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Green Vein Sumatra originates from the large tropical island of Sumatra in Indonesia. Green Sumatra is similar to Green Bali and Green Borneo.

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Green Sumatra Kratom manages to have an energized, yet relaxed performance. This makes it a very unique form of Mitragyna speciosa. The alkaloid makeup of these leaves is also very diverse, which adds to Green Sumatra’s charm.

History of Green Sumatra Kratom

Green Sumatra gets its name from its place of origin. Sumatra is a large Indonesian island with a tropical climate. It’s believed that Green Sumatra Kratom trees have grown in this region for thousands of years. However, Kratom powder made from these particular leaves has only been on the market for about a decade.

The Average Price of Green Sumatra Kratom

Pretty much any vendor that can get their hands on a steady supply of Green Sumatra will stock it. Of course, this doesn’t mean that the price points and quality are the same from vendor to vendor. Buying 1 ounce (28g) will typically cost approximately $11-$15. When you jump up to the 100-113g level (4 oz), you’ll see a much bigger split on pricing. Expect to pay anywhere from $19.99 to $42+. Some vendors sell ½ a kilo for up to $149.99. Here at The Golden Monk, you can get a full kilo (1,000g) of high-quality Green Sumatra for only $99.99.

Similar Strains

Green Sumatra Kratom compares most favorably to Green Borneo and Green Bali. If you’d like to try other members of the Sumatra family, check out White Sumatra and Red Sumatra. Of course, the White and Red versions of Sumatra have their own specific properties and performance that won’t mirror Green Sumatra in the same way as Green Bali and Green Borneo.

What Makes Green Sumatra the Right Choice?

Anyone who is already a Green Kratom enthusiast is practically guaranteed to love Green Sumatra. Its unique mixture of a relaxed and energized performance enables Green Sumatra to provide the best of both worlds. Therefore, if you’re looking for something similar enough to feel comfortable but different enough to expand your perception of Green Kratom, you can’t go wrong with Green Sumatra.

Disclaimer: This product is not used to treat, cure. or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition. Please see FDA import alert 54-15. We make no representations as to intended use or suitability for use. View the full product disclaimer and terms of purchase.

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    Green Sumatra Powder

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    Mitragyna speciosa powder

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      28 reviews for Green Sumatra Kratom

      1. quexoz

        Green Sumatra: Good stuff. It looks more red-ish than typical greens. Arrived quickly as usual from Golden Monk. A solid, vendor for sure.

      2. thehawkone (verified owner)

        By far the best in customer care and excellent product, why go any place else?

      3. David Kolehmainen (verified owner)

        I was weary about this site and what I was getting but it turned out to be some good quality stuff. Happy wit it. Going to keep coming back

      4. R. Jay (verified owner)

        Not kidding. Best green strain I ever had!

      5. Marie (verified owner)

        This company is one of the best I’ve ever used! The quality of the kratom is second to none and the shipping is always great. I did actually have a slight problem with my latest order where I got the wrong strain in the mail. However, I got in touch with the customer support. They replied almost immediately and apologized for the error. They sent the right product out the very same day without any extra cost to me! I really respect the way this company cares about its customers and I’ll place more orders in the future, for sure.

      6. William (verified owner)

        Perfect! No problem.

      7. S. Wagers (verified owner)

        Tried four other vendors before finding Golden Monk. I won’t ever be going back to anyone else. My order was easy to place and the products arrived very quickly. Just like the other reviews here, I’m very happy with Golden Monk and won’t be using other sites in the future. The customer support is great and the Green Sumatra strain has a very nice aroma.

      8. J. McDonald (verified owner)

        I love the prices on this site!

      9. N. Nolan (verified owner)

        Tried a few vendors lately but The golden Monk is the best one by far. Best prices. Best service. Fastest shipping. I won’t be buying anywhere else in future and I strongly recommend this site to everyone.

      10. F. Cortez (verified owner)

        Very good product! Smart, secure packaging and great customer service. Way better than some other vendors I tried.

      11. Raphael (verified owner)

        Best kratom I ever tried. Don’t bother with other sites anymore. Golden Monk rules.

      12. G. Fisher (verified owner)

        Green Sumatra is so good and smells so nice! A+! Golden Monk just got a new customer for life.

      13. S. Lacy (verified owner)

        Perfect! Super aroma, fine powder, and nice packaging too! The order arrived sooner than I thought it would and I’ll definitely be shopping here again in the future.

      14. Holli (verified owner)

        Fast shipping and really good value for money. I’ve compared and used a lot of different kratom vendors but nobody can beat Golden Monk for prices and product quality. Keep it up!

      15. Wendy (verified owner)

        I bought a kilo of this stuff a few months ago. Still using it now and it still smells just as fresh as they day it arrived.

      16. P. Rogers (verified owner)

        Ordered some green sumatra. It’s my favorite green strain so far. Have tried a few different strains from Golden Monk and they’ve all been very satisfying. Love this company’s low prices and fast shipping!

      17. B. Adler (verified owner)

        So much value for money. Other kratom sites can’t compete with these prices! I’m only shopping here from now on.

      18. A. Helbert (verified owner)

        Amazing product… fast shipping.. no problems! will order again!

      19. Lexi (verified owner)

        very satisfied! ive ordered from a few different sites in the past but this is the best ive found so far. the green sumatra is my favorite kratom too but i’ve also enjoyed several other products on this! recommended to my friends and everyone!

      20. Theo (verified owner)

        A+! Will order again!

      21. W. Ortiz (verified owner)

        Golden Monk has a good site, a great selection of products, and some really attractive prices. The customer service here is second to none. I had a question about my order and got in contact with the customer service team by email. I had a reply less than an hour later!

      22. Sandy (verified owner)

        Super quality and very nice prices.

      23. P. Duffy (verified owner)

        Awesome product. Awesome price. No problems.

      24. Steve (verified owner)

        As other reviewers have said, great site, great products, great shipping. Can’t fault this site. The quality is excellent and the customer service is always great. Never had any problems with the Golden Monk. If you’re hestitating about placing an order here, I recommend you go for it. You won’t be disappointed!

      25. E. Smith (verified owner)

        I was a little cautious of ordering from a site I didn’t know, but I’m glad I did. The prices here almost seem too good to be true, but I took the risk and was so happy with the results. The green sumatra arrived very quickly and it was really good quality. Cheaper than all the other sites I’ve used in the past.

      26. Peter (verified owner)

        I’ve ordered kratom from multiple sources in the past but think I’ve found my go-to site now. Golden Monk has some of the best products I’ve seen and the quality of the products exceeded my expectations. Will order again soon.

      27. R. Faye (verified owner)

        So happy to have found a site I can trust. Placed my order easily and the product arrived just a few days later. Very fast shipping.

      28. Ronald (verified owner)

        Great quality. Very happy with this product.

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