Kratom Capsules

Kratom capsules have all of the traits found in traditional kratom powders, however, they’re far more convenient. Since each kratom capsule has a pre-measured serving size of powder, there’s no need to get out a weighing scale and carefully calibrate your kratom. Many customers also rave about how kratom capsules are “mess-free” compared with a traditional packet of kratom powder.


Kratom Capsules

Each gelatin kratom capsule contains 500 mg of premium kratom powder. All kratom capsules are packed professionally with finely-ground lab-tested kratom.

Who Should Buy Kratom Capsules?

While kratom capsules contain the same kratom strains you’d find in a powder form, there are reasons some customers prefer these pill-shaped products. First, kratom capsules take all the guesswork out of measurement. Every kratom capsule should have the posted milligram count on its container.

For instance, all Golden Monk kratom capsules have lab-verified kratom levels of 500 mg per pill. People who order kratom capsules don’t have to spend time weighing their kratom powder and converting weight to total kratom concentration.

Besides offering more precise measurements, kratom capsules are easy to store at home without making a mess. Even though kratom powders come in sealable bags, it’s more likely someone would accidentally spill this powder all over their house. However, even if someone were to drop a kratom capsule, the odds that it would break and spread all over your floor are far less.

Some people also like buying kratom capsules because they’re not as pungent as kratom powders. If people can’t stand the bitter scent of kratom — or if they don’t want visitors to know they’re a kratom collector — capsules tend to give off less “earthy aromatics.” This makes kratom capsules a more discreet and convenient choice for those who like to keep their love of kratom private.

Why Buy Capsules From Us?

With so many online vendors selling “the best” kratom capsules, you may be wondering why you should trust Golden Monk’s kratom. First off, Golden Monk goes above and beyond to provide our customers with transparency and accountability. As official partners with the American Kratom Association, we take extreme care to scan our kratom capsules for quality.

In addition to sending our kratom capsules to third-party labs, Golden Monk only works with Southeast Asian cultivators who meet our standards for sustainable kratom cultivation. Customers can always verify our quality claims by reviewing the accreditations and lab reports associated with our products.

Golden Monk also offers one of the most diverse assortments of kratom capsules. Customers could choose from almost a dozen different strains in our capsules catalog. Whether people enjoy white vein, green vein, or Red Vein Kratom strains originating from southeast Asia, they should find something to suit their preferences in our kratom capsules shop.

Golden Monk is so confident you will be impressed with our kratom capsules that we offer a full refund on all orders. As long as 85 percent of the product is left in your package, you can send it back to Golden Monk for 100 percent of your money back. You could also contact our customer care division if you have concerns about your kratom products.

While kratom laws are constantly changing, a few states that have particularly restrictive policies include the following:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas
  • Indiana
  • Rhode Island
  • Sarasota county
  • Vermont
  • Wisconsin

A few cities like San Diego and Oceanside also have local restrictions on the sale and shipment of kratom.

Furthermore, Kratom is also banned in the following countries: Australia, Burma, Denmark, Finland, Israel, Lithuania, Malaysia, Myanmar, Poland, Romania, South Korea, Sweden, Thailand, United Kingdom, and Vietnam.

To learn more about what makes Golden Monk’s kratom capsules so unique, be sure to check out our FAQ page. Also, please don’t forget Golden Monk’s generous rewards program and free shipping offers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kratom capsules contain pre-measured amounts of kratom powder in digestible capsules, offering convenience and ease of use, especially for those sensitive to kratom’s taste. Kratom powder provides more flexibility in adjusting serving sizes but requires measuring and can be less convenient for on-the-go consumption.

Yes, you can switch between the two forms without affecting potency, as both contain the same kratom strains. However, capsules might have a slightly delayed onset due to the digestion of the capsule material.

Kratom powder is often more cost-effective and offers more versatility in how it can be consumed. Capsules are more convenient, easier to serve accurately, and better for those who dislike the taste of kratom powder.

The duration of effects is generally the same for both forms, but capsules may lead to a slightly delayed onset of effects. Once absorbed, the duration of effects depends on the strain and serving size, rather than the form of kratom.

While kratom powder may offer a wider range of strains due to its popularity and ease of production, capsules are increasingly available in a variety of strains as well. The main difference lies in availability and convenience, rather than the variety of strains.

Real Stories, Real Results

“The Best”

“It’s taken me a while and alot of extra cash to see who was my favorite vendor and what was my favorite strain. Well this ones it, that and their green maeng da. The Golden Monk was the first vendor I tried and will also be my last. Thankyou GM! Your the best!”


Roanoke, VA

“It’s Incredible!”

“Incredibly affordable, and high quality! Throughout my experience with other vendors (Been using kratom for 3 years) none have been as quick or as convenient as Golden Monk. Previously I was strictley a Red Thai user as no other strain had worked for my problems. I decided to try TGM’s Red Maeng Da and it is incredible! “


Hastings, NE

“The Products are so fresh!”

“I received my split kilo: Red Maeng Da Green Malay yesterday 1/15. I tried this morning, and I am happily suprised. The product(s) are very fresh and come in a sterdy ziplock pouch. I will order from these guys exclusively as it is very apparent quality, price, CUSTOMER et al matters.


Williansport, PA

“Highly Recommend”

This is my 3rd order from TGM and the quality is always great (better than other online stores that charge twice the amount), the shipping is alway same day and arrives in my home state and then to my door in less than 4 days. I would highly recommend purchasing from TGM.


Roanoke, VA

“Their Customer Service is Super”

I have ordered Kratom from many different sites. Golden Monk has the best quality, best prices, best quantities hands down. I even got my friend to try the Green Maeng Da and it has helped her so much! Their customer service is also super, super fast. I sent an email and got a reply within 5 minutes. Hands down the best website for Kratom.


Hastings, NE

“Don’t hesitate to buy from them”

I don’t know how they managed to get 500 caps to me in two days but thank god. I know my Kratom by now and this stuff from GM is legit! The price is also a great deal. I would give ten stars if I could. Don’t hesitate to buy from them. I will be ordering again probably for the rest of my life. Thank you so much!!!!!


Williansport, PA

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