Green Malay Kratom Strain Review

We’re going to dig into one of the most popular Kratom strains today with this Green Malay Kratom strain review. The potent performance of Green Malaysian has made it a favorite among Kratom enthusiasts and Malaysian natives.

What is Green Malaysian?

As the name suggests, Green Malay comes from green-veined Kratom leaves that grow in Malaysia. The Mitragyna speciosa tree that bares these leaves traces its roots back for several centuries. In fact, the specific harvesting and drying process that’s used today first began more than 1,000 years. Makes sense not to mess with perfection, right?


Green Malay Kratom Strain Review

The secret behind this strain’s enduring popularity is its unique alkaloid profile. High levels of 7-hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine are naturally found in Green Malaysian leaves. Therefore, it’s no wonder that so many Redditors rave about this Kratom strain. In one thread alone, Reddit forum members called it “amazing,” “awesome,” and “hands down my favorite strain.”

Another thread echoed many of the same sentiments. Redditors dubbed Green Malaysian Kratom “my current favorite” and “one of my all-time favorites.” Some forum members called this strain’s performance “motivating,” while others viewed it as “relaxed.”

Green Malay vs Super Green Malay

What’s the difference between Green and Super Green Malay? They come from the same place (Malaysia) and the same trees. So, what makes the distinction between them? Is “Super” just a marketing buzzword?

The good news is that there’s actually a notable difference between these two strains. When the “Super” word is attached to a Kratom strain, it designates the type of leaves that are harvested. In this case, Super Green Malaysian comes from the largest, most mature leaves. Green Malaysian also typically comes from mature leaves, but they won’t be as large as the Super Green Malay leaves.

Additionally, Super Green Malay Kratom powder’s production involves a more intense shifting process. All the stems are carefully removed before the leaves are crushed. This delivers a more potent performance when compared to the same quantity of Green Malaysian. However, it also increases the price.

Where to Buy Green Malaysian Kratom

Before you buy Kratom, make sure you’ve chosen a reliable vendor with a solid reputation. Green Malay Kratom is easy to find, but that doesn’t mean you should automatically pick the cheapest vendor. Instead, check out some vendor reviews first. Here are a few of the best-known vendors that stock this strain in Kratom powder or capsules.

  • Best Kratom
  • Krabot
  • Kratom Spot
  • Happy Hippo Herbals

Where to Buy Super Green Malaysian Kratom

If you prefer Super Green Malaysian (aka Premium Green Malaysian), we’ve got you covered! You can also buy this product from the following vendors.

  • Kratom Crazy
  • Kraken Kratom
  • PurKratom
  • The Kratom Syndicate

Green Malay Powder and Capsules Pricing


As always, the price of this Kratom strain varies by vendor. We encourage you to remember that the price doesn’t always correlate to the type of quality you’ll receive. In other words, not all cheap Kratom is bad, and not all expensive Kratom is good.

Green Malaysian powder often sells for around $12 to $15 for 1 ounce. You can expect capsules with the same quantity of Kratom to sell for about $2-$3 more per bottle than powder. Vendors with 4-ounce packs of Green Malay powder tend to vary between $39.99 and $67. Bulk quantities of 1 kilo (1,000 g) come in at $150-$250.

If you prefer Super Green Malaysian, you can expect to pay a couple dollars more per package or bottle.

Final Thoughts

Green Malay became one of the most popular Kratom strains for a very good reason. Many who now prefer Super Green Malaysian started with Green Malay, but you really can’t go wrong either way.

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