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Red Vein Thai is a red vein kratom variety originating from Thailand. It is less well-known than more common strains like Red Bali and Red Maeng Da.

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For those outside the kratom collecting community, “Red Thai” may conjure up images of spicy red-tinged curry takeout. However, those who know anything about kratom strains will instantly think of great quality Red Thai kratom powder and capsules. True to its name, Red Thai kratom comes from red-vein kratom trees originating in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

While Red Thai may not be as well known as many Indonesian-grown reds, it has steadily gained popularity in the kratom community and is nowadays in high demand. Plus, since Red Thai kratom is a reliably high-yielding strain, it’s one of the most abundant kratom cultivars. Even as demand for Red Thai increases, the native cultivators have a relatively easy time ramping up supply.

However, please double-check your kratom vendor works with reputable Thai-based kratom suppliers producing reputable Thai strains. Since Red Thai is becoming more popular, some kratom shops cut corners to add this strain to their shelves. Just because the FDA doesn’t regulate the kratom industry doesn’t mean you can’t find third-party lab tests for kratom products.

What Is Red Thai Kratom?

Red Thai is the red-vein kratom strain in the Thai family. It’s unknown how long the Thai kratom strain has been around, but centuries of cultivators in Thailand report harvesting this cultivar. It’s also well-known that Red Thai kratom loves the steamy environment in Thailand’s many jungles.

Like other red-vein kratom strains, Red Thai kratom reaches maturity late in the harvest season. Typically, kratom leaves evolve from white kratom to green kratom to red kratom veins. Since Red Thai has a longer time to grow in Thailand’s forests, it tends to have a high yield.

When cultivators feel the Red Thai strain is ready for harvest, they will put it through grinders to create a fine kratom powder. While many customers purchase red vein Thai kratom in powder form, manufacturers could also put Red Thai kratom in gelatin capsules.

How Is Red Thai Kratom Different?

To be honest, we’re still learning how strains like Red Thai differ from other kratom varieties. However, most researchers believe red-vein kratom strains tend to have higher concentrations of the alkaloid 7-hydroxymitragynine versus non-red kratom cultivars. By contrast, white-vein kratom tends to have a lot higher Mitragynine ratio, while green kratom strains have a balanced alkaloid percentage.

Again, we don’t know the scientific details on how Red Thai’s alkaloid concentration distinguishes it from other products. However, Red Thai likely has a more intense alkaloid concentration than green kratom strains.

Hopefully, as more researchers study kratom’s unique properties, we’ll have more data on why customers notice significant differences between Thai kratom and other strains.

What Are Thai Red Vein Kratom Aromatics?

Generally, red-vein strains have a slightly less “pungent” smell versus white and green kratom. Since Red Thai takes so long to mature, it tends to pick up more of Thailand’s steamy aromatics. Plus, the nutrients in Thailand’s soil may have extra time to penetrate Red Thai’s leaves.

While Red Thai kratom powder still has the distinctive “bitter” scent of other kratom products, it may have a few “musky” undertones. People who can’t bear the sharp grassy aromatics of most white strains may find Red Thai kratom easier to manage.

However, those who can’t tolerate the scent of Red Thai kratom will be happy to know it’s easy to find Red Thai kratom capsules. These capsules have the same loose Red Thai powder, but it’s contained in a gelatin form. Keep our excellent quality Red Thai kratom capsules in mind if you’re interested in a less smelly (and more discreet!) option.

What Strains Are Similar To Red Thai Kratom?

Most red-vein kratom strains share many of Red Thai’s traits. For instance, plenty of kratom experts argue Red Bali and Red Borneo are very close to Red Thai kratom powder. However, please note that some red-vein strains have to undergo a special fermentation process. Also, a few varieties like Red Maeng Da kratom contain multiple kratom strains.

Traditional Red Thai doesn’t have to go through fermentation or get mixed into other kratom strains. Therefore, it may be best to focus on red-vein kratom strains in their “pure leaf” form. In other words, only purchase a replacement red-vein strain that doesn’t go through unique fermentation processes or combines two pre-existing strains. By eliminating these two features, you may have a better chance of replicating a Red Thai experience.

Who Should Buy Red Thai Kratom?

Red Thai is easily accessible in today’s kratom market, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the best choice for new customers. Some experienced kratom collectors argue Red Thai’s high 7-hydroxymitragynine content makes it better suited for people with prior knowledge of kratom. Newcomers may find the ratios of Red Thai to be too intense. Also, without experience examining other kratom cultivars, it can be difficult to appreciate Red Thai’s unique properties.

If new customers are intimidated by Red Thai’s reputation, it may be best to first research green-vein strains like Green Thai. Green kratom strains (like Green Malay) are more likely to have a balanced alkaloid profile, which makes them a more desirable option for new kratom customers.

Please review all the characteristics of the most prominent kratom strains before deciding which to add to your shopping cart. If you have concerns about how to choose the best kratom strain for you, please feel free to contact the Golden Monk’s team.

Buy Red Thai Kratom From The Golden Monk

The Golden Monk spent years tracking down the best Red Thai kratom cultivators in Southeast Asia. Today, we’re proud to offer US customers high-grade lab-tested Red Thai kratom powder and capsules. Every approved kratom strain on our website has an American Kratom Association (AKA) check of approval and is sent to you with fast delivery.

Our kratom sourcing team works hard to ensure we’re always up-to-date on the AKA’s kratom shipping and screening standards recommendations, so you can buy Red Thai kratom safely.

For more details on buying Red Thai kratom from The Golden Monk, please take a peek at our FAQ portal to find out more about our high-quality kratom. Alternatively, you could call (855) 997-6665 to speak with one of The Golden Monk’s great customer service reps.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

33 reviews for Red Thai Kratom

  1. kjacxsauce92

    Red Thai is excellent.

  2. Dennis Manary (verified owner)

    Best ever!! Other loyal company closed got recommend here and they are just as great!!!! Real good product is hard to find. I started with the best and continue with the best. Such a blessing!! Thank you for your awesome work!!!!!

  3. pauldeleone

    if i could, i would buy all of this particular strain that they have in stock; that’s how good it is! Darker than the other strains

  4. Richard Myers (verified owner)

    Very high quality Kratom and great prices. Highly recommend.

  5. Brittney Kreit (verified owner)

    All the kratom Ive tried so far has been great quality. Buying it from local stores has become a joke. Bad quality and obnoxiously way over priced …either way, had to search long and hard to get the same kind of quality like I used to be able to get from the netherlands years and years ago. I NEED rocking quality kratom to enjoy better quality of life and do my activities of daily living. I love the pay upon delivery feature. Its super easy and you recieve an excellent discount for doing so. Thank you golden monk. Thank you for being in great service to the people on their journey’s ♡

  6. Corey Therrien (verified owner)

    I recently placed my first order with TGM through the advice of a friend, I was skeptical as the price was about half what I have paid from other online vendors but there was absolutely no compromise in quality, I’ve used kratom daily for a couple years and have tested many brands, I recently tested the red Thai a favorite of mine and was blown away by the quality, it arrived 2 days after my purchase. Also I inquired about sampling, and was sent a generous sample of white Sumatra capsules, upon testing them I felt they really sealed the deal for me, this company is incredibly professional and provides top notch product, I couldn’t be happier with my order and don’t think I’ll be looking any further when it comes to a kratom supplier. Thank you so much for your incredible service! I’d give this company 6 stars if I could, I feel like a kid on Christmas. Also I obtained 500g’s of the red Borneo and will leave a review upon testing which I’m looking forward to😇

  7. I. Wilker (verified owner)

    Super product, super service. Really fast shipping. Keep it up guys!!

  8. Buck (verified owner)

    Very happy. Order placed a few days ago and only took 3 days to get here (Midwest). Only one issue: I would prefer not to see the word ‘kratom’ on the packaging for discretion purposes. It’s not a deal-breaker, but I hope you guys will change this for my future orders. Thank you.

  9. Don (verified owner)

    can’t wait to try more of this! Just got my first order and im very happy with the product.

  10. P. Crain (verified owner)

    Awesome service. Fast shipping. Great!

  11. Pablo (verified owner)

    Honestly, I’ve tried a few different kratom sellers but nothing matches up to this product. The guys behind The Golden Monk are selling some of the best quality products money can buy. The powder is just so smooth and fine, so much better than what some other companies are selling. Happy to have found a trustworthy name in the kratom world.

  12. Emily (verified owner)

    One of the best reds I’ve tried. I give this Red Thai an A+. Shipping was a little slower than expected but I guess it was my fault for ordering on a weekend. It only took 5 days to get here and was totally worth the wait. I’ll be ordering some other strains very soon.

  13. B. Lowe (verified owner)

    AWESOME prices. FAST shipping. Affordable. Great quality. What else??!

  14. Edgar (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping and terrific quality. I’ll definitely place another order soon.

  15. W. East (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered from the Golden Monk many times and have been happy on every occasion. I was a little wary at first about choosing a new company and giving them my payment info as I try to be careful where I shop online, but everything has always been super smooth with the Golden Monk. Thank you! I’ll be ordering again soon.

  16. Jonathan (verified owner)

    The thing I love the most about The Golden Monk is how fast they get their products sent out. Shipping is SO fast with this brand. I did have one issue regarding slow delivery on an order, but it was USPS’ fault, not this company. For quality kratom and speedy shipping, this is the place to be.

  17. Jenny Campbell

    Great folks, real nice herbals, red vein, green Borneo, Red Mang Da, Smooth, fresh ,customer service is very supportive, Prices are real nice also, You can,t go wrong with these folks, Very, very nice , Real nice, Thanks Golden Monk

  18. P. Adler (verified owner)

    Smooth, satisfying product with a really nice smell. A+++

  19. Robert

    Quick shipping, good product added bonus of free shipping

  20. Pat (verified owner)

    I love this company and their products! The customer service department is amazing and the prices are so low. The shipping is way faster than anything I’ve had before too. In terms of product quality, this is the best. It’s way cheaper than rival sites and a lot more powerful too. I’ve tried a few different sellers but The Golden Monk is the king. So happy to have found a company I can trust.

  21. David

    Very high quality product. Always ships super fast. Product works as expected for a lot less than some of the other vendors ive used. I used to buy from another vendor but this website is always my first option now. Awesome service at a amazing price.

  22. J. Smith (verified owner)

    I’ve tried a lot of different Kratom vendors all over the internet and the Golden Monk is definitely the best one I’ve found so far. Shipping is so fast. Just a couple of days after placing my order, I get some awesome Kratom in the mail.

  23. j.cameron

    It took me a while to figure out this website so it could use some improvement. As far as the products go, they are comparable to the rest of the bigger vendors out there. The grind and consistency is great and it has a fine aroma. The pricing is great but they could have a bigger variety of strains. I would like to see yellow strains and Kapuas offered here. Service and shipping are good and they responded to all my requests quickly and efficiently

  24. S. Boone (verified owner)

    Awesome kratom and fast deliver. This product has changed my life, thanks Golden Monk.

  25. Mary

    This company has the better prices than the old vendor i used and the product is as good if not better. Very happy with this company

  26. Jared (verified owner)

    Best Kratom I’ve ever tried, Fast shipping and good customer service too… Jared

  27. goldenmonk (verified owner)

    Great product and a great price too!

  28. Mariah

    Keep up the good work guys. I’ve used y’all since Jan and i dont see myself switching any time soon

  29. Ryan (verified owner)

    Easily the best Red Thai I’ve ever tried. Super satisfying to use. Great customer service too and fast shipping. I’ve tried a lot of Kratom sites but Golden Monk is now my go-to source.

  30. S. Coleman (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Awesome value.

  31. Jason

    The best seller on the internet

  32. C. Holmes (verified owner)

    Excellent levels of customer service at this site! The product has exceeded my expectations!

  33. Jesse (verified owner)

    super speedy shipping and the product smells great

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