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White Vein Sumatra originates from the large tropical island of Sumatra in Indonesia. White Sumatra is similar to White Vein Bali and White Vein Borneo.

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Near Malaysia and Singapore, the Indonesian island Sumatra is one of the most celebrated territories for kratom cultivation. Indonesia as a whole is well known for its kratom cultivars, but Sumatra has a superb climate for kratom growth. Farmers from all over Southeast Asia marvel at the vibrant kratom leaves that naturally grow in Sumatra’s steamy jungles.

As more scientists look into the regional distinctions between kratom strains, some argue that Sumatra-grown kratom has a unique genotype. Kratom collectors also rave about the distinct features of kratom powder from the Sumatra region. To better identify the unique traits in this kratom cultivar, farmers now use the “Sumatra” label to distinguish this variety from other kratom hybrids.

While there are green-vein and red-vein Sumatra variants, White Sumatra has become increasingly prevalent in the global kratom market. This bright-white kratom strain shares many properties with other white-vein kratom strains, including a bright appearance and a different alkaloid percentage. Even though White Sumatra isn’t the most accessible kratom strain to grow, more reputable farmers are harvesting this strain to meet the growing international demand.

What is White Sumatra Kratom?

White Sumatra is a white vein kratom strain that grows naturally on the Indonesian island of Sumatra. Farmers could find this strain in Sumatra’s many dense forests, but there are indoor growing facilities that produce copies of White Sumatra in a controlled setting.

Compared with red-vein and green-vein kratom, white vein strains tend to reach maturity early in the growth cycle. Indeed, most cultivators will cut strains like White Sumatra before they turn green. Since White Sumatra is the “youngest” of the three Sumatra strains, it usually doesn’t produce as many leaves when it’s time to harvest. This may account for White Sumatra’s relative scarcity in the kratom market versus Green Sumatra and Red Sumatra.

While every kratom manufacturer has different processing procedures, it’s common for people to grind White Sumatra kratom leaves into a fine powder. Companies could then sell White Sumatra in a powder form or put it into capsules.

What Makes White Sumatra So Special?

When people try to distinguish White Sumatra from other kratom varieties, they usually focus on its alkaloid count. Most tests suggest White Sumatra kratom has an elevated amount of the alkaloid mitragynine versus 7-hydroxymitragynine. However, this feature is relatively common amongst white-vein kratom strains, so it really only distinguishes White Sumatra from green or red varieties.

Since kratom research is so new, scientists don’t have a precise answer for how White Sumatra is different from other kratom cultivars. However, people who purchase White Sumatra kratom often claim it has its own “character” compared with other kratom strains.

People new to kratom may not pick up on the nuanced distinctions between a white vein strain like White Sumatra kratom until they gain more experience with kratom. Hopefully, as the field of kratom research gains steam, scientists will help define the distinctions between White Sumatra and other popular kratom varieties.

Does White Sumatra Have A Distinct Aroma?

There are no reports that White Sumatra’s aromatics are distinct from most other kratom strains. Like other kratom cultivars, White Sumatra tends to have mostly “bitter” and “earthy” aromas. Indeed, since White Sumatra kratom is cultivated so early in the growing season, it may have extra bitter notes.

By contrast, most red-vein kratom strains must undergo a long fermentation process before they’re sold. Sometimes, the extra time it takes to harvest Red Sumatra makes this strain “milder” versus a White Sumatra. Although all kratom strains have mostly bitter aromatics, it’s more likely White Sumatra will shock a user’s nostrils versus a Red Sumatra strain.

What Strains Are Similar?

White Sumatra shares many traits with other white-vein kratom strains. For instance, many experienced kratom customers say White Bali and White Borneo are incredibly similar to White Sumatra kratom. If customers are new to kratom, they may not pick up on distinguishing features between White Sumatra and other prominent white-vein cultivars.

Interestingly, White Sumatra shares more traits with white-vein kratom hybrids versus Sumatra strains like Red or Green Sumatra. Despite White Sumatra’s similar genotype with other Sumatra strains, the time at which it’s harvested impacts its traits. Most white-vein kratom strains are harvested early in the season, which gives them similar alkaloid percentages and aromatics.

If people can’t find White Sumatra for some reason, they should consider other white-vein kratom strains as a suitable “replacement.” Although each kratom strain has unique properties, it’s more likely another white-vein kratom strain will have similar properties to White Sumatra.

Who Should Buy White Sumatra?

It’s difficult to say who’s the “best” customer for White Sumatra. Honestly, anyone with an interest in kratom may appreciate White Sumatra’s unique alkaloid percentages and aromas.

However, since White Sumatra is relatively scarce, it may be better suited for people who’ve already collected a few kratom powders. This doesn’t mean you need prior experience to purchase White Sumatra, but you may be able to better appreciate its properties if you’ve already seen other kratom powders.

People who are new to kratom should take some time to explore the standard features in all of the most popular kratom strains. After reviewing the traits in major kratom cultivars, you should better understand whether White Sumatra is the best choice for your situation.

Please don’t forget that The Golden Monk posts many detailed kratom strain reviews on our official blog. You could also read product descriptions for our kratom powders to better understand how strains like White Sumatra differ from other white, red, and green hybrids.

Why Buy White Sumatra From The Golden Monk?

Headquartered in Las Vegas, The Golden Monk continues to build strong relationships with some of Indonesia’s finest kratom cultivators. Our team frequently visits the kratom farms we work with, and we always run the kratom we receive through third-party labs to verify their quality. The Golden Monk also works with the American Kratom Association to ensure the quality of our products.

The Golden Monk now offers lab-tested & professionally-packaged kratom in both powder and capsule forms. In addition to White Sumatra kratom, you will find dozens of other exceptional kratom varieties in our e-commerce store. A few other hot strains in The Golden Monk’s catalog include Red Bali, Maeng Da, and Green Malay. Whichever strain customers choose, they can rest assured they’ll receive their kratom in a well-sealed & discreet package.

To prove our commitment to quality, The Golden Monk offers a generous refund policy on all of our kratom powders. If you find our kratom powder doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can send it back to us for a full refund. As long as there’s 85 percent of the original product in your package, we will send your money back — no questions asked.

As a reward to returning customers, The Golden Monk now has a loyalty points system. Anyone who signs up for a Golden Monk account will enjoy $1 off for every $10 they spend on our site. The Golden Monk offers complimentary priority shipping on products over $49.99 and discounted bulk kratom options.

For more information on The Golden Monk’s offerings, be sure to read through our FAQ page. You could also reach out to The Golden Monk with any questions on this “Contact Us” page.

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35 reviews for White Sumatra Kratom

  1. Bishoy Matta (verified owner)

    FANTASTIC PRODUCT AND CUSTOMER SERVICE. I highly would recommend. Very good quality, fresh, and long lasting. The price is amazing for the quality. I’m very happy with this purchase and will definitely purchase again.

  2. kjacxsauce92

    I love white Sumatra. I can use it for just about everything. Day time and night time.

  3. kjacxsauce92

    All of golden monk’s products are top quality. White Sumatra is great!

  4. contact.mather (verified owner)

    This strain is amazing. I’ll no doubt be ordering this strain again!

  5. Nicholas Scott (verified owner)

    My partner and I have been using GM for more than a year now and have had positive experiences all around! Shipping is relatively quick (we live across the country) and product is consistent, regardless of strain. Just got my first kilo of White Sumatra and I’m bouncing off the walls. I’d highly recommend this company, as well as this strain!

  6. sockmonkey15 (verified owner)

    This strain is really good! It really does the job and I’m considering repurchasing when I run out. Thank you

  7. Claudia Berry (verified owner)

    The Golden Monk is the top Kratom store in the states.
    The Golden Monk is by far the best quality, price, shipping and have amazing customer service.

  8. fatjacksonthecat (verified owner)

    Its taken me a while and alot of extra cash to see who was my favorite vendor and what was my favotite strain. Well this ones it , that and their green maeng da. The The Golden Monk was the first vendor I tried and will also be my last. No one has the quality kratom they have without breaking the bank. These guys have the best Kratom there is with the best prices. Thankyou GM! Your the best! <3 (:

  9. bss9283 (verified owner)

    I have been buying Kratom for a few years, it has transformed my life in unimaginable ways. I used a different vendor for quite some time, I decided to try something different, and found my way here. This is the best on the market in my opinion. The order came a few days early based on USPS’s tracking. I am completely satisfied with The Golden Monk

  10. key0320 (verified owner)

    I am currently in love with the golden monk! I took a chance on this website because i really needed to get an order of kratom in the middle of this unfortunate pandemic. i am IMPRESSED!!! I ordered, WHITE SUMATRA and RED BALI. they both worked wonderfully. I asked for a sample and they were so kind to give me 33 capsule instead of 15. These people are running an amazing business that treats people as humans. THANK YOU GOLDEN MONK. ill definitely be recommending this vendor!!! OH YEAH! MY ORDER ARRIVED IN 3 DAYS DURING THE COVID-19 PANDEMIC.

  11. M. Hollowell (verified owner)

    Totally as described.

  12. Jason (verified owner)

    Better than the competition! Exceeded my expectations.

  13. Jeff (verified owner)

    This will be a long review but I really have been very impressed with my experiences with Golden Monk so I think they deserve a little of my time. Like a lot of people, I get hestitant and cautious about ordering from new sites that I never heard of before. I hadn’t heard of this one, but a friend sent me a link and said the quality was good. I read some of the reviews on these products and saw the low prices and it all sounded a little too good to be true, but I ordered some white sumatra and waited to see what would happen. My order was easy to place and I liked the layout of the site to let me find the products I want. I only had to wait 3 days and my order arrived in the mail! That was the first big plus point of using this company! I always appreciate when orders get processed and shipped out quickly. As for the kratom itself, I was very impressed to see it nicely packaged in a resealable bag. The color and clarity of the powder was excellent and the aroma was very strong and fresh. Overall: 5 STARS! I’m very satisfied and if you’re hesitating about ordering like I was, go for it, you won’t be disappointed!

  14. F. Berg (verified owner)

    Not my favorite strain but fast shipping and nice packaging. I’ll try a different product next time.

  15. B. Davis (verified owner)

    great site good products and fast shipping

  16. Fred (verified owner)

    Really nice kratom very fresh

  17. W. Cannon (verified owner)

    Lightning fast shipping times and really high quality products. I’ve bought kratom from a lot of vendors and can tell when it’s good or bad quality. With Golden Monk, the quality is always excellent. The aromas are strong and the powder is so fine every single time.

  18. Jose (verified owner)

    I like the layout of the site and how easy it is to order the products I need. Delivery was faster than expected too and the quality of the products from this site is always excellent.

  19. H. Lincoln (verified owner)

    Keep up the good work!!!! Two thumbs up from me!!!

  20. Jack (verified owner)

    Amazing company. I’ll never buy my kratom anywhere else again!

  21. R. Butler (verified owner)

    If you want bang for your buck, this is the vendor to choose. Golden Monk has never disappointed me after many orders of several different products. I recommend this vendor to everyone.

  22. Ann (verified owner)

    I do a lot of price comparisons and have tried a few different vendors. The golden monk has some of the lowest prices and best products I’ve ever seen.

  23. Sam (verified owner)

    One of the best white strains I ever tried.

  24. E. Read (verified owner)

    Ordered some White Sumatra just a few days ago and it already arrived. I live out in the midwest in a little town and it usually takes a while for stuff to get here but this delivery was very fast! Keep up the good work.

  25. Joey (verified owner)

    Excellent product. Very satisfied. I appreciate the nice packaging and very quick delivery.

  26. Raymond (verified owner)

    Quality: A. Shipping: A. I’m a very satisfied customer. I’ve tired a lot of different kratom sites and vendors over the years but I never stick to them because there’s always something wrong. With the Golden Monk, I haven’t had any problems so far! I hope this continues on all of my future orders.

  27. Albert (verified owner)

    Ordered this a few days ago. It arrived quickly and I’m very happy with the product. I was a little shocked to see it in a regular zip lock bag but there were no holes or damage and the powder looks and smells very fresh. Best I can find at this price. I recommend Golden Monk to everyone.

  28. H. Griffith (verified owner)

    Very efficient and fast delivery. Good packaging too. One satisfied customer!

  29. Steve (verified owner)

    Very very satisfied. Excellent product. Nice aroma.

  30. K. Pearson (verified owner)

    This is the BEST place to buy kratom online. No doubt.

  31. Peter (verified owner)

    Used a lot of different kratom sites in the past but this is definitely one of the best I’ve ever found. The prices are lower than the rest and the quality is really good. Exceeded my expectations.

  32. L. Comer (verified owner)

    I’ll be ordering many more times in the future. Thank you.

  33. Carl (verified owner)

    Super product… Arrived quickly… Will order again.

  34. B. Wehr (verified owner)

    Very fast shipping! Two thumbs up.

  35. Casey (verified owner)

    Super product, very happy!

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