Fused Flora Vendor Review

There is a glut of kratom vendors on the market, many of whom sacrifice safety in exchange for affordability. Fused Flora is not one of these vendors.

Since its inception in 2017, this Washington-based supplier has made it its business to deliver fresh, clean goods with dependable potency.

Today, Fused Flora is one of the fastest growing kratom vendors on the East coast. Find out what makes it special in our comprehensive vendor profile.

Fused Flora Kratom Review

Fused Flora used to be a Pacific Northwest brand, but after its owner moved to Washington, D.C., they became an East coast business.

The company is now part of the nation’s capital and an important part of the region’s cultural fabric. Ethnobotanical enthusiasts have embraced this brand for its reasonable pricing and outstanding offerings.

There are many things that we find unique about this vendor, not least of which is its fermented kratom line and its curing process.

There are few domestic vendors carrying fermented kratom and even fewer with five different gold and yellow strains to choose from.

The curing process is even more impressive; all kratom leaves are rinsed and dried indoors using hanging nets and trays. Facilities are pesticide-free and pet-free, ensuring that you will receive a kratom tea that is 100% organic and uncontaminated.

All Mitragyna speciosa plant matter is treated with UV-C before it is sealed in food-grade baggies. Third-party laboratory testing is the final piece of the process for Fused Flora Kratom, a company that has applied for GMP certification.

Fused Flora Product Line & Pricing Guide

image of fused flora products

First and foremost, this international supplier is a kratom vendor. Therefore, its product line features a range of exotic kratom strains in varying sizes.

However, Fused Flora’s collection does not begin and end with kratom. There is much here that non-kratom users may find appealing.

Featured products include edible wafer films and coveted botanicals, such as the gentle Blue Lotus.

Raw kratom powder is an optimal choice for those with a DIY spirit. If you enjoy making your own at home, you’ll enjoy working with Fused Flora’s finely textured kratom powder.

It’s good for almost anything, whether you want to stir it into a smoothie, sprinkle some over a bowl of oatmeal, or steep it in hot water for a superior cup of tea.

This seller gets its illustrious supply from four small farming operations in Southeast Asia, which accounts for the diversity of its product line as well as the potency of its OG strains.

Fused Flora offers dozens of different strains, including Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Sunda, Green Vietnam, Red Aceh, Red Bali, Red Jongkong, Red Kali, Red Kapuas, Red Sunda, Red Vietnam, Super Green Borneo, Super Red, White Borneo, White Kali, White Maeng Da, and White Sumatra.

Its line of fermented kratom includes Bentuangie Sunda, Gold Maeng Da, Yellow Kapuas, and Gold Kapuas. One would expect to pay more for sun-dried or fermented product, but Shaun sells it for the same price as every other product.

Fused Flora Green Nanga is our favorite strain of the collection. This one hails from the remote West Kalimantan village of Nanga Pinoh.

Nanga Pinoh is a small area in Melawi Regency, one that is known for its tropical climate and strong winds. Like the climate in which it is cultivated, Green Nanga is said to be exotic, pungent, tempestuous, and long-lasting.

Owner Shaun Young has famously stocked kanna powder, the South African herb which has taken the Western world by storm. If there is one plant powder as popular as Mitragyna speciosa (kratom), it’s Sceletium tortuosum (kanna).

But that’s not all Fused Flora has in its favor. The site also features Akuamma Extract powder, Mitragyna hirsuta, Mitragyna javanica, and Magnolia Bark.

Prices vary on these other products, but most start at $4.75 for twenty five grams. You can score one hundred grams for $13.50 or go big with a kilo for just $80.00.

All kratom strains start at an industry-low $4.75 for twenty five grams of powder. You can get one hundred grams for $13.50 or a kilo for $80.00.

image of fused floar kratom products

It is easy to see why consumers adore this brand when we look at the different price points it offers. These are economy prices for first class product.

Many users will be disappointed at the evident lack of bulk kratom powder, but this is merely a matter of visual omission. As this vendor explains on its About Us page, it has kratom kilos available.

So, why not advertise kilos on the site?

Simple. Smaller quantities of kratom tend to sell faster than larger portions. Fused Flora is able to rotate its inventory in an expedient fashion, thereby keeping every strain fresh.

10-way split kilos are also available for the bargain basement price of $90.00.

This seller accepts CoinPayments, invoice, or money order. In the past, it has accepted major credit cards, although it is unclear whether they are accepting them at this moment.

Shipping & Returns

Orders are shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service) unless otherwise specified. You may inquire about additional carrier options, although you will do so at your own cost.

Kratom same-day shipping is provided on orders placed before Noon (EST) on weekdays. Those who purchase $48 or more automatically received free Priority Mail shipping.

Other options include Express Mail and First Class Mail. Due to recent Post Office delays, we suggest you select a shipping upgrade. This should ensure that your package arrives in a timely manner.

This vendor gives customers a seven-day window to request a refund or exchange. Those who wish to receive a refund must return their unopened item with a tracking number.

Fused Flora Discount Code

You can use the Fused Flora coupon code ‘SUM_1X15GACK0AZ’ to receive free shipping for a limited time. Additional promo codes are delivered via email to return customers.

If you’d like to receive special offers from this vendor, we encourage you to contact them for more information.

You can contact them via social media to learn about the latest specials. The company is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more.

If this is your first time shopping the Fused Flora site, you can talk to one of its customer service reps by filling out an online contact form.

Alternatively, you can call the company any time at its EU headquarters. The phone number can be found on Fused Flora’s About Us page.

Fused Flora Consumer Reputation

image of customer reviews

Fused Flora Reddit posts have been relatively mixed, with some expressing disappointment in its products.

One user wrote, “Yes I fell for the whole 100 grams for 15 bucks thing, figured I had nothing to lose other than 15 bucks. This stuff just left me with a headache.”

Another member wrote a post asking if others think Fused Flora is bunk, to which one user replied, “I have heard mixed things about Fused Flora.”

Of course, opinions vary wildly from person to person, and many have had a more positive experience with this brand.

Over on the Double M Herbals forums, a longtime user said, “I have been really stoked with the selection and have been finding a lot of really good strains…I have definitely bumped fused up to one of my favorite vendors…Keep up the good work, Shaun!”

Bottom Line

This Washington, D.C. Seller is one that everyone should check out. If you’re into saving money on superior leaf, it’s a no-brainer. Try out an ounce of Shaun’s sublime fermented leaf and see if you don’t end up returning for a bulk order in no time.

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