Kratomade Vendor Review

KRATOMade has been called a game-changing kratom blend. This Gulf Coast company claims to have been the first commercial kratom supplier in the USA, Canada, and Europe, which begs many questions.

If you want the full skinny on KRATOMade, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive kratom vendor review will tell you everything you need to know about its economy, kratom kilos, company policies, and more.

What is KRATOMade?


KRATOMade purports to be the first fully water-soluble kratom extract. This Florida-based kratom brand is owned by and Botanaway, two giants in the ethnobotanical industry.

Kratomade is among those vendors striving to keep up with current standards, which is precisely what we like to hear. According to its About Us page, it follows Kratom Consumer Protection Act guidelines to the letter. This is important, as the Kratom Consumer Protection Act restricts kratom processors to keep the public safe.

If you are unfamiliar with regional law, Kratom Consumer Protection legislation seeks to limit kratom sales to individuals 21 years of age or older. Vendors must also use appropriate product labeling, giving customers a better understanding of their contents, servings, and origins.

The folks at Botanaway specialize in enhanced kratom powder and kratom extracts. This includes the eponymous KRATOMade, a Kool-Aid-inspired powder that contains micronized kratom powder, artificial berry flavoring, and electrolytes. It is billed as the world’s safest kratom product, a boast we find troubling.

It is made more troubling by its lack of credentials; iKratomLife, AKA Leaf of Luxury, has not been approved by the AKA, nor is KRATOMade as a brand. Bonaway does not participate in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program. While this is certainly not a deal-breaker, new brands should join as a show of good faith.

The AKA’s GMP program establishes standards for the manufacturing, labeling, marketing, verification, and distribution of kratom products. This is imperative at a time when several kratom brands have been recalled due to adulteration and contamination.

What It Has to Offer

The Kratomade catalog includes kratom capsules in gold, green, purple, red, and white variants. Kratomade’s line of King Tut’s Enhanced Kratom is another best-seller, one that consists of 45% Mitragynine per gram, but that is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Kratomade Kratom Tincture is where it’s really at.

This lab-grade kratom extract is a 7-hydroxymitragynine-dominant tincture consisting of 100 units of enhanced kratom solution, with more than 25 servings per container. Smoke shop patrons have also gone bananas for the company’s signature Mu Alpha Gold Kratom Spray, which comes in two flavors—Citrus Mist and Zkittles. Kratom Spray is easy-to-store and excellent for anyone on the go.

Mu Alpha Gold Kratom Spray is a 72% full-strength mist enhanced with <0.3% 7-HMG. In the interest of full disclosure, we have not tried this product and, therefore, cannot speak to its potency (or lack thereof). However, this vendor’s traditional and fermented kratom strains have left a lasting impression.

Kratomade Purple Maeng Da is our pick for the best kratom strain of the bunch. Maeng Da is widely regarded as the most potent strain on earth, a reputation that is bolstered by its history as the original horned leaf kratom cultivar. This sun-dried variation is vibrant, intensely aromatic, and longer lasting than anything else on the market.

We have appreciated the attention to detail this vendor pays to labeling and storage. All of its packaging is clean, secure, and discreet. Its Kratomade drink packets are unmistakable and easily resealable. You can store them right alongside any single-serving drink mix.

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What It Costs & How It Compares

This vendor does not offer direct-to-consumer sales, so you’ll want to find a third-party source. Simply Google “kratomade,” and you’ll find many trusted vendors carrying the powder. Noted third-party suppliers include Blue Diamond Herbs and Nu Wave Botanicals, both of which charge similar prices per unit.

You can get a two-serving pack of KRATOMade sticks from Blue Diamond Herbs for $11.99, while Nu Wave Botanicals charges $10.00. A 12-serving six-pack sells for $10.99 each at Blue Diamond, while a 12-pack sells for $9.99. You can get a 24 pack for $8.99 each. This is significantly less than what you would pay at your average neighborhood smoke shop.

For comparison, single-serving packs of kratom powder typically go for $10-15 per serving. You can get kratom kilos of iKratom powder from Amazing Botanicals for as little as $75 per 1,000 grams. That equates to less than eight cents per gram, far less than most online vendors charge. For example, Mitragaia charges $120 per kilo, while Purkratom charges $159.99 for split kilos.

KRATOMade Coupon Codes & Discounts

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The team behind Kratomade does not provide current coupons or extra savings to its clients. In the past, it offered a 25% discount code via Facebook, but we have yet to find any recent promos.

Instead of advertising promotions, @ikratomade invites other vendors to participate in its heavy metal remediation program. You can submit your kratom powder and pay to have your kratom cleaned. This option is also open to the public, though it is difficult to imagine the casual consumer affording its services.

KRATOMade Customer Review

We were unable to find any Google reviews for this seller.  As of this writing, no comments have been left by online kratom forum members. Posts have not been forthcoming from members at Double M Herbals, nor has KRATOMade been approved as a vendor over at I Love Kratom.

They say, “no news is good news,” which seems to be the case where Kratomade is concerned. Even though the brand has yet to receive the accolades typical of other brands it has not attracted any negative feedback. No complaints have been lodged with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) or Trustpilot.

Bottom Line

Our research suggests that Kratomade is a legitimate brand with a solid product. However, it has some way to go before it can be taken seriously by a discerning public. If you would like to compare Kratomade’s prices to those of the top brands, consider checking out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.