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Red Bentuangie is a rare fermented red vein type of Kratom. It is created by gathering strains of premium reds such as Red Bali and fermenting the leaves – which is suggested to add to its overall qualities.

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For Western consumers, there’s an aura of mystery surrounding every kratom strain. Since the Mitragyna speciosa tree evolved in Southeast Asia, Westerners don’t have a centuries-long relationship with kratom cultivation. Even though kratom culture is picking up in the West, there remains an exotic allure surrounding any variant of this foreign herb.

However, there are a few ultra-rare kratom hybrids that mystify both Western consumers and local cultivators. Red Bentuangie kratom is one such strain. In addition to its exclusivity, Red Bentuangie is distinctive for its long fermentation process. Supposedly, letting Red Bentuangie kratom ferment for more time produces leaves with fascinating properties.

It’s challenging to describe the uniqueness of Red Bentuangie kratom. However, as more people get curious about this kratom variety, it’s getting easier for customers to see how Red Bentuangie compares with other strains.

Indeed, reputable vendors like The Golden Monk work with Indonesian farmers who specialize in Red Bentuangie kratom. Anyone who feels drawn to try Red Bentuangie kratom powder could order it on The Golden Monk’s website.

What Is Red Bentuangie Kratom?

Scientists don’t have all the details on the Red Bentuangie kratom strain. Not only is it difficult to get a reliable sample of Red Bentuangie kratom, there are many different (and sometimes contradictory) kratom cultivation practices throughout Southeast Asia.

However, most kratom experts are confident that Red Bentuangie hails from West Borneo in Indonesia. There’s also little doubt that Red Bentuangie is in the red-vein kratom family. Aside from these two facts, kratom experts can’t say anything with 100 percent certainty about Red Bentuangie.

However, most people believe Red Bentuangie has a longer fermentation process than other red-vein kratom strains. Indeed, this extra-long fermentation is believed to be Red Bentuangie’s key distinction.

It’s also likely that Red Bentuangie isn’t a standalone kratom strain. In other words, Red Bentuangie contains a mix of various Indonesian red strains like Red Bali, Red Bali Kratom and Red Maeng Da. Cultivators choose prime red-vein kratom leaves and let them ferment longer than usual to create the distinctive Red Bentuangie powder.

What Is The Origin Of Red Bentuangie?

According to most reports, Red Bentuangie is distinct due to its fermentation process. So, it’s difficult to say whether Red Bentuangie is a separate kratom strain.

In most cases, Indonesian cultivators mix various red-vein kratom strains to create Red Bentuangie, so it’s not technically its own cultivar.

However, since Red Bentuangie has so many distinguishing features from strains like Red Borneo, it generally ends up in a separate category.

While there’s still debate over how Red Bentuangie fits into standard “kratom categorization,” there’s little doubt it originates in Indonesia. Most kratom historians believe Red Bentuangie first developed in the Borneo region and gradually spread throughout the area.

How Is Red Bentuangie Cultivated?

Cultivating Red Bentuangie is similar to growing any other red-vein kratom strain. Indonesian farmers grow various kratom varieties under controlled conditions and carefully monitor the results.

While the Mitragyna speciosa tree naturally thrives in hot & humid environments, cultivators need to examine the vein color and alkaloid content to determine the right time to harvest each variety.

After harvesting a bunch of red-vein kratom leaves, cultivators will mix these plants to create Red Bentuangie. As we’ve mentioned a few times, Red Bentuangie undergoes a super long fermentation process.

Red-vein kratom always takes longer to mature than green and white strains, but many believe Red Bentuangie takes the longest to ferment fully.

How Is Red Bentuangie Harvested And Processed?

Kratom growers will only harvest the leaves they want to use for Red Bentuangie after they have deep red veins. After carefully selecting and snipping these leaves, cultivators have to dry their leaves either indoors or under the sun. Also, to qualify as Red Bentuangie, cultivators always need to ferment it for a few days or weeks.

Since Red Bentuangie gets its distinctive color and scent due to how it is fermented, this last step is crucial. Only when cultivators feel confident their Red Bentuangie has the ideal appearance and alkaloid concentration will they grind, package, and ship it around the world.

Why Do People Call Red Bentuangie “Chocolate Kratom?”

There are many mistaken reports that Red Bentuangie smells like “dark chocolate.” Unfortunately for chocoholics, the reason Bentuangie kratom has this “sweet” association has more to do with its appearance than its aromatics.

People in the kratom industry call Red Bentuangie “Chocolate Kratom” because it has a rich dark brown color. Likely, Red Bentuangie has this unique brown pigment due to its extended fermentation period.

While Red Bentuangie’s hue gets people thinking about chocolate bars, this kratom strain doesn’t smell sweet and sugary. However, many kratom connoisseurs claim Red Bentuangie isn’t as bitter as other red-vein kratom hybrids.

The extended fermentation period may slightly dull this herb’s harsh aromas. People who’ve encountered strains like Red Sumatra or Red Bali probably won’t detect as bitter a scent with Red Bentuangie.

Why Do People Buy Red Bentuangie Kratom Strain?

Customers are most fascinated by Red Bentuangie’s unique fermentation process. It’s still unclear how the extra fermentation alters Red Bentuangie versus other kratom strains, but some believe it changes its appearance and chemical structure.

Another potential reason people buy Bentuangie kratom is to appreciate its mild aromatics and alkaloids. Red Bentuangie may not have a “pleasant” scent, but it tends to be “milder” than other red kratom varieties.

You’ll probably detect earthy and bitter notes with Red Bentuangie powder, but it’s usually less pungent versus other red kratom powders.

What Makes Red Bentuangie Kratom Unique?

As we’ve mentioned multiple times, Red Bentuangie is unique because it undergoes a long fermentation process.

While fermentation isn’t unique to Red Bentuangie, it’s unusual for kratom leaves to go through such an extensive procedure. Also, few other kratom strains have so much of their identity tied to fermentation.

If it weren’t for the extra time in fermentation, it’s debatable whether Red Bentuangie would even exist.

Is Red Bentuangie Kratom Good?

Only you could determine whether a kratom strain like Red Bentuangie is “good.” Everyone has a different opinion on kratom strains, and sometimes different cultivars have unique alkaloids. So, while Red Bentuangie may be fantastic for one person, it may not be the best option for another customer.

New kratom customers may want to see what other kratom enthusiasts say about strains like Red Bentuangie before ordering this powder.

While there’s no telling whether you’ll like Bentuangie kratom, it helps to see the consensus in the kratom community.

Please take your time reviewing other strains on The Golden Monk to see if there’s another kratom cultivar that better suits your preferences.

What Kratom Strains Are Similar To Red Bentuangie Kratom?

Since Red Bentuangie is a melange of various red-vein kratom strains, it’s very similar to other Indonesian reds. For instance, Red Bali and Red Sumatra have similar properties to Red Bentuangie kratom. While the former two may smell extra bitter, they are almost identical alkaloid profile with Bentuangie kratom.

Although Red Malay isn’t an Indonesian kratom strain, it tends to get lumped into the same category as Red Bentuangie. You could learn more about other red kratom strains by scrolling through The Golden Monk’s product pages.

How Much Does Red Bentuangie Kratom Cost?

Even though Red Bentuangie goes through costly rounds of fermentation, The Golden Monk promises to keep our prices reasonable for American customers, while not compromising the quality of our offer. We now offer this tropical blend in packages weighing 250 g, 500 g, and 1,000 g. The prices for these products are $39.99, $69.99, and $89.99, respectively.

For those interested in bulk shipments of Red Bentuangie kratom, please contact The Golden Monk’s support staff for special pricing details.

Why Buy Superior Bentuangie Kratom Strain From The Golden Monk?

Red Bentuangie is one of the most challenging kratom powders to find in today’s market. Luckily for Americans, The Golden Monk has close connections with some of the best kratom cultivators in Indonesia — some of which produce top-grade Red Bentuangie.

The Golden Monk takes pride in complying with the ​​American Kratom Association Good Manufacturing Practice Standards, and we’re now listed as a Platinum Level Consumer Champion.

Final Thoughts

Whatever approved kratom strain you order from our site, we promise to follow meticulous packaging standards to preserve the freshness of your fermented kratom. The Golden Monk also offers a generous 30-day refund to our valued customers.

For more details on why you should trust The Golden Monk’s quality kratom, please read through this “About Us” page and check our website for new strains. and coupon codes.

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36 reviews for Red Bentuangie Kratom

  1. razielflores35

    I bought a half kilo of White Bali and half kilo of Red Bentuagie. The Bentuagie is the most unique strain I have bought, to date. They’re even better mixed together!

  2. jenniferkay175 (verified owner)

    First time trying this strain, very relaxing. Great packaging and fast shipping to Texas.
    I would highly recommend.
    Thanks GM!

  3. trossbachpaul (verified owner)

    10/10, Thanks Golden Monk for quality care of products!

  4. ericmessersmith (verified owner)

    Very good quality!

  5. Alan Ash

    I have been accustomed to Red Bali,..I want to know what should I switch it up

  6. (verified owner)

    I have been using different strains of kratom for the past three years and really like this new strain. The Customer service I received after my order was late arriving in Texas, no fault of the company because we had a freeze that week, but left me with traveling to California without any kratom! Golden Monk sent a complimentary package to my mother’s home! What a relief. My old vender closed and Golden Monk is the third company I’ve tried since then. The red Bentuangie is definitely my new go to product and Golden Monk is my new vender! If you’ve used the maeng da, indo, bali; I would highly recommend trying Red Bentuangie!!

  7. stephenevans449 (verified owner)

    Thanks to USPS I had plenty of time to go read more reviews for not just this item but the vendor as well. This was slightly concerning, but all of that concern went away when I cut into the first bag. This red bentuangie has a very fresh aroma. It was perfect. In no way would I describe this product as weak. I haven’t had any other bentuangie strains to compare this to, but this would appear on the surface to be a good introduction to fermented strains.

  8. keating321 (verified owner)

    If you like reds, and are like me and you have over-used the same strains (Bali, Sumatra, Maeng Da), then give this a try. I will definitely be adding this to my rotation going forward when it is available.

  9. tropicalsites (verified owner)

    I bought 1kg of Red Bentuangie Kratom Powder and it’s very good. Best red I’ve had yet!

  10. lastshipsunk (verified owner)

    Golden Monk Are Amazingly Awesome! Their Product is of the Very Best of Quality, Top Notch!!! Ordering is Quick, Simple and Hassle Free. Shipping is Ultra Expedient and Free!!! Customer Service Rocks! And The Very Best Prices. The Golden Monk is an Amazing Company You simply can’t do any Better.
    Thanks Golden Monk!

  11. coryamandabiz

    I just got a shipment from these guys and if you don’t take my words to heart here today then you’ve made the biggest mistake by not buying from this company because there powder is fresh highest quality better then anyone I’ve ever tried from! That’s why they will give you your money back no questions asked man! Think about what I am saying here.

  12. Andrew sesena (verified owner)

    Dont know yet, But reading the reviews looks good!

  13. Kit

    Exceeded my expectations. I will order again soon. I have also tried other Kratom websites..but for quality, shipping times, informed information and cost ‘The Golden Monk’ can’t be beat! In my humble opinion~😉

  14. G. Bates

    Good product and very efficient shipping.

  15. H. Romano

    This is an awesome strain. I have been so so so satisfied with every aspect of this site.

  16. I. Cohen

    My new favorite strain. Will order a kilo next time.

  17. Ryan

    Flawless retailer.

  18. Vince

    Fast shipping. Low price. What else do you need?!

  19. Michael

    So happy to have found this site.

  20. R. Copley

    My new favorite retailer.

  21. P. Blackwood

    Agreed with the other reviews here. I’m very satisfied. There was a little damage to the packaging but the powder was safe inside its bag. Thank you.

  22. C. David

    Good site layout and nice selection of products. Fast shipping too. Double thumbs up.

  23. Vivian


  24. Leonard

    Amazing quality for such a low price.

  25. Katie

    This was my first ever order and I’m very satisfied! Will be placing a second order soon and looking forward to trying some other strains.

  26. E. Philips

    Fast shipping. Golden Monk is the best!

  27. T. Craig

    Excellent red strain with a really satisfying aroma.

  28. Ryan

    Really good quality.

  29. Kevin

    I won’t be ordering from any other sites since I found this one.

  30. H. Wilson

    All the other reviews are accurate: Golden Monk is my no. 1 Kratom site with fast shipping and super products.

  31. Conrad

    Super product, finely ground powder with a satisfying aroma. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of this product. I purchase many kilos of kratom each year and have tried a few sites before, but this one has been the best I found so far. Exceeds expectations!

  32. G. Hernandez

    Love this site I just wish there were more products to choose from.

  33. Gary

    Golden Monk – You just became my go-to source for all strains of kratom!

  34. Robert

    Very happy with the product but I expected delivery to be a little faster.

  35. Ernest

    Perfect! Very satisfied and can’t wait to try some other strains soon.

  36. R. Garcia

    Perfect product. Really nice aroma and satisfying to use. Will order some more in the next weeks.

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