Titan Kratom Vendor Review

Titan Kratom Vendor Review

You’ve undoubtedly heard about Titan Kratom on sites like Reddit, where users extol the virtues of its blazing kratom blends. But what do you really know about this East Coast kratom vendor?

If you’ve been frustrated by the need for more honest reviews about this Big Apple brand, we’ve got you covered. Today’s post will explore all the pros and cons of New York’s number one independent Mitragyna speciosa supplier. Read on for the full scoop.

What is Titan Kratom?

Queens isn’t exactly synonymous with prestige. The New York City borough is notorious for its once-treacherous thoroughfare, its bumbling MLB team’s extensive losing streaks, and its hush-hush mob presence. Nevertheless, it has plenty of premium kratom to offer the keen consumer.

The Big Apple is home to hundreds of headshops, hookah bars, kava lounges, and smoke shops. Titan Kratom is one of a select number of Empire State kratom suppliers with an online store. When it comes to the Atlantic coast, it has cornered the market on quality kratom powder.

Founded in 2015, Titan Kratom quickly rose to prominence in the city’s Outer Boroughs, offering kratom connoisseurs a local alternative to headshop products. This Little Neck, NY, kratom vendor carries over 50 kratom powders and signature blends.

Titan Kratom has generated a lot of buzz for its fabulous blends, favorable payment methods, and far-flung variety. It has also distinguished itself from Manhattan backpack vendors by providing clients with lab results.

On the downside, Titan suffers from a scarcity of honest reviews. You won’t find any comments on Google or Yelp. More irksome is the site’s amateurish design and inconsistent interface. Slow-loading pages and unclickable links are among its most unfortunate features.

image of what titan kratom has to offer

What It Has to Offer

As mentioned, Titan has enticed several kratom aficionados with its growing collection of all-natural kratom strains. There are 55+ grinds, including kratom capsules, extracts, and proprietary blends. Additionally, it stocks CBD, Delta-8 THC, Hemp Flower, and more.

This vendor’s green veins include Green Dampar, Green Horn Pontianak, Green Elephant, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Kali Maeng Da, Green Plantation, Green Sulawesi, Green Sumatra, Green Trainwreck Blend, Green Vietnam, Green Viper Blend, Maui Kanu Blend, Mystic Doppelganger Blend, Premium Green Kraken Kratom, and Green Malay Silver Reserve.

Many of its green vein kratom powders contain approximately 2% mitragynine, making them bolder than the average green strain. Examples include its Green Machine, Green Papua, and Premium Green Kraken.

Its red veins include Red Bentuangie, Red Bigbang, Red Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Goblin Signature Blend, Red Horned Leaf, Red Indo, Red Jongkong, Red Kali, RedM Malaysian, Red Vein Thai, and Red Vietnam.

There are myriad of Mitragynine-dominant kratom extracts as well, such as Black Diamond, Enhanced White Horn, 50x Kratom Extract, Gold Reserve Extract, Super Red Borneo Bentuangie, and Ultra Enhanced 25x Red Elephant.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $28 for 125 grams, which is affordable for that volume. For comparison, My Brave Botanicals charges $25 for $28 grams, which amounts to a dollar per gram. More reputable vendors charge around 17 cents per gram. For example, Amazing Botanicals offers an ounce for $5.99.

Titan Kratom presents itself as a bulk kratom seller, but its kratom kilos sell for $160.00. This is $40 more than the age-old industry average of $120.00. It is quite common for five-star brands to offer kilos for under $100.00. For instance, New Dawn charges $80-85 for its kratom kilos.

This seller currently accepts PayPal, Venmo, and Zelle. Alternatively, you can pay with AmEx, Discover, MasterCard, or VISA credit/debit cards.

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Titan Kratom Customer Reviews

There are no verifiable reviews on Google or most social media platforms. As of this writing, we could not find a single blog post or YouTube review discussing this company. The only site featuring shout-outs to Titan is the oft-illegitimate Reddit.

In one post from five years ago, a forum member said, “This is a quality blend… recommend if you need to have a productive day. The only thing… could use improvement is the name of the blend.”

Bottom Line

In light of Titan Kratom’s secrecy (no lab results on its website, no AKA association, and no refund policy), we advise users to request a certificate of analysis before purchasing one of its products. This is not a well-reviewed vendor. Therefore, we cannot recommend it in good conscience.

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