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Excellence is hard to come by. Many claim to offer it, but few can truly deliver. That is why it is always refreshing to encounter a brand like Brave Botanicals. This Texas-based kratom vendor is one of those rare companies that does damn near everything right. This vendor has distinguished itself from other online vendors by providing detailed instructions, consumer tips, and properly marked bags. Brave Botanicals understands the importance of transparency, which is why its kratom powders come with origin information and serving suggestions. You can visit this vendor at There you’ll have access to a profusion of premium kratom powders, proprietary blends, and more.

Owner John Bush has seen fit to source a range of exotic products, including delta 8 cheese and the controversial colloidal silver, but it’s the kratom that makes this one really something. To learn more about Bush’s big green botanical operation stick around for our comprehensive kratom vendor review. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about products, pricing, payment options, and consumer perks.

Brave Botanicals Product Review

This vendor is renowned for its potent kratom strains and its rad signature blends, but many customers seem to take its packaging for granted. Brave Botanicals doesn’t simply stuff a few clumps of powder into a generic pouch and call it a day. Rather, it vacuum seals its micronized kratom tea in clear plastic, which enables users to see what they are dealing with. Customers have gone bananas for this supplier’s exceptional blends and sublime kratom cultivars, but the overall shopping experience is what’s really incredible.

Brave Botanicals provides customers with kratom same-day shipping on every order, regardless of the size or strain. Of course, every company has its strengths and weaknesses, especially in the kratom industry. In Brave Botanicals’ case, its greatest strengths are its fresh kratom products and fast shipping methods. Its weaknesses, on the other hand, are just as significant. Brave Botanicals is expensive. Plain and simple. It sells five hundred grams of product for what many would expect to pay for a full kilogram. More on this in a moment.

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Brave Botanicals talks about advocacy on its homepage, referencing the supposed net worth of the kratom industry as a whole and the push by certain institutions to ban this Ayurvedic herb. “This is why we are fighting back,” they write. This message is more than a little misleading, especially since we could find no affiliation between this vendor and the AKA (American Kratom Association). For those who don’t know, the AKA is a nonprofit advocacy group that has been making waves in our nation’s capitol. It works tirelessly to keep kratom legal in the United States, but there is insufficient evidence to suggest that Brave Botanicals has been a part of that fight. Such misrepresentations can be damaging to the future of kratom, as it sends the wrong message to consumers.

Instead of pulling statistics out of the air without linking to a source, Brave Botanicals should be encouraging its visitors to research kratom for themselves. Another drawback to doing business with this vendor is its lack of third-party accreditation. Not only does it lack GMP certification, it also fails to disclose any proof of third-party analysis. This despite its assurance of no chemicals, fillers, or additives.

These weaknesses may not be deal breakers, but they do deserve to be addressed. Prospective customers should reach out via Brave Botanicals’ Contact page and inquire about third-party labs. Every patron has a right to know whether they are buying something that’s 100% pure. On a more positive note, Brave Botanicals’ product line is on point. Though its variety is limited to six “strains,” its powders are undeniably robust. Blends like Red Relaxation are inimitable, while strains like White Lightning offer a lingering aroma.

Brave Botanicals White Borneo is a white vein kratom powder that’s as popular as it is potent, but we find it to be unsuitable for beginners since it is far more bracing than most. This is worth mentioning since many first-time consumers flock to sites that sell small-batch kratom. To be clear, just because Brave Botanicals isn’t a bulk kratom supplier doesn’t mean its every product is optimal for fledglings.

Brave Botanicals White Lightning is a far more versatile variant and one that is advertised as “punchy.” You might prefer to call it a plucky powder, one that delivers an enlivening fragrance that’s redolent of coconut and melati flower. If you’re in the market for a good red vein, you may enjoy OG Bali, an Indo Kratom original that’s harvested from old-growth Mitragyna speciosa trees. These trees reach peak maturity during cultivation, resulting in a powder that is stronger and more protracted than your average plain leaf variant.

Brave Botanicals Green Maeng Da is the way to go for fans of green vein kratom. This jade-colored strain is infamous around the world for its superior potency and stellar aroma. Green Maeng Da is thought to be the world’s earliest example of Horned Leaf. Those who have tried it tend to agree.

What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $15 for an ounce of kratom powder, with four ounces selling for $40, and a half-kilo (500 grams) going for $100.00. These prices are way too high by industry standards, especially those set by online suppliers. The vast majority of e-commerce sites charge under $120 for a full kratom kilo. For instance, Austin Organic Village charges $120, while Amazing Botanicals charges $99.99. What’s more, you cannot play with credit or debit cards. On the bright side, Bitcoin and similar options are currently accepted. You can pay with cash, cryptocurrency, e-check, money order, or personal check.

Brave Botanicals Coupon Code & Discounts

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Some suppliers offer ten percent off promo codes as a bait-and-switch technique. You subscribe to their e-mail newsletter to get a kratom coupon code and in exchange your inbox gets blown up on the reg with all sorts of frivolous “news” updates and constant offers. Brave Botanicals opts to go in another direction entirely. You won’t find any discounts mentioned on its social media accounts, nor will you get hit with pop-ups asking for your e-mail sign up. Instead, this seller gives you opportunities to save right on its product pages.

If you buy three ounces of kratom powder, you can get twenty-five percent off your total. To hark back to what we said earlier about its prices, this so-called discount isn’t much of a discount at all. At twenty-five percent off $75, you’ll be paying $56.25 for three ounces of powder. By contrast, many online vendors charge $50-55 for seventeen to eighteen ounces (see: 500 grams).

Brave Botanicals Customer Reviews

Unlike many of its competitors, Brave Botanicals has demonstrable evidence of its customer support. Where other vendors offer phony testimonials from anonymous users, Brave Botanicals maintains a Facebook account with reviews from easily verifiable Facebook profiles.

“They were super helpful,” one customer writes. “and the kratom is better than anything local that I have found … I cannot thank John Bush and his people enough. A friend referred me to Brave Botanicals. I strongly urge you to try if you haven’t tried yet. They sent helpful tips on the kratom and a nifty comic strip as well.”

“Customer service is outstanding,” another user says. “My order was shipped right away. I now have a new trusted source for my Kratom.” Yet another user echoed these sentiments, writing, “The customer service was great. They sent the product right away and I’ve been enjoying the different strains. I was surprised at how powerful they are.”

Elsewhere, a customer said, “I have always been really happy with my online brave purchases and the quality is excellent. John and Catherine are great people, do good work I totally recommend Brave Botanicals. I also like the new easy online order system. The shipping time has always been goo too.”

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Brave Botanicals Complaints

Reviews haven’t been nearly as positive at online kratom forums. Over on Reddit one member wrote, “I don’t know who it was, but someone said to try the sample from this place, and they said it was fresh. I got the sample just now of Green maeng da and it looks old and dusty … having some now but it isn’t fresh, that’s for sure … I don’t recommend it at all.” Another Reddit member said, “Brave Botanicals is way too expensive and their payment options on their website suck … they don’t take credit cards. How stupid!” This appears to be the extent of any negative feedback regarding this vendor.

Is It Lab-Tested?

No. Based on our research, Brave Botanicals does not submit its kratom products to independent laboratories for proper evaluation. We could find no certificates of analysis from any third-party entity, nor could we find any mention of analysis on any of its web pages.

Is Brave Botanicals Legit?

Yes. In spite of its drawbacks, Brave Botanicals has proven itself to be a legitimate seller with a genuine commitment to its clients. Customers have attested to the value of this company and the efficacy of its products. What’s more, customer service representatives are prompt in answering any grievances you may have.

American Kratom Association

This vendor does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program, which is unfortunate given the push toward proper regulation by advocacy groups and lawmakers alike. The Kratom Consumer Protection Act has set standards for how kratom processors must manufacture and distribute their products. The AKA’s GMP program is in alignment with this legislation and seeks to hold vendors similarly accountable. Those who participate in the GMP program must follow guidelines for the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, distribution, and verification of its products. These requirements effectively keep vendors in check and ensure consumer safety.

Closing Thoughts

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This Lone Star State supplier is one to consider if you are looking for sui generis blends or smooth kratom powder, but expect to pay a premium for quality. This is not the economy kratom brand so many of us have grown accustomed to.

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