Nuwave Botanicals Vendor Review

Nuwave Botanicals may be the most popular kratom vendor of 2022. With nearly 10,000 followers on social media and a slew of four-star reviews, this Texas company is at the vanguard of the kratom industry. Nuwave Botanicals differs from other Lone Star State suppliers because it’s widely acclaimed and readily available.

Nuwave Botanicals doesn’t just sell CBD and kratom products. It specializes in signature kratom drinks, capsules, and extracts. The brand has gotten much support from its Instagram followers and regional customers, but how does it fare on the national stage?

You’ll want to stick around if you want to learn more about this vendor’s products, pricing, and consumer reputation. We’ll give you the whole skinny in our complete NuWave Kratom review.


Nuwave Botanicals Product Review

Nuwave Botanicals, otherwise stylized as Nu Wave Botanicals, is located in the small town of Spring, TX. Founded in 2016 by entrepreneur Chris Jepson, Nuwave was among the first vendors to offer kratom tablets and drinks. The latter set it apart from others in the current marketplace.

This supplier isn’t selling some bogus Faygo-style kratom soda. Instead, it sells Cafe MIT Instant Coffee, the country’s first legit artisanal kratom coffee brand. Moreover, Nuwave Botanicals offers liquid shots, such as Chief Kratom Shots.

Nuwave Botanicals has maintained its excellent reputation for excellence by participating in GMP compliance. However, many discerning consumers will only buy it based on looks alone. Nuwave Botanicals’ packaging is in desperate need of a makeover. Its pouches are poorly designed with an amateurish look.

Another downside is the site itself: prepare to experience delays and disappointments. Its pages are slow to load, its menus lack necessary info, and its pop-up chat is disingenuous; you think you’re going to ask questions of a live representative, but this is merely a ploy to get your e-mail address.

This last element really rubs us the wrong way. The pop-up window initially comes up as Chris Kratom, saying, “Hold on! A little discount never hurts. Get 5% off your purchase with a code. Don’t leave!” But when you respond to it, you don’t get an answer or a code.

On the bright side, its kratom powder is top-of-the-line, especially those manufactured in jars. You can get fermented kratom and enhanced kratom in addition to plain leaf. If you have an option when buying, choose the kratom jar over its inferior pouches.

What It Has to Offer

This vendor’s many illustrious strains include Gold Bali, Green Elephant, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Green X Kratom, Menage a Trois Blend, Premium Crushed Leaf, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Malay, White Buntok, White Elephant, and White Hulu Kapuas.

Nuwave Botanicals Maeng Da Kratom is our pick for the best strain of the bunch. Though it likely varies in quality from time to time (genuine Maeng Da is an old-growth leaf requiring full maturity), we were more than satisfied with the sample we tried.

Nuwave Botanicals Maeng Da is dark in hue, fresh in scent, and lengthy in duration, delivering a balanced aroma that is earthy and sweet. You can anticipate a longer steeping time due to the graininess of the powder.


No mention of third-party analysis is made on this vendor’s site. Nuwave Botanicals implements UV sterilization to extract impurities from its kratom powder. This is what is commonly known as kratom ultraviolet light exposure.

While sterilization certainly has benefits (eradicating select pathogens), the cons outweigh the pros. Alas, UV light does not penetrate a kratom kilo. UV sterilization only cleans the outer kratom without thoroughly cleaning the entire kilo. There are better and more effective ways to sterilize kratom, but they require an investment in equipment for heating and rapid cooling.

What It Costs & How It Compares

You can get a sample for $2.50, 250 grams for $34, 500 grams for $58, or a kratom kilo for $110.00. This compares favorably to the prices charged by most big-name brands. For example, Mitragaia typically charges $120 for a kilo, while expensive brands like Happy Hippo charge an astronomical $290.00.

Nuwave Botanicals provides customers with kratom bundles. You can pick up two kilos for $88 each, three kilos for $82.50 each, four kilos for $77 each, five kilos for $71.50 each, or six kilos for $66.00 each. These bundles are the best deal in the current marketplace.

You can pay for your order with Bitcoin, credit card, or mobile app payment. The best part is you can return any unopened item at any time for a full refund. No questions asked.

Over the last few years, Chris and his team have rolled out some genuinely sublime sales. Its seasonal specials include promo codes redeemable for 15 to 20% off. These coupon codes are readily available on the company’s Instagram account.

Clearance items and sales opportunities are regularly advertised on its website. You’ll find deals on everything from kratom sample packs and bundles to low stock strains. Many sales items, such as kratom capsule minis, tinctures, premium crushed leaves, and branded apparel.

Nuwave Botanicals Customer Reviews

As we mentioned earlier, Nuwave Kratom is a beloved brand with a loyal following. It currently boasts 8,247 followers on Insta alone. Elsewhere, the brand has received high marks for its Thanksgiving sales and the legitimacy of the brand.

Consumer response has been terrific. One reviewer wrote: “The company is a model for what good American customer experience should be. Every order I have placed through them during business hours has been promptly processed and shipped out the same day.


“They don’t charge exorbitant shipping fees, even for fast shipping, and… my shipments have even arrived earlier than expected. They always include some extra samples/goodies in each shipment, which lets me know that they appreciate my business.”

Another reviewer wrote, “NuWave has hands down the best customer service. My orders have always arrived promptly, and when you call them, they answer. I feel safe doing my business here.”

Yet another customer said, “They are hands down the best kratom company I have dealt with. High-quality kratom for sure. Their customer service if there were 10 stars, would definitely get 10 from me. Their shipping is super-fast. Chris is definitely a trusting man and great at what he does.”


Bottom Line

To recap: Nuwave Botanicals is the vendor you need if you crave kratom blends and drinks. It is renowned for its fast shipping, fantastic customer support, and exceptional kratom strains. What’s more, its pricing is superb, and its promos are the stuff of legends.

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