Kratom K Vendor Review  

Kratom K, sometimes stylized as Kratom-K, entered the Mitragyna speciosa market in 2011.

In no time at all it had established itself as a major player in the industry, racking up a lot of attention—both good and bad—from online kratom forums. This is due, in part, to Kratom K’s superior kratom powders, all of which are vibrant in color and bold in aroma.

The California-based vendor offers a nice selection of products, along with a very eye-catching website. But does their Kratom and customer service live up to their pretty presentation? Let’s find out!

Kratom K Review

When you visit Kratom K’s site, you’ll see that they make the rather bold claim of being the “#1 online retailer in the USA.” Of course, several other vendors make similar claims.

The truth is that there’s simply no way for consumers to validate any of these statements, making them little more than marketing fluff. Kratom-K takes their marketing even further by saying they have “the highest quality in the industry” and “the best value available.”

Based on our research this vendor falls flat of the best value by more than a mile. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t worthy of exploration.

The Kratom-K product line offers the authenticity and exoticism that connoisseurs have come to expect of Mitragyna speciosa. The prices may be hair-raising (more on this later), but the variety is awe-inspiring.

This is the online store for anyone who wishes to procure a diverse array of OG plain leaf kratom strains as well as enhanced kratom teas.

Kratom-K Product Line

image of kratom k products

Kratom K offers powder, capsules, crushed leaf, and extracts to personal and wholesale customers. They also have samples and branded products from other companies. Their house blends come in a variety of veins and formats.

Kratom K delivers a plethora of dynamic strains in green, red, and white vein colors. Its collection includes Bali Blast, Borneo, Bentuangie, Bali Supreme, Green Veined, Horned Maeng Da, Indo Supreme, Indonesian, Maeng Da, Maeng Da Supreme, Red Veined, Riau, Sumatra, Vietnam, and White Veined.

Kratom K Free Samples are available upon request, though you’ll want to choose carefully. Free samples are only given out once. After that you’ll have to hunt down some sweet coupon codes if you’re gonna come close to getting your grams gratis.

This vendor offers each of its supreme kratom strains in both powder and capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is the way to go if you are in a hurry.

With Kratom-K Kratom Capsules, you’ll never have to fuss with messy kratom powder, inaccurate scales, or breakable measuring spoons again. These caps are easy to swallow, easy to store, and smooth as silk on their way down.

On the down side, there is no way of knowing whether this seller’s capsules are vegan or non-vegan. Kratom capsule product pages are full of long-winded BS about the cultivation process, but there is no valuable information about the capsules themselves.

In addition to its fabulous kratom powders this vendor offers liquid kratom extracts—Green Joy Shot and Liquid Pegasus, respectively.

Green Joy Shot is one of the oldest liquid kratom tinctures on the market, one that contains a blend of plant-based extracts, including kratom leaves.

Pegasus Kratom Shot is produced using the leaves of Maeng Da Kratom, the original Horned Leaf Kratom from Indonesia. This bracing kratom shot differs from other extracts in that its taste is surprisingly pleasant.

With its passion fruit flavor and mild bouquet, Kratom-K Pegasus Shot is the future of liquid kratom. Each bottle contains two fluid ounces of extract.

Kratom K shot ingredients depend upon the shot in question. For example, Pegasus Shot is made from Maeng Da Kratom alone, while Green Joy consists of a mixture of Green Tea Full Spectrum extract and traditional plain leaf Green Indo.

Kratom-K’s extracts include Full Spectrum Isolate capsules, Golden Reserve Enhanced powder, Ultra Enhanced Indonesian powder, and Liquid K Botanical Extract. Under the heading of Branded Products, they sell Kratom from other vendors such as Kratom Therapy, Liquid K, Mojo, and O.P.M.S.

Kratom K Shot Near Me

If you feel funny ordering online you can always find this vendor’s products in a local head shop. Kratom K Shot is one of the most popular items in smoke shops and corner stores nationwide.

These liquid kratom extracts are as accessible as energy drinks. They are a viable choice if you’re on the go or if you simply need a quick jolt. This is a fast-acting spot of tea at its finest.

Pricing & Payment Methods

image of kratom k payments

This vendor’s prices transcend the obscene—they are downright insane. You would be hard-pressed to find a more expensive brand on the Internet in 2021.

At $195.95 for four hundred fifty-six grams, you are paying nearly triple what most online consumers pay for a half kilo (five hundred grams). The industry standard price for a kratom kilo (one thousand grams) is $125.00, but many charge as little as $90.00.

To put Kratom K’s total into perspective let’s break it down gram by gram. If you pay $195.95 for four hundred fifty-six grams that means you are paying just shy of forty-three cents per gram.

When you consider the fact that most vendors charge around nine cents per gram this degree of price gouging becomes genuinely shocking.

On the bright side, small-batch kratom seems to be Kratom K’s specialty. You can get fifty-six grams for $27.95, one hundred fourteen grams for $51.95, or two hundred twenty-eight grams for $99.95.

Kratom K currently accepts major credit and debit cards, such as AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, and VISA. You can also pay with Bitcoin or MESH.

Alas, Kratom K does not accept ApplePay, GooglePay, COD (Cash On Delivery), or paper checks. To discuss alternative options, such as privacy coins, be sure to email the company before placing an order.

Kratom K Coupon Code

You can sign up for Kratom K’s email newsletter to receive regular promotional opportunities. These opportunities include Kratom K coupon codes, which are redeemable for as much as 20% off your total at checkout. Codes are as follows:

  • 10 percent off – KRATOM10
  • 15 percent off – KRATOM15
  • 20 perect off – KRATOM20

Please note that some coupon codes may have expired.

Shipping & Returns

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS), with free shipping on Standard Mail. Free packages typically arrive in two to four business days, but the pandemic has resulted in unprecedented delays.

For the best results you may want to consider upgrading to Priority Express, which ships overnight and arrives in one to two business days.

This vendor provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, but unopened products are the only items that will qualify for a refund. Be sure to keep your order intact if you intend on returning it.

Kratom-K Consumer Reputation

Redditors have discussed the pros and cons of this vendor. On the pros side, we have a comment saying “I was very pleased. It was as good as expected.” On the opposite side, we’ve got “I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of the product, nothing special. Way too expensive.”

In another Reddit thread, a first-time Kratom K customer mentioned that their money order was cashed more than a week before their order was shipped. Others piped up that “Kratom K is garbage” and “I wouldn’t waste your time with them.”

A former affiliate of Kratom-K’s said that the vendor’s “products are okay and prices are decent,” but “they will scam you if they get a chance.”

On Facebook, Kratom K initially appears to have good marks. But once you drill down past their 4.3-star average and look at the most recent reviews, you’ll find that four out of the last five reviews are negative.

Of course, you need to take all these reviews with a grain of salt as people have various reasons for heaping praise and complaints on vendors. However, with so many negative comments, it’s also important to remember that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Kratom-K’s customer service reputation is mixed, with select customers saying things like “their customer service is very bad” and “called multiple times during business hours, emailed several times, and submitted questions through their form on website. No response to any, item not delivered.” Someone else did pipe up that “they are a legit vendor with good stuff, but it’s not worth the price.”

Based on personal experience, we have found Kratom K to be less than desirable in this department. While response time was reasonable and our primary issue was resolved, the customer support rep seemed incredibly evasive.

This vendor does not like to address questions about kratom’s origins or aroma, nor does it care to address the competitive pricing of rival brands. This kind of stubborn attitude towards self-evaluation gives us major pause.

Bottom Line

image of kratom powder capsules and leaves

Kratom vendors can go through up and downs. Sometimes, that’s because they change ownership. Other times, it’s the result of supply issues.

However, customers pay to get quality products, not issues. We don’t know for sure what’s behind all the negativity toward Kratom K. But we will say that the only way to find out what you think about any vendor is to try them.

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