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White Vein Bali, like Red Vein Bali, gets its name from the Island of Bali, where this strain is grown in Indonesia. Both White Bali and White Borneo are popular white vein strains.

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White Bali Kratom offers a long-lasting, smooth, and balanced performance. Between these desirable qualities and its frequent availability, White Bali has long held a top spot as one of the most beloved Kratom strains.

History of White Bali Kratom

Just like Green Bali and Red Bali, the White-veined version doesn’t actually trace its origin to Bali. You’re also not going to find any Bali Kratom trees growing in Bali. Instead, this strain’s name comes from the largest Kratom export area in the world.

White Bali stands apart from other white strains due to its particular makeup. In fact, this strain comes from exceptionally large Kratom leaves. The trees grow in Borneo near natural water sources such as the Kapuas River and the Sibau watersheds. We work with local farmers who have grown up around Mitragyna speciosa trees to ensure the highest possible quality.

The Average Price of White Bali Kratom

If you’re looking for a small package of White Bali Kratom powder, you can expect to pay between $7.99 and $15.99 for 28g. Some vendors sell White Bali capsules too, and the typical starting price is around $18 for a 25-count bottle. In larger quantities, vendors tend to package 100-112g for anywhere from $19.99 to $54.99.

If you’re looking for bulk White Bali, The Golden Monk has got you covered! Our 250g to 1 kilo (1,000g) packages range from $49.99 to $99.99.

Similar Strains

White Bali has its own specific qualities. However, some do compare it to White Borneo and White Sumatra. This makes sense when you consider that Bali Kratom trees were created as a hybrid between Borneo and Sumatra trees.

What Makes White Bali the Right Choice?

White-veined Kratom enthusiasts tend to really enjoy White Bali. Anyone who has been pleased with other whites – or who is considering buying a white strain for the first time – should strongly consider checking out White Bali to find out why it has so many fans.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

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    White Bali Powder

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      34 reviews for White Bali Kratom

      1. kjacxsauce92

        White Bali is great strain.

      2. Robert Chesley (verified owner)

        Outstanding quality kratom, orders are shipped fast an accurate. These guys are my favorite supplier.. an ive tried LOTS

      3. christineneale72 (verified owner)

        Great stuff!! This stuff is the best!! Best stuff I have found!! The price is awesome and the shipping is lightening fast!!

      4. Merardo Perez (verified owner)

        I placed an order for 3 different strains on Friday at about 2 pm and it arrived today (Monday) at 4. Every strain I have tried so far has been absolutely top notch. I can’t see myself ordering from anywhere else ever again. Great prices,great product and extremely fast shipping. Thanks so much Golden Monk! I will review the other 2 strains as soon as i get to them.

      5. Joseph Demers (verified owner)

        I ordered a kilo of White Bali recently. The product is great, I’m very impressed with the quality of Golden Monk’s White Bali. Awesome product guys 👍👍

      6. tropicalsites (verified owner)

        First time ordering kratom, I usually walk in to my local smoke shop. The White Bali is a very good Quality, clean, energetic and we’ll priced! I will be doing my business here from now on.

      7. babebear9 (verified owner)

        Excellent service and product, I won’t shop anywhere else

      8. jbow52 (verified owner)

        … but there you go! Another 5 star review. I’m about ready to try another strain. The White Bali is FOR REAL! The Red Ma D. is also. Golden Monk is discreet and fast and I’ve had no problems with anything,
        I recommend them and will be a return customer. Why roll the dice when you have already won? Thank you!

      9. kathrineniemeyer (verified owner)

        I have been taking kratom for approximately 10 yrs and have ordered from several benders. This company is by far the best vender to buy from. The quality as always is outstanding and the delivery wow!!! I order it and have next day service to my door with standard USPS. I give this company 5 stars +++. Will continue to buy my product from them indefinitely and will refer them to all my friends and family. Great job guys!!! Thank you for all of your efforts, great quality and outstanding customer service.!!!!

      10. C. Segura (verified owner)

        Had lots of good experiences with this site in the past. The prices are always very low and the quality of all products is great. Just wish they had a few more options so I’m giving 4 stars not 5.

      11. Chris (verified owner)

        Love this product! Already ordered five times.

      12. Pablo (verified owner)

        Placed an order from Hawaii and got the product just 3 days later. So fast!

      13. F. Snell (verified owner)

        Like other reviews, I’m very happy with this product and company. Tried about 7 or 8 different kratom sites in the last few months and this is the number one in terms of price, quality, and service. Will buy again soon.

      14. M. Benn (verified owner)

        Great quality. Fast shipping.

      15. Nick (verified owner)

        Tried multiple vendors in the past but Golden Monk is the best. Very satisfied. Really appreciate the kratom coming in a resealable bag.

      16. PeacefulWorld421 (verified owner)

        I can’t believe that it only took 4 days to receive my order. The White Bali Kratom is amazing! In fact, I put in an order for a Kilo of this strain. I got a 20% off coupon, and used the points from my first order for a grand total of $31.98 discount on an order that would have been $129.99. The packaging is cute, and very easy to use. I wish the order would have come with a one gram scoop. Other than that, I am obviously a very satisfied customer and am thinking of opening a Kratom Kitchen or Kratom bar in my town. Love, love love The Golden Monk.

      17. Lincoln (verified owner)

        Tried Red Borneo, Green Borneo, and now White Bali and White Bali is my favorite of the three. Highly recommended to every kratom lover and this is the best site to use if you want low prices and fast shipping.

      18. T. Bean (verified owner)

        Best white vein I’ve ever had.

      19. G. Browning (verified owner)

        Superb service and super fast shipping times on every order. Really satisfied with my experiences with The Golden Monk. Looking forward to trying some other strains soon.

      20. Conrad (verified owner)

        Terrific product from a reliable company. I’ll be shopping here many more times in the future.

      21. P. Richard (verified owner)

        Awesome product!

      22. Sarah (verified owner)

        Price seems too good to be true on this product but I just ordered some and it was really great quality. Would love to do a review of this for my YouTube channel! Get in touch..

      23. Jessica (verified owner)

        Wow, what a great product. Paying over the phone with echeck was a breeze. This is by far the best place to buy online that I have found. Very happy customer.

      24. Robert (verified owner)

        To anyone considering buying from this company, I haven’t found a better product than their White Bali ! Their customer support is spot on too! Keep up the good work you guys!!!

      25. n.reed

        Pretty quick service. They have turned me into a fan

      26. k.schmidt

        I am very happy with you guys. My old vendor was selling garbage and i decided to give you guys a go. You have a customer for life 🙂

      27. Daniel

        Really happy with all the strains I ordered from thegoldenmonk…White vein borneo is my fav ATM

        I really want to thank the customer service folks who work here…they are a great group and are so helpful and kind in their response emails…..I have been a kratom customer for over 3 years and I have never had such good responses from ANY company I have dealt with in the past…
        I had a small issue in my last order…the service rep Erika had awesome attention to details and fixed the address error very quickly for me!
        5/5 to their customer service. YOU ROCK Erika, thanks so much you guys are the best. I will never change from this supplier unless I have no choice.


      28. f.wilson

        I switched to these guys after having problems with my last guys. Their pricing is affordable and they ship pretty fast, sometimes the very same day. The product is quality and the price is AMAZING.

      29. Roxanne

        Very quick delivery and great quality WB! I am looking forward to dealing with this website on future orders!

      30. p.stdennis

        This is hands down the best white bali I have tried. Keep up the good work guys.

      31. Helen

        the quality is very good but took 5 days to get my order

      32. Ken

        white bali is not my favorite strain but what i can say is these guys do put out a solid product and you will not be dissapointed


      33. Matthew

        The Golden Monk has truly amazing customer service. It’s the best customer service of any company I have dealt with ever. I was able to reach a customer service rep immediately when I have a question about placing my order. The ordering process was a breeze. I received my order within 2 days after ordering. Thank you guys you have made my life so much easier.

      34. Jerry (verified owner)

        Excellent product. Really fine powder and nice, soothing smell.

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