Kratom Country Vendor Review

When it comes to the kratom industry, everyone and their mother claims to have the highest quality product available, but few can show their work. Kratom Country is one of those rare examples of a veteran kratom vendor with demonstrable purity and industry acceptance.

How does Kratom Country stack up against its more cosmopolitan competition? We’ll compare products, pricing, payment options, and more, so you’ll be able to make an informed decision about this brand. Read on for the whole story in our comprehensive vendor review.


What is Kratom Country?

Kratom Country is a West Coast kratom supplier from Carlsbad, CA. For those unfamiliar with the area, Carlsbad is a relatively small coastal city, with a population of less than 115,000. Nevertheless, it has served as the home of many successful enterprises, such as Cisco, Kaiser Permanente, and UnitedHealth Group.

Kratom Country was founded in 2009, long before most Americans had ever heard of Mitragyna speciosa or the wonders of its leaves. This San Diego County kratom vendor was an early adopter who saw serious potential in this raw commodity. Today, the brand has grown to encompass enhanced kratom and fermented kratom.

This supplier came along at a time when the AKA (American Kratom Association) didn’t exist and watchdogs groups were all but nonexistent. This was before any media kratom warning, before any FDA kratom ban campaign, and before the formation of the Botanical Education Alliance.

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At the time, kratom was just becoming a smoke shop staple. Shady vendors emerged, relishing the lack of regulations. Instead of following the lead of these sketchy actors, Kratom Country opted to take the herb seriously. Early on, the company was registered with the Better Business Bureau.

This vendor promises lab-tested kratom powder and delivers. It discloses samples of its lab results online. All certificates of analysis are produced by industry leader Wonderland Labs, an unbiased third-party entity with state-of-the-art facilities.


What It Has to Offer – Pricing and Perks

Kratom Country carries approximately 10 kratom strains at any given time. These 10 strains are avalable in a variety of forms, including crushed leaf, kratom powder, enhanced kratom, and more. They include Green Kali Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Vietnam, Ultra Bali Blend, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Thai, and White Vein Kratom.

This vendor has become notorious for its Gold, Platinum, and Silver kratom strains. These “Premium Kratom” strains are said to be the very best, but no information is provided about their precise contents or what makes them so extraordinary.

Its enhanced kratom powders may not carry the most thorough labeling or responsible disclosure, but it seems legit enough to pass our taste test. Ultra Bali Blend appears to be little more than a combination of Green and Red Bali. Like Kratom Country’s other kratom powder, it is fresh and potent.

Kratom Country Thai appears to be the most talked-about strain of the bunch, but our pick for the best Kratom Country strain is the mysterious White Vein. It packs a bracing, earthy aroma that lingers for more than four hours.

Every time you place an order with Kratom Country, you’ll earn copious rewards points, which can be redeemed toward future orders. The supplier’s loyalty program gives you free kratom same-day shipping, two-for-one deals, referral points, kratom samples, and more.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $7.47 for one ounce of kratom powder, with 56 grams going for $13.47. Four ounces sell for $23.47, while 255 grams go for $44.47. You can score 510 grams for $78 or 1,020 grams (a kratom kilo plus 20 bonus grams) for $129.47. These prices do not conform to the current industry low.

While we certainly wouldn’t lump Kratom Country in with the industry’s most expensive brands (Get Kratom, Happy Hippo, and Peace Novelty, among others), we hesitate to qualify it’s as a reasonably priced supplier based on these price points. In light of the economy, these do not seem like fair market prices.

In contrast to Kratom Country’s $129.47 kilo, many online vendors charge less than $100 for a key. For example, charges $99.99, while Colorado’s herbal titan New Dawn Kratom charges $79.99 for the same. It’s also worth mentioning that New Dawn Kratom is GMP-certified, which Kratom Country is not.


Kratom Country Promo Code and Discounts

You can save big with a Kratom Country promo code by simply punching in your email address. When you first land on Kratom Country’s homepage, a pop-up will advertise a virtual wheel of fortune. Enter your email and click to spin. You can win anywhere from five to 30% off your order.

Kratom Country promo codes look like this: ‘WINNER5’ for 5% off and so forth. Depending on your loyalty to Kratom Country and what you’re looking to buy, you may be eligible for additional coupon codes. This vendor’s email newsletter might provide special codes, limited-time sales, and exclusive offers.

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How You Can Pay

You can purchase this vendor’s items with ACH, credit card (Mastercard or VISA), eCheck, money order, paper check, or Zelle. Additional payment options may be available upon request. You can inquire about payment alternatives by calling (877) 300-4668. Alternatively, you can fill out the site’s contact form or drop this vendor an email.


Top Kratom Country Alternatives


This GMP-compliant Utah superstar has set a new standard in the industry with its trailblazing creations and cut-rate pricing. MIT45 Gold is a liquid kratom extract that blows Kratom Country Gold Kratom out of the water. The brand even gets its name from the 45% mitragynine content in each of its extracts.

This manufacturer offers robust raw kratom leaf, liquid kratom shots, and its singular MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel. The latter is a honey-based extract in a squeezable pouch, complemented by orange, cinnamon, and the kratom potentiator, black pepper. In a word…yum!

MIT45 Kratom can be found at nationwide locations, including Circle K locations in the U.S. and Canada. You can buy directly by visiting its website at or order via Payless Kratom.


Another AKA-approved player in the smoke shop space, OPMS is the most recognizable name in the kratom industry. With placement in headshops, gas stations, convenience stores, and novelty shops, OPMS has grown into America’s premier headshop kratom brand.

Like MIT45, OPMS is known for its four-star gold kratom, but the real highlight here is OPMS Silver, which is made available in liquid and capsule form. OPMS Silver is a crushed leaf “1-time extract,” which is made by blending multiple batches of mature kratom leaves to yield an ideal alkaloid profile.

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Bottom Line

Kratom Country has got the goods where quality kratom is concerned, but its prices aren’t aligned with the times. In the midst of an economic downturn, some customers will struggle to afford its products regularly. Regardless, this supplier is legit and its money-back guarantee makes it a safe bet.

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