life. Finally the day came when I found that perfect vendor. Literally every time I order from here I get great stuff. By far the best quality vendor I have come across.

      14. ggmnk.3rd (verified owner)

        Great customer service is a start, menu of products, price, and info follows thru with proper swift process of ordering to point of shipping as advertised. Product I got is very fresh and the aroma is great. in Nevada has moved up as my top vendor out of 4 sites I used so my next month order will be larger.. As far as how Red Borneo,, its fits my needs….

      15. C. Taylor (verified owner)

        Really satisfied every single time I order this product. The powder has been ground to perfection. It’s so fine! The packaging pleasantly surprised me too and the shipping times were really fast. The Golden Monk is a very reliable source and their customer service deserves an A+ too.

      16. K. Thomas (verified owner)

        Such a nice aroma. First-time buyer but I’ll be back for more. Shipping was fast and the product was as described.

      17. Eddie (verified owner)

        Really good quality product, exactly as described in the product listing page. Customer service has always been great from this site too. I’ve ordered Red Vein Borneo, White Borneo, and a few others and have always been happy. Two thumbs up!

      18. Thomas Caffrey

        Red Borneo is very nice!🙂 Wish I knew about this comapny 5yrs ago.

      19. D. Slack (verified owner)

        Shipping is SO fast with this company. I ordered two days ago and the product is already here. Quality is great too and I look forward to trying some other strains soon.

      20. Jeremy (verified owner)

        Very satisfied. The aroma is great and the powder is finely ground. Very happy. Keep up the good work and I’ll order again many times.

      21. T. Hoard (verified owner)

        Super service and a terrific product. The kratom from this site is always so fine and satisfying to use. I’ve been using golden monk for a couple of months so far and have been happy every time. Red Vein is definitely my fave strain but I recommend trying them all. A+

      22. (verified owner)

        I (like most other people) was skeptical of this site; my old source had shut down and it didn’t think it would reopen anytime soon, so perusing the internet I went and happened to stumble upon this gem. Honestly, I started with a small order to: 1. Test the quality of their Red Vein Borneo because I still have some of my old source. 2. If this was a scam website I wouldn’t be out much money; $25ish after shipping was factored in is a negligible loss as I see it. I am happy to say I was completely wrong for being skeptical of this place and its glowing reviews! Handling and shipping time is lightning fast. It comes in a discrete package that once opened reveals a professional looking zip lock container, wherein a sturdy plastic zip lock bag holds your purchase. While not as strong as my previous company’s the quality is still absolutely superb, fresh, and well prepared. I’m glad I took the risk and am pleased all around; shop here, you won’t regret it!

      23. Robert Allyn (verified owner)

        This is a superb strain and a little bit really goes a long way. Great prices and quick turnaround time. Putting my local guy to shame minds you. Thanks for the boost! 🙂

      24. Jessica Lee

        Love kratom!

      25. Matthew

        Super product!Shipping was very fast! I will order from this website again.

      26. G. Jaffe (verified owner)

        I’m not kidding, this Red Vein Borneo is AWESOME! I can’t believe how good it is. The powder is so fine and fresh. I’ve been really really satisfied with Golden Monk so far and am definitely going to be a loyal customer for many months to come! My order arrived within just a few days and it was all nicely packaged. The kratom came in a strong resealable bag which I really appreciate. Keep it up!

      27. Lenny (verified owner)

        No problems with the product, but I’ve tried to place an order a few times and my card information isn’t being accepted! Please Help!

      28. Samantha

        This Red is my favorite. The shipping was very fast and the quality is excellent! This is the best vendor I have found online.

      29. j.ferguson


      30. K. Zimmerman (verified owner)

        Amazing product. The Red Vein Borneo arrived super fast and was really good quality, very finely ground as other reviewers have stated. I’ve just placed another order in case you guys sell out! I’ve tried quite a few different vendors and sites over the years and some of them really hype up their products so much you get disappointed when they arrive but this one is excellent. The quality is there and the customer service from The Golden Monk has been great too whenever I’ve had any contact with them. The ordering process on this site is nice and simple and the site is easy to navigate too. Overall rating: 5 stars!

      31. Gary (verified owner)

        Really good quality kratom. Finely ground with a smooth, powdery texture. It’s exactly what you would hope for when buying high quality red vein borneo. The shipping was fast too so I’m giving this company a full 5-star rating. Definitely will order again!

      32. f.owens

        Excellent quality and fast shipping, Good product and service. I will definitely buy here again

      33. John

        Good product . Fast shipping, I highly recommend this vendor

      34. Julie (verified owner)

        Awesome! Fast shipping and great product. Thanks a lot!

      35. Kristy

        The people who run this company are making the lives better for so many people. I would like to thank yall for the great work you do in providing such quality products and service.

      36. G. Swanson (verified owner)

        Ordered this product several times (along with several other products) over the last couple of months and I’ve been really happy with every order. I’ve tried shopping around with a few different sites but this is definitely the best.

      37. R. Strader (verified owner)

        Fast shipping, great quality product. Very satisfying order and a very professional company.

      38. drew

        This truly is a great product. This company is professional and their customer service is excellent. I forgot to add the unit number on my order and someone responded to me within an hour. The product is very good for the price and it shipped out very quickly.

      39. Charlotte (verified owner)

        Order arrived super quick and was really nicely packaged. The powder is very fine and has that classic Borneo smell I love. Product is just as described on the page – very high quality! This is definitely the best Kratom seller I’ve found so far. Going to place an order for some White Vein next.

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