Grand Rapids Botanicals Vendor Review

Grand Rapids BotanicalsVendor Review

The owner of Grand Rapid Botanicals turned their business into a household name in less time than it takes most kratom vendors to learn the ropes. This East Coast start-up began life as a hole-in-the-wall headshop, but it swiftly blossomed into an all-encompassing e-commerce destination.

Before you buy bulk kratom from, we’ll hip you to the pros and cons of this regional brand. Learn about its payment methods, policies, and proprietary blends in today’s comprehensive vendor review.

What is Grand Rapids Botanicals Kratom?

Grand Rapids Botanicals (GRB) is a Michigan kratom vendor specializing in exotic kratom powder and signature blends. The company was founded by Monica D. Swanlund, a Grand Rapids resident who genuinely loves the Mitragyna speciosa herb.

With the help of a fleet-footed friend, Swanlund opened the first boutique-style kratom shop in Grand Rapids in January 2021. While other vendors were perishing amid a global pandemic, GRB Kratom was nimbly inserting itself in their wake. In no time, the brand was the talk of the town.

Today, GRB Kratom is widely regarded as Michigan’s finest kratom supplier. As a matter of fact, it is the only brick-and-mortar herb shop to consistently accommodate both bulk kratom buyers and small-batch consumers. Its reputation is almost too good to be true, so we decided to investigate.

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As it turns out, its prices and purchasing options leave something to be desired. Grand Rapids Botanicals may strike Furniture City residents as a fun, affordable brand with fantastic quality, but not all of that is accurate. While it is certainly intriguing, its prices could use some serious reconsideration.

Although it claims to be a lab-tested organic kratom brand, the folks behind GRB Kratom have yet to demonstrate purity or testing proof. There are no certificates of analysis on its website and no satisfaction guarantee. All sales are final. Refunds will not be issued under any circumstances.

What It Has to Offer

If you hail from the Wolverine State, you can head over to the Breton Center shopping plaza and meet the Grand Rapids Botanicals staff for yourself. You can choose between curbside pickup, in-store shopping, or home delivery.

For the rest of us, is the place to be. Its fast-loading menus and flabbergasting collection of 40+ strains will have you howling, “Holy wah!”

GRB’s blends include Botanical Blackjack, while its green veins include Green Bali, Green Bentuangie, Green Borneo, Green Dragon, Green Horned Leaf, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Indo, Green JongKong, Green Thai, and Green Vietnam.

This seller offers a vast assortment of red veins, such as Bali, Bentuangie, Borneo, Dragon Kratom, Hulu, JongKong, Red Maeng Da, Malaysian, Red Sumatra, and more. Meanwhile, its white veins include White Bali, White Dragon, White Elephant, White Horn, and White Maeng Da. Others include Super Green Maeng Da, Super Green Malay, Super Red Indo, Yellow Bali, and Yellow Sumatra.

Green JongKong is arguably the most talked-about strain in the shop’s catalog, but the Red Sumatra blows it out of the water, in our opinion. This crunchy Sunda Islands delight is derived from the indigenous trees of the Aceh Province.

Grand Rapids Botanicals Red Sumatra boasts a rich dark aroma with earthy notes of evergreen, moss, and jasmine. With its fluffy texture, frothy mouthfeel, and matcha-like flavor, Red Sumatra is as smooth as it is bracing.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at eight bucks for an ounce of kratom powder. You can score two ounces for $15, four for $28, eight for $50, or 16 for $85.00. A kratom kilo will run you $160.00. These prices do not conform to the current industry average.

This vendor charges as much for 16 measly ounces as others would charge for 500-1,000 grams. For example, New Dawn Kratom charges $80-85 for kratom kilos. At $160 for 1,000 grams, Grand Rapids Botanicals is more expensive than Amazing Botanicals ($99.99/split-kilo), Mitragaia ($120/kilo sampler), and other industry mainstays.

Grand Rapids Kratom Customer Reviews

This seller has received 60+ Google reviews and tons of attention on platforms like the I Love Kratom forum. One reviewer said, “The products are all high quality… The staff is amazing, too… super helpful and friendly. They treat me like family, and I can ask them anything… So grateful for GRP!! Lifetime customer now, check them out!!”

Another reviewer said, “Very amazing store with beautiful interior design and amazing customer service. Chris and Monica (and the dog, of course) treated me with great care and consideration… Love the product they sell, very fair pricing, and always smiling faces make these an easy 5 stars, and I would recommend for anyone.”

Still, another customer said, “We met Chris, his mom, Monica, a couple of very polite kids, and a groovy dog! These are some of the nicest people you will ever meet! The store has a welcoming atmosphere, and they know their stuff when it comes to kratom. So skip the head shops and gas station pharmaceuticals and head their way!”

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Bottom Line

In summary, Grand Rapids Kratom is a viable option for anyone who wants to try something new. It may not have the best policies or incredible prices, but you could do much worse. This is an excellent middle-of-the-road option for anyone accustomed to headshop brands.

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