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Enso Botanicals is an American kratom vendor with hundreds of likes and follows on social media. Despite this fact, it has failed to garner the four-star reviews typical of popular brands.

This absence of accolades may be explained by the brand’s slow decline. See what we mean in today’s honest review of Enso Kratom.

What is Enso Kratom?

Enso Botanicals is a kratom vendor from Seminole, FL. It specializes in kava, kratom blends, and sacred herbs. The online kratom forum community was first introduced to this company in 2014 when owner Cody [Last Name Unknown] posted to Reddit.

In their post, Cody stated that the brand had been doing small business since 2013. Still, the Florida Department of State’s Division of Corporations has no business registration records for this company. In light of this fact, it is unsurprising to learn that the brand never received verifiable reviews.

Enso Botanicals’ kratom website is no longer active, suggesting the company – if it ever was a legitimate company – has gone out of business. Regardless, the brand continues to pop up at headshops and third-party websites. This points to a possible wholesale operation.

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This Sunshine State supplier is located in Pinellas County, which may explain its evident dissolution. The so-called Point of Pines is fondly referred to as the Gold Coast, but you’re more likely to encounter homegrown kratom than to strike gold in Southeast Florida.

Every city from Port Richey to St. Pete’s has become a way station for herbal revelers. Kratom and kava lounges outnumber outreach centers by the dozens. In addition to the apothecaries, alternative juice bars, and stony headshops that carry kratom, the area is crawling with DIY kratom vendors.

Many of these Gold Coast vendors attempt to grow their plants in Florida. Rather than spend money importing kratom powder from Indonesia, these second-rate vendors get it in their heads that they can cultivate kratom themselves. The results can be more than a little disappointing.

We cannot be sure that Enso Kratom was improperly harvested, but the odds are strong that its leaf was not ethically sourced. Its high prices and lack of industry credentials made it a poor choice from its inception. Instead, we recommend finding a kratom vendor, like Golden Monk, that is GMP-compliant and even discloses their Certificate of Analysis.

What It Has to Offer

At the advent of its online operations, Enso was primarily known for its plain leaf kratom strains, which included Borneo, Green Malaysian, Indo, Maeng Da, and Thai. In recent years, the brand has become synonymous with signature kratom blends.

If third-party sites are to be believed, Enso Botanicals is now producing phony psilocybin microdoses, which are actually herbal stacks. For example, Shroomgarden.ca features an Enso-branded bottle whose ingredients include Phosphatidylserine, Gotu Kola, and Gingko.

Luxury Stoners currently stocks its rose and sage blend Enso Botanicals Super Haze, while Slim Jim carries its rose and sun-dried lavender mix Enso Rush Purple Mist. We could not find any of the white kratom or Indo kratom it used to list at its online store.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

At the height of its powers, Enso Botanicals charged $160 to $200 for a single pound (450+ grams) of kratom powder. This was back when the top-rated online vendors were charging under $100.00. For comparison, Mitragaia charged $60 for a 500-gram sampler (and still does).

Enso was a small-batch kratom supplier, which supports the theory that it was homegrown. Speculation aside, it was not a viable source for bulk kratom. It charged more for 450+ grams than many brands charged for a kilo. For example, Happy Hippo Herbals charged $199.99 for 1,000 grams.

Top Enso Kratom Alternatives


Those who want something fresh and original should consider giving Kratomade a go. This first-of-its-kind water-soluble kratom extract comes in a wide range of delectable flavors. Like Enso, Kratomade hails from Florida. Unlike Enso, it’s attracted plaudits from satisfied consumers.

Kratomade is the brainchild of Bonaway, the industry’s foremost ethnobotanical manufacturer. Like the iced tea and lemonade packets on which it is modeled, Kratomade is ideal for the on-the-go customer.


(Full disclosure: MIT45 acquired Golden Monk in August 2022.)

If you’re hoping to find a safer, cleaner alternative to Enso Botanicals’ enhanced kratom powder, you’ll find a host of attractive items at MIT45. This time-honored headshop favorite has maintained five-star status by investing in Research and Development and participating in the AKA’s GMP program.

This outstanding Utah kratom processor routinely produces the industry’s most exciting and alluring herbal innovations. MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel is its latest creation. This delicious honey-based extract is infused with alkaloids and kratom potentiators for an optimal aroma and taste.

New Dawn Kratom

New Dawn is also a GMP-certified brand with an exemplary reputation. This Colorado-based kratom supplier has all the variety of Enso Kratom and the affordability it lacks. New Dawn Kratom’s hottest seller is its kratom kilos, which include two-way splits for $80 and four-way splits for $85.00.

New Dawn offers its patrons the exotic strains, free shipping, and lab testing they deserve. Moreover, it accepts major credit and debit cards.

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Bottom Line

In summary, Enso Botanicals was a once-struggling Florida kratom supplier that has branched out into shadier corners of the Internet. Fortunately for the health-conscious consumer, its kratom products are no longer available online.

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