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Chameleon Kratom is one of those brands you need to watch out for. It specializes in extracts, but, more than anything, it excels at generating attention. The manufacturer has frequently found itself in hot water with the authorities. Find out the facts before you bet on a brand that could disappear like its reptilian namesake.

What Is Chameleon Kratom?

Chameleon Kratom is a product of Triangle Pharmanaturals. This West Coast manufacturer releases a clutch of different kratom brands, but Chameleon Kratom is the one that’s gotten the most ink. Many users have shared their Chameleon Kratom thoughts on Reddit.

It was once primarily known for its kratom capsules, but that has changed in recent years. Now, the Chameleon name generally evokes headshop kratom extracts of the sort that make OPMS Kratom look like the world’s most expensive caviar.

The brand has a checkered past, to put it mildly. In April 2018, the FDA issued an unparalleled mandatory recall of its products after the company failed to respond to repeated requests for a voluntary recall. The items recalled and ordered destroyed included this brand.

Both Chameleon Kratom Formula 27 and Chameleon Kratom Formula 51 Kratom Capsules were recalled, along with Lifted Kratom Red Maeng Da, Naturally Kratom Bali Gold, Raw Form Organics, and Third Eye Kratom Bali, among others. These items were believed to be contaminated by Salmonella.

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This has been a real problem for the kratom industry, one that many vendors choose to ignore. Poor health and safety measures, as well as unsanitary milling equipment, can result in bacterial contamination. This kind of tainted product can pose a serious health risk, one Triangle Pharmanaturals chooses to neglect.

Over the ensuing years, the AKA has conceived the Good Manufacturing Practices Standards Program, which enables participating vendors to demonstrate accountability by submitting samples of their products for a third-party audit. Others have invested in cutting-edge equipment and in-house testing.

The best kratom vendors in the biz typically offer QR codes on their packaging. These codes can be scanned to access certificates of analysis from independent laboratories. Triangle Pharmanaturals is woefully behind the times in this regard. Despite its run-in with the FDA, this manufacturer has not added proper labeling to its products.

Chameleon Kratom, and the manufacturer’s other products, are not evaluated by the AKA, nor have they been presented as lab tested or safe in marketing materials. If you’re hoping to access lab results, you’re out of luck. Even the sites that sell Chameleon items make no claims about its purity.

What It Has to Offer

This Nevada brand has not produced much in the way of a standard strain, but some have suggested that it makes the best Red Maeng Da Kratom on the market. We were unable to find its Red MD at participating stores, online or otherwise. Check back for any updates as we continue our search.

In the past, Triangle Pharmanaturals produced a small selection of kratom caps. They included Chameleon Kratom Formula 51. All we’ve seen, of late, is a liquid kratom shot. Chameleon Kratom Ultra Potent Tincture 2 comes in a 7ml plastic tube, which lacks any directions or warnings.

This liquid kratom shot is not backed by a guarantee of any kind and no instructions are given. As a matter of fact, the only thing the label carries  – outside of the brand name and manufacturer’s address – is a small warning. This warning simply reads, ‘No directions for use.’

Chameleon Kratom Ultra Potent Tincture can be purchased online at https://legalherbalshop.com. Legal Herbal Shop is an e-commerce platform with one of the shadiest names in the industry. It carries some janky stuff, such as its self-proclaimed “extreme seeds.” Unsurprisingly, the site does not offer refunds or any promise of purity.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

In order to view full pricing details and payment options, Legal Herbal Shop requires customers to create an account. To register an account, you provide your email address and create a password. Liquid kratom shots vary in price from $9.99 to $18.99 per bottle.

$16.99 for a .3-ounce bottle is exorbitant and $18.99 for a single K Tropix Kratom + Kanna Shot is downright extortionate. By contrast, brands like MIT45 offer potent multi-serving kratom extracts for under $12.00. Speaking of which, there are a number of rad kratom extracts on the market right now, and Chameleon can’t compare.

Chameleon Kratom Customer Reviews

In the past, we were able to find more information about this brand than is now available. At one point, Chameleon Kratom Capsule Stack was a buzz term, while old Reddit posts used to discuss kratom dosages for this product. Now, you’re lucky to find much of anything.

Slowly but surely, Chameleon Kratom is going away. Those who still manage to find it at the odd brick-and-mortar smoke shop have strong opinions about its contents.

One reviewer said, “I’ve had the most success with the Chameleon blends when mixing with another strain…tried taking the…blends by themselves and didn’t get much…But when used as an add-on with something else…VERY nice.”

Another said, “I wasn’t a fan of the chameleon,” while yet another said, “As others said, I’ve tried both [Chameleon Kratom Formula] 27 and 51. Neither was useless, neither was fantastic.” Still, another said, “Barely making it.”

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Top Chameleon Kratom Alternatives

Hush Kratom

This Idaho-based kratom supplier is GMP-certified and adept at producing robust full-spectrum kratom solutions. Its K-Tropix Kratom Shot carries a detailed supplement facts label, which illuminates the full breadth of this one’s proprietary blend. Every Hush Kratom product carries a batch number, which enables it to track any less-than-stellar Mitragyna speciosa.

K-Tropix Shot is carried by a wide cross-section of retail outlets and e-commerce sites, but Payless Kratom is perhaps the most affordable. At $12.89 for a 15ml bottle, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck. What’s more, each package will help you keep track of when you should be using it and when you should be taking a break.


(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is now our parent company.)

If you want something even better for your cheddar, MIT45 has got deals that blow its competitors clean out of the water. This Utah-based manufacturer has swiftly replaced OPMS as the most prominent kratom extract in America. Its collection includes Raw Leaf, Kratom Capsules, and Liquid Kratom.

MIT45 MIT GO Black Extra Strength is the company’s next-level kratom gel. This squeezable pouch contains a robust serving for only $11.95. Not only is it composed of that 45% Mitragynine to which the brand name refers but it also contains a blend of zesty kratom potentiators that make it as pleasant-tasting as it is powerful.

Bottom Line

Don’t confuse notoriety with excellence or fame. Chameleon Kratom may be a familiar moniker, but it’s seeped into the collective consciousness for all the wrong reasons.

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