Kratomade Vendor Review

KRATOMade has been called a game-changing kratom blend. This Gulf Coast company claims to have been the first commercial kratom supplier in the USA, Canada, and Europe, which begs many questions.

If you want the full skinny on KRATOMade, you’ve come to the right place. Our comprehensive kratom vendor review will tell you everything you need to know about its kratom products, location, company policies, and more.

What is KRATOMade?


KRATOMade purports to be the first fully water-soluble kratom extract. This Florida-based kratom brand is owned by Kratom.com and Botanaway, two giants in the ethnobotanical industry.

KRATOMade is among those vendors striving to keep up with current standards, which is precisely what we like to hear. According to its About Us page, it looks to us like they follow the new Florida Kratom Consumer Protection Act guidelines to the letter. This is important, as the KCPA law regulates kratom processors to keep the public safe. It also helps ensure customers have a positive experience with kratom.

If you are unfamiliar with these regional laws, Kratom Consumer Protection legislation seeks to limit kratom sales to individuals 21 years of age or older. Vendors must also use appropriate product labeling, giving customers a better understanding of their contents, servings, and origins.

Want to Know if You can Trust KRATOMade? Take a Look at Botanaway

The folks at Botanaway specialize in enhanced kratom powder and kratom extracts. This includes the eponymous KRATOMade, a Kool-Aid-inspired powder that contains kratom powder, fruit berry flavoring, and electrolytes. It is billed as the world’s safest kratom product, a boast we’d challenge with our own products, but in terms of safety standards overall KRATOMade and Golden Monk are on the same side.

If there’s one thing that’s likely to give some consumers pause, it’s not being included in the American Kratom Association’s list of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) programs. While this is certainly not a deal-breaker, we hope that new brands join as a show of good faith. We also couldn’t find any information about this company offering transparent Certificates of Analysis, though it’s possible active customers can request one.

That said, Botanaway, the kratom manufacturer behind KRATOMade, claims to be a cGMP company with rigorous lab testing, and we think it’s unlikely they’re misrepresenting these basic facts.

Bottom Line

Our research suggests that KRATOMade is a legitimate brand with a solid product, especially if you’re a fan of enhanced kratom products and have already tried our own Red Bentuangie kratom. If you would like to compare their prices to those of other top brands, consider checking out our complete list of the kratom vendors and comparing these prices to KRATOMade’s website.

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