Kratom Divine Vendor Review

Kratom Divine sells a clutch of kratom capsules and extracts online. Reviewers have lavished praise on this Pacific Northwest vendor for its playful kratom blends and unsurpassed professionalism, but is the hype to be believed?

We explored this Oregon kratom vendor in depth to discover the truth about its kratom products. What follows is our deep dive into Kratom Divine, the brand, and its buys.

Kratom Divine Review

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In the past, kratom enthusiasts lamented the lack of information regarding Kratom Divine. More recently, a wealth of info has become available. We now know that Kratom Divine is located in the picturesque community of Leaburg, OR.

Kratom Divine claims to be Oregon’s first shop to buy kratom in Oregon, but any seasoned user knows that Kraken Kratom is the OG Oregon kratom brand. Ultimately, it can make any claims since there is no legitimate way to verify them. By its own admission, Kratom Divine is not the vendor’s legal name. Instead, it is a brand name.

Legal vagaries and B.S. aside, Kratom Divine needs to improve in critical areas. It does not disclose lab results, lot numbers, or strain origins. Its FAQ page neglects to mention certification, liability, or registration. In fact, all you get is a 10-day window to return a lousy product and a cheap disclaimer.

Nevertheless, Kratom Divine officially participates in the American Kratom Association’s GMP Standards Program. Participation in said program is proof of third-party audit. Therefore, Kratom Divine is, indeed, a lab-tested kratom brand. Now, if only it would be kind enough to share third-party results with its patrons.

What It Has to Offer

It may not provide much genuine reassurance, but its online store has plenty to offer. This includes robust kratom strains, powdered extracts, liquid kratom shots, and its nebulous Sama Sama powder.

According to Kratom Divine, Sama Sama kratom gets its name from the Malaysian word for “lovely.” There are two problems with this assertion: 1) the Malaysians are a people, not a language; many languages are spoken in Malaysia, but Malaysian is not one of them; and 2) sama sama is the Tagalog word for “join.”

They don’t have many strains, but they provide a nice mixture of options for those who like to bounce between powder, capsules, and loose leaves. This variety is most likely one of the significant factors that have kept Kratom Divine profitable in the crowded modern marketplace.

This vendor’s product line includes Bentuangie, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Malaysia, Loose Leaf Maeng Da, Premium Indo, Red Bali, Red Indo, White Borneo, Vietnam Kratom, and more. These strains are available in samples and variety packs. You can get your preferred strain in either capsule or raw powder form.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Pricing for Kratom Divine products is relatively consistent. Like many vendors, it has a list price crossed out next to a lower price, which is intended to give the impression that its products are on sale. Of course, when the pricing always looks like that, it’s clear the lower figure is the actual price point.

Prices start at $9.99 for an ounce of kratom powder. This is a fairly standard price for 28-30 grams, but that doesn’t mean it’s cheap. On the contrary, it seems falls somewhere below current market prices. Mitragaia charges just four dollars for an ounce, while My Brave Botanicals charges $15-25.00.

These small pouches are the only Kratom Divine products that could be mistaken for reasonable. The more kratom you buy, the less you save. This supplier charges a staggering $89.99 for a measly 255 grams.

Other vendors sell 500 grams or more for this same price range. For example, Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99 for a standard kratom kilo, while New Dawn Kratom’s four-way split kilos cost $85.00.

Kratom Divine Capsules are all $29.99 for a 56-count bottle. The capsules are vegetarian, and each includes about 0.5g. Extracts start as low as $10 for one capsule and go up to $150 for 10g of powder. Loose leaf sells for $15 per ounce. Variety packs come with 0.5 ounces each of six strains (3 ounces total) for $45.99.

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Kratom Divine Coupon Code

Anyone buying kratom from this vendor should sign up for its VIP Club to get coupon codes and other special offers. We also found a couple of discount codes that may still be valid when you read this.

These discount codes include HALFOFFSAMASAMA, which is said to be redeemable for 50% off an order of Sama Sama Kratom. Another recent code is 10OFFMAENGDA, which may save you $10 on four ounces of Maeng Da.

Kratom Divine Customer Reviews

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Locals love Kratom Divine’s shop, as it’s earned a 4.9-star average rating from 30+ reviewers. One customer gave it a five-star rating for its professionalism, lightning speed, and desire to assist customers.

Another customer said, “This business and their product is simply the best. If you need customer support, they answer the phone. If you have questions, they are incredibly helpful. The product (of course they offer a variety of options) is my absolute favorite. I’ve tried numerous brands and types but have made this my go-to. I cannot recommend them strongly enough!”

On the other hand, a Reddit user opined: “I used some samples from a headshop; it’s nothing special… An expensive meh experience, just like with most headshop stuff.” And yes, that’s right: Kratom Divine’s products can often be found in headshops and smoke shops.

This person seems to be in the minority, as Google reviews have been virtually ecstatic about this seller. One user wrote: “Kratom Divine has high-quality products… But it’s the customer service that will keep you coming back for more. I had an issue with an order, and Wendi went above and beyond… to make sure I was 100% satisfied, and I can’t say enough about them and their integrity.”

Bottom Line

We have our reservations about Kratom Divine, but its standing with the AKA seems to suggest legitimacy. If you’re on the fence, you might consider dipping your toe into the proverbial water by picking up a Kratom Divine variety pack.

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