Kratom K Vendor Review  

Kratom K Vendor Review

Kratom K, sometimes stylized as Kratom-K, entered the Mitragyna speciosa market in 2011. The California-based vendor offers a nice selection of products, along with a very eye-catching website. But does their Kratom and customer service live up to their pretty presentation? Let’s find out!

Kratom K Review

When you visit Kratom K’s site, you’ll see that they make the rather bold claim of being the “#1 online retailer in the USA.” Of course, several other vendors make similar claims. The truth is that there’s simply no way for consumers to validate any of these statements, making them little more than marketing fluff. Kratom-K takes their marketing even further by saying they have “the highest quality in the industry” and “the best value available.”

Kratom-K Product Line

Kratom K offers powder, capsules, crushed leaf, and extracts to personal and wholesale customers. They also have samples and branded products from other companies. Their house blends come in a variety of veins and formats.

  • Bali Blast
  • Boreno
  • Bali
  • Bentuangie
  • Bali Supreme
  • Green Veined
  • Horned Maeng Da
  • Hulu Kapuas
  • Indo Supreme
  • Indonesian
  • Maeng Da
  • Maeng Da Supreme
  • Malay
  • Red Veined
  • Riau
  • Sumatra
  • Vietnam
  • White Veined

Their extracts include Full Spectrum Isolate capsules, Golden Reserve Enhanced powder, Ultra Enhanced Indonesian powder, and Liquid K Botanical Extract. Under the heading of Branded Products, they sell Kratom from other vendors such as Kratom Therapy, Liquid K, Mojo, and O.P.M.S.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Before you buy Kratom from a new vendor, you’ll want to compare their pricing to other well-known online retailers. Kratom-K offers a diverse selection of Kratom strains and price points. In the powder category, you can expect to pay anywhere from $15.95 (28g of Green Veined Borneo) to $339.95 (456g of White Veined Maeng Da Supreme).

Capsules tend to have similar price ranges. You could pay anywhere from $18.95 to $123.95 for 56 to 456 Green Veined Bali capsules. Green Veined Maeng Da Supreme capsules will set you back $27.95 to $195.95 for the same quantities as Green Veined Bali.

Kratom K Coupon Code

Kratom-K offers an instant 5 percent off coupon code to anyone who signs up for their newsletter. If you’ve already used that code or are looking for a different discount, be sure to try the following. Please note that these codes can expire at any time.

  • 10 percent off – KRATOM10
  • 15 percent off – KRATOM15

Kratom-K Consumer Reputation

Redditors have discussed the pros and cons of this vendor. On the pros side, we have a comment saying “I was very pleased. It was as good as expected.” On the opposite side, we’ve got “I wasn’t really impressed with the quality of the product, nothing special. Way too expensive.”

In another Reddit thread, a first-time Kratom K customer mentioned that their money order was cashed more than a week before their order was shipped. Others piped up that “Kratom K is garbage” and “I wouldn’t waste your time with them.”

A former affiliate of Kratom-K’s said that the vendor’s “products are okay and prices are decent,” but “they will scam you if they get a chance.”

On Facebook, Kratom K initially appears to have good marks. But once you drill down past their 4.3-star average and look at the most recent reviews, you’ll find that four out of the last five reviews are negative.

Of course, you need to take all these reviews with a grain of salt as people have various reasons for heaping praise and complaints on vendors. However, with so many negative comments, it’s also important to remember that where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Kratom K Customer Service

Kratom-K offers a 15-day refund window for unopened products. They do not offer any exchanges or refunds for products that have been opened. As to their customer service reputation, it’s easy to find customers saying things like “their customer service is very bad” and “called multiple times during business hours, emailed several times, and submitted questions through their form on website. No response to any, item not delivered.” Someone else did pipe up that “they are a legit vendor with good stuff, but it’s not worth the price.”

Bottom Line

Kratom vendors can go through up and downs. Sometimes, that’s because they change ownership. Other times, it’s the result of supply issues. However, customers pay to get quality products, not issues. We don’t know for sure what’s behind all the negativity toward Kratom K. But we will say that the only way to find out what you think about any vendor is to try them.

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