Krypton Kratom Vendor Review: What You Need to Know

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Krypton Kratom is one of the oldest and most talked-about products on the market. It was once frequently found in local headshops and gas stations. Unfortunately, it became many people’s first (and last) experience with kratom.

As several vendors that sell 100% pure kratom have warned, Krypton Kratom pills are something you should steer clear of at all costs. We’ll explain why in today’s comprehensive post.

What’s Wrong with Krypton Kratom?

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Reportedly, products labeled as Krypton Kratom barely contain any kratom whatsoever. Instead, most tests show caffeine and the addictive synthetic opioid O-desmethyltramadol as the primary ingredients.

O-desmethyltramadol is a potentially life-threatening painkiller that has no place in OTC products of any kind. Side effects of this substance can include agitation, dizziness, vomiting, anxiety, bloating, dry mouth, headache, abnormal sleep, constipation, mood changes, sweating, elevated heart rate, chest tightness, loss of consciousness, and seizure.

Many of these adverse reactions mirror those of kratom. Therefore, taking these two compounds in tandem is ill-advised and may lead to a less-than-desirable experience. The presence of this controversial substance in Krypton led to industry outrage when it was first discovered.

This can be extremely dangerous, especially for at-risk consumers. One manufacturer’s claim that their Krypton variety was 50x Bali Kratom Extract was more than just dubious – it was a complete fabrication.

Worst of all, Krypton Kratom ingestion resulted in multiple hospitalizations and unintentionally fatal intoxications. This was its reason for being recalled and demonized by the media. It is also why the brand name continues to generate buzz.

Legal Disadvantages of Krypton

In some states, such as Tennessee, purchasing 100% pure kratom powder is legal. Since Krypton Kratom doesn’t meet this definition, attempting to buy or order it into the state could get you in trouble with local authorities. Additionally, wholesalers continue to sell products carrying the Krypton Kratom label.

In most cases, these products aren’t the real thing. This has resulted in even more confusion and panic. Such abstraction may lead to more states banning kratom products.

How to Buy Krypton

We urge you not to buy this deceptive product. If you’re still determined to do so, you may have a tough road ahead of you. First off, finding Krypton from a reputable online vendor is impossible. Instead, you’ll find yourself in a never-ending loop of sketchy sites that begin with sites.google.com in the URL.

Even worse, you’ll have to jump through hoops to log in to these sites, and they may be established for the sole purpose of stealing your information. Unfortunately, the vast majority of web entries regarding Krypton Kratom contain little information about the actual product.

Does Krypton Kratom Still Exist?

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Reputable kratom vendors and their users have been talking about the dangerous risks of Krypton Kratom for many years. At that time, this spurious vendor completely disappeared. There’s no website associated with its name, nor does its contentious product appear on headshop websites.

Of course, most products continue to linger even after companies leave, so you may find Krypton Kratom sitting on a dusty shelf at your local gas station or headshop. We recommend avoiding it; we strongly encourage consumers to report any Krypton Kratom sightings to the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission).  In this way, you’ll protect others as well.

Are Bali Extracts Safe?

Anything labeled as 50x Bali Extracts will raise a few eyebrows due to the Krypton debacle. This is understandably upsetting for reputable vendors that have long sold Bali Extracts in 15x – 50x varieties.

Your best bet is to steer clear of any 50x Bali Extracts found at head shops or gas stations that aren’t manufactured by a kratom supplier you know and trust. Regarding online purchases, we suggest sticking with vendors with a solid reputation for selling 100 percent pure kratom. GMP participants are generally the most trustworthy.

Top Krypton Kratom Alternatives

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Just because one kratom extract is detrimental doesn’t mean you should write extracts off entirely. Numerous vendors producing clean, safe, and spirited enhanced kratom products. In addition to our own line of red vein, green vein, and white vein kratom products, the following are our top picks for the best Krypton alternatives on the market.


(Full disclosure: MIT45 acquired Golden Monk in August 2022.)

MIT45 has surpassed O.P.M.S. as America’s #1 headshop kratom brand. This Beehive State supplier manufactures the most potent and exceptional extracts we’ve tried (and we’ve tried lots). Moreover, its groundbreaking kratom solutions are priced moderately and packaged securely.

As one of the most widely accessible product lines in America, MIT45 Kratom is as easy to find as it is easy to use. Customers are going ape for its outstanding MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel. This seminal honey-based extract comes in a squeezable pouch, with two servings selling for only $11.95.

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Amazing Botanicals

Amazing Botanicals is also one of the Western world’s longest-standing kratom suppliers. For over a decade, this seller has produced excellent items that appeal to eager kratom enthusiasts. These items include raw kratom tablets and its prized 50x extract.

Unlike many online sellers, Amazing Botanicals publishes third-party labs directly on its website. Between its certificates of analysis and its generous return policy, this extract manufacturer makes placing an order easy as pie. Its collection includes 45% mitragynine powder, kratom extract tablets, and UEI liquid shots.

Bottom Line

Krypton is terrible news and not worth the risk if you find it. So, instead of searching for that elusive unicorn, why not buy reputable kratom from vendors with a good reputation? You can compare products, pricing, policies, and more by visiting our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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