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The Green Vein Bali strain originates from Indonesia. White, Red & Green Bali are popular color variations of the same Bali strain.

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Most kratom strain names give you a clue as to their place of origin. For instance, Sumatra kratom comes from the island of Sumatra. Therefore, it’s understandable most kratom customers assume Green vein Bali kratom originated in Bali. Even a few self-proclaimed “kratom experts” mistakenly believe authentic Green Bali should come from Indonesia’s tourist hotspot.

In reality, Green Bali wasn’t named after its place of origin. Instead, people gave “Green Bali” its name because it was so popular at Bali’s trading ports. While Bali-based cultivators could grow Green Bali hybrids, the kratom strains they use must come from other hybrids. In fact, Green Bali kratom requires two Indonesian kratom strains.

The Golden Monk has years of experience sourcing all of Southeast Asia’s most popular kratom hybrids. Our team is also committed to spreading high-quality info on what sets strains like Green Bali kratom apart from other hybrids. If you’re unsure which kratom hybrid is right for you, you should take some time to review the basics of Green Bali.

Green Bali Strain Summary

A big misconception about kratom strains is that each cultivar’s place of origin is in its name. Although most kratom hybrids are named after their home island, there are exceptions to this rule. Green Bali is arguably the most famous example of this phenomenon.

Although some kratom forums mistakenly claim Green Bali is a unique strain from the island of Bali, that’s not the truth. Green Bali kratom is a unique blend of two other green-vein Indonesian kratom strains: Sumatra and Borneo. Cultivators must use a special “grafting” technique to mix Sumatra and Borneo in the right proportions to create Green Bali powder.

As mentioned in the intro, Green Bali was named after “Bali” because this is where the kratom powder often went through. The Green Bali kratom powder or capsules you’ll get are unlikely to come directly from a Bali-based farm.

If you want authentic Green Bali, you should always verify the kratom vendor you’re working with knows the true origin story of this powder. Always ask if your kratom supplier gets Green Bali powder from experts who know how to graft Sumatra and Borneo leaves properly. Shops that don’t understand the true nature of “Green Bali” are probably mistakenly passing off other strains for this herb.

What Makes Green Bali Kratom Distinct?

We’ve already mentioned Green Bali’s most distinguishing feature: Its grafting process. Instead of simply grinding kratom leaves into a powder, people who make Green Bali need to mix Borneo and Sumatra in equal proportions. The fusion of these two kratom strains gives Green Bali its distinguishing chemical profile.

Unfortunately, the science of kratom is still in its early phases. We can’t say at this time what sets Green Bali apart from other kratom strains at a molecular level. However, most kratom customers believe Green Bali kratom powder has balanced traces of alkaloids like mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine.

Typically, green-vein kratom strains (like Green Maeng Da kratom) are harvested “not too soon” and “not too late” in the season. By contrast, white-vein kratom is picked very early, and red-vein kratom leaf is harvested late. For this reason, green kratom strains are usually the least extreme in their alkaloid content.

Compared with other kratom hybrids, Green Bali kratom is one of the most readily accessible strains. The combination of Green Bali’s not too high alkaloid content and its ease of access on the market make it a popular choice with newcomers and experts. People don’t need to be kratom experts to admire Green Bali’s traits. Green Bali isn’t a bad choice if people are starting out on their kratom journey.

Green Bali Aromatics

Green Bali’s “characteristic aromas” are the same as most other kratom strains. People often claim Green Bali kratom powder has a bitter and earthy scent that may resemble a tropical rainforest. Green Bali’s parent strains naturally grew in Indonesia’s steamy jungles, so it makes sense that it has a mostly “grassy” aroma.

What Strains Are Most Similar?

Since Green Bali is technically Sumatra and Borneo, it makes sense that these kratom strains have similar qualities. However, remember that Sumatra and Borneo are available in red and white varieties. Those looking for a “Green Bali-like” kratom strain should focus on Green Sumatra and Green Borneo.

Generally, when people are looking for a “similar” kratom strain, it’s best to go with a hybrid in the same color family. For instance, in the case of Green Bali kratom, always stick with green-vein strains. Honestly, it probably won’t matter which green strain you go with if you’ve never bought kratom before.

There are distinctions between various kratom strains, but these nuances are difficult to detect for newcomers. When people venture out to red or white strains, they begin to pick up huge differences between kratom hybrids.

Even though you can find Red Bali and White Bali, it’s best to go with other green-vein kratom strains if you want to replicate Green Bali’s properties. However, since Green Bali kratom is such a popular strain, odds are you won’t have difficulty finding it at a reputable kratom shop.

Who Should Buy Green Bali Kratom?

Green Bali is undeniably one of the most popular kratom hybrids. There are a few reasons behind the popularity of this particular strain, but the major explanations include its wide distribution and its balanced alkaloid concentrations.

As you can imagine, Green Bali’s qualities attract both kratom experts and first-time customers.

Every high-quality kratom shop should have a robust supply of Green Bali powder and capsules. Since Green Bali kratom is such a big seller in today’s market, it’s unlikely customers will have difficulty finding it on reputable sites.

Our Green Bali Kratom

The Golden Monk takes excellent care to ensure our kratom strains are always top-tier. Our team only works with experienced kratom cultivators in Southeast Asia who maintain high standards for quality control and safe shipping.

Green Bali kratom is one of the best-selling green kratom strains on The Golden Monk’s website, but you could also find plenty of other exotic red, white, and green cultivars. We’d encourage new shoppers to take their time exploring the info we have on every kratom strain. You could also reach out to our staff with more specific questions about our kratom strains or wholesale opportunities.

The Golden Monk is a proud member of the American Kratom Association, and all of our approved kratom goods come with third-party lab results. We also offer free refunds on our products as long as there’s 85 percent of the product in your packaging. For return customers, The Golden Monk has a generous loyalty program that takes $1 off for every $10 you spend.

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33 reviews for Green Bali Kratom

  1. helen.ardon513

    When I tell you I’ve tried so many different websites before finding Golden Monk! Golden Monk has now been my go to every month to buy my monthly amount and I tried their green Bali recently and it reacts fast and it’s just such great stuff! Overall, all their stuff I have tried have worked, lovely, compare to other sites I’ve gotten from! They’re fast with shipping, fast customer service, and amazing products! I love you guys so much! The green maegna Da is my favorite!

  2. terences44 (verified owner)

    This is the only strain I have actually used. I’ve tried green bali from other vendors locally, but they all suck so much. This stuff has always been good except twice when I got bags that were sealed in a bad way that my bag blew over from a fan and spilled out everywhere, but they seemed to fix the bags now. Shame I lost that one, but otherwise, the product, shipping and customer service were really nice.

  3. Corey Warren (verified owner)

    Well this will be my second time getting a kilo so that should say that I love this strain and company!

  4. kjacxsauce92

    This strain is good

  5. Robert Chesley (verified owner)

    Always lightning fast shipping, their product quality is the best ive found and their prices are outstanding.

  6. leonr63 (verified owner)

    Super fast shipping …great products ! I wish they still used paper pouches …

  7. Mark Kazmierski (verified owner)

    I am extremely pleased with this vendor. Price is right, and free shipping had it at my door in 2 days! I’m really impressed….

  8. R. Pendleton (verified owner)

    Super shipping.
    Great aroma.
    Excellent service!
    Best kratom vendor I’ve found.

  9. Terry (verified owner)

    Delivery was lightning fast and the product quality is always good from this site.

  10. P. Russell (verified owner)

    Very happy with my order from Golden Monk. Product quality is excellent and the order arrived sooner than expected. The website is nicely laid out too.

  11. C. Rogers (verified owner)

    World class kratom. Never had better.

  12. C. Hayer (verified owner)

    Best. Kratom. Ever.

  13. T. Miller (verified owner)

    So fresh and such a nice aroma. Very energizing strain.

  14. Emily (verified owner)


  15. G. Smith (verified owner)

    Everything was perfect. Keep it up please!

  16. Veronica smoak-whitten

    Very good

  17. Kelley (verified owner)

    Excellent product. VERY fast shipping. Super customer service too. Overall, I’m very satisfied by my experience with The Golden Monk and Green Bali kratom.

  18. L. Moser (verified owner)

    Awesome product and speedy delivery. Totally satisfied and I won’t shop anywhere else. Good quality kratom can be hard to find these days with a lot of unscrupulous vendors out there but The Golden Monk has got my business for life.

  19. Anita (verified owner)

    Never shopping anywhere else! A+

  20. P. Alonzo (verified owner)

    For this low price, I was very pleasantly surprised. Tried green bali a few times in the past and it can sometimes lose its strength over time but I ordered this a while ago and it’s still very fresh with a strong aroma.

  21. C. Wilder (verified owner)

    Excellent product, super prices, and awesome customer service too! Very happy with this purchase and will be making more orders soon. Thanks Golden Monk.

  22. Jo (verified owner)

    My order arrived today. I was worried as I’d never ordered from Golden Monk before but the delivery speed was good and the packaging seemed decent. I opened the packet and was surprised to see the kratom in a zip-lock bag, but when I pulled it out I was really happy with the color and quality of the strain. It smells great and is really fine. Will order again.

  23. Jay (verified owner)

    Nice site! Some other kratom vendors hype up their products too much and have confusing site layouts but everyhing is simple with this one! I found the products I wanted and placed my orders very quickly without any issues. The orders were delivered to my door in just 3-4 days every time.

  24. Nicole (verified owner)

    Honest review – this is the best company to buy kratom from. I totally recommend The Golden Monk to anyone. I say this as someone who has tried a LOT of different vendors in the past and lost some money to some of the bad ones. The Golden Monk is a name you can trust and the prices are always the best around.

  25. Rob (verified owner)

    First time buyer with The Golden Monk but I’m very happy and will definitely become a loyal customer in the weeks to come if the service and quality stays as good as this! Already looking forward to placing another order and trying some different strains soon. Keep up the good work!

  26. Jared (verified owner)

    This product is the real deal. Keep it up.

  27. P. Withers (verified owner)

    It only took a few days for my Green Bali order to arrive right in the mailbox. The packaging is pretty basic but sufficient and the product quality is exceptional. Very satisfied and I look forward to placing another order very soon.

  28. Adam (verified owner)

    My buddy at work recommended this site to me. I’m glad he did! So happy with my order and I’m already planning on buying some more soon.

  29. Lacie (verified owner)

    Shipping was so fast!! Really nice aroma on this Green Bali strain.

  30. Steve (verified owner)

    A+! Perfect!

  31. T. Lafleur (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a new kratom vendor for a while and I think I’ve found the one. The Golden Monk has exceeded my expectations in terms of shipping, customer service, product quality, and price. This company is doing everything right and I’m very happy to have found them.

  32. R. Marchand (verified owner)

    Green Bali Review – Fast shipping. Fresh product with a strong color and nice smell. Good clean packaging. Overall, very happy. 5 stars.

  33. Brenda (verified owner)

    A very nice blend at a very good price.

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