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[Last updated: 11/13/2021]

Sacred Kratom hit the Mitragyna speciosa scene with their online shop in 2016. Since then, they’ve earned mixed reviews from online kratom forums.

Despite these divisive comments by members of the online community, Sacred Kratom has developed a reputation for offering quality products. It has also gotten a bad rap for shipping delays and overcharging customers.

Does this California based vendor deserve a second look? Let’s dig deeper to find out!

Sacred Kratom Review

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Sacred Kratom site is that they have a nicely put together aesthetic that works well on mobile devices. In other words, this vendor has it where it counts from a technological perspective.

All of its kratom products are said to be ethically sourced from native Indonesians who carefully cultivated OG (Old-Growth) kratom trees.

Based on our research there is little reason to believe that Sacred Kratom has changed. Reports of this vendor stringing customers along, failing to issue refunds, and price gouging on kratom products have been peppered all across Reddit and similar platforms.

One Reddit member said, “NOT legit. They’re among the ‘high price’ bunch of online rip-offs, of which there are many. Hold on to your wallet!”

Although this vendor encourages its customers to contact customer support for lab results, there is no evidence to suggest that the owner would comply to such a request. As of this writing, we have yet to receive comment from anyone representing this brand.


  • Easy-to-swallow kratom capsules
  • Generous sample packs
  • Potent kratom strains
  • Free shipping (on select orders)
  • Bonus gifts


  • Cost-prohibitive pricing
  • Limited refund window
  • No money-back guarantee
  • Does not disclose third-party labs

Sacred Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

image of sacred kratom product line and pricing

We love it when a vendor has a diverse list of options, and that’s exactly what you’ll find at Sacred Kratom. Whether you prefer powder, capsules, or extracts, Sacred Kratom has something for you.

This seller’s online store is fully stocked with all of the greatest kratom strains on the market. They include fermented kratom powders, such as Bentuangie, and OG (Old-Growth) Horned Leaf Kratom variants, such as Red Maeng Da.

For our money, there can be only one top kratom powder—Super Green Indo. With the aroma of a white vein kratom powder and the duration of an enhanced green, Super Green Indo is up there with the finest SGM (Super Green Malay) or Emerald Green Blend.

A close second would have to be Bentuangie Kratom, which is smooth and subtle while possessing just another grit to make it noteworthy. This grainy textured strain boasts a serene fragrance, with notes of berry, gardenia, matcha, and sandalwood.

This supplier sells a small and selective collection of high-quality kratom powders. They include Enhanced Bali, Enhanced Bentuangie, Enhanced MD, Green Maeng Da, Green Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Borneo, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Indo, and White Borneo.

Prices start at $11.99 for an ounce of powder. More on this in a bit.

This vendor offers all of its strains in either powder or capsule form. Encapsulated kratom is a great way to take your kratom to go.

If you’re a working professional who doesn’t have time to labor over messy powder and oft-inaccurate digital scales, you will love the convenience and cleanliness of kratom capsules.

They are easy to swallow, easy to store, and can carries around in any bag or briefcase. Capsules start at $19.99 for an ounce worth of caps, with four ounces selling for $69.99, and eight ounces going for $119.99.

In addition to its illustrious line of enhanced kratom teas, Sacred Kratom carries a number of kratom extracts. Extracts are produced by extrication of key kratom alkaloids by mean of a citrus, water, or alcohol-based solution.

This vendor’s kratom extracts range from powder and resin to tincture. Each of these extracts varies in potency and precise alkaloid concentration.

Sacred Kratom Extracts include Enhanced Kratom Powder, UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo), and Sacred Kratom 50x Extract. Prices vary from extract to extract.

There are a lot of different weights and quantities available from Sacred Kratom. Naturally, this means there’s a wide variety of price points too, ranging all the way from $11.99 to $189.99.

The rarer the strain, the more you can expect to spend. This may also be true if a strain is running low.

For example, an ounce of Borneo Kratom goes for $11.99 for an ounce, while an ounce of Green Maeng Da starts at $15.99. A pound of kratom powder sells for as much as $191.99, which is far more money than what most online vendors charge for this amount.

One pound of White Borneo goes for $146.99, which amounts to approximately four hundred fifty-four grams. This means that Sacred Kratom charges more for a pound than most vendors charge for a full kratom kilo.

By contrast, the industry low for one thousand grams is about $120.00. A half-kilo (500 grams) typically sells for between $50 and $60.00.

We think you’ll agree that Sacred Kratom is far too expensive to make it a sustainable option for the budget-conscious consumer.

You can pay with QuickShip ACH, but that’s about it. Unfortunately it does not appear as though Sacred Kratom accepts crypto or credit cards.

Unlike so many online vendors who pride themselves on providing multiple payment options, Sacred Kratom does not accept COD (Cash On Delivery), CashApp, GooglePay, PayPal, or Venmo.

Although you can’t make a Sacred Kratom credit card purchase, anyone with a debit card should be able to take advantage of easy checkout with ACH.

Shipping & Returns

image of sacred kratom shipping and return

All orders are shipped via the United States Postal Service (USPS). You have an option between Priority Mail and Priority Express Mail.

In light of recent post office delays, it is advisable to pay extra for an upgrade. This will ensure that you get your package in a timely manner.

It is worth mentioning that all orders receive tracking information. You will be able to trace every step your parcel takes.

Orders ship within twenty-four to forty-eight hours after they are processed. Customers who spend more than $100 automatically receive free Priority shipping.

This vendor is open and honest about its return policy—they prefer not to accept returns. That being said, Sacred Kratom will hear you out if there is a defect in your order.

You get a fifteen-day window to return an unopened product should you wish to exchange it for another item or request a refund. However, there is no money-back guarantee in place.

Sacred Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor occasionally gives out codes when you sign up for your first order.

You can find a verified Sacred Kratom coupon on social media by following this brand on Facebook and Instagram.

And, whenever you buy Kratom from their online shop, you’ll automatically receive kratom same-day shipping.

If you go to leave the site before completing a purchase, a pop-up will offer you a 10% off promo code to stay. Just punch in the code ‘STAY10’ and start saving.

Sacred Kratom Consumer Reputation

Despite some of their products being a bit higher priced than normal, Sacred Kratom has sounded pretty good up until this point. But, as always, the actual experiences of real-life customers are where the rubber meets the road. One Redditor said, “I purchased two strains from Sacred Kratom (white borneo/green malay) a couple months ago. Absolute garbag … Stay clear.”

On the other hand, a different member of the Reddit forum opined that: “I’ve ordered from them in the past and their Kratom was good. I enjoyed the GB very much.”

Does this vendor live up to their 30-day money-back guarantee? Not according to one person on Reddit. “This guy from Sacred Kratom, James Sterling, has been promising me a refund for a couple of months and has just been playing me. Don’t use them as he/they are full of it. Guess I have to kiss my money good-bye. Product was never that good anyway and they are simply thieves.”

Of course, it’s always tough to decide about a company’s commitment to customer service from just one person’s experience. Interestingly, even with a stated “30-day money-back guarantee,” this vendor’s return and refund policy doesn’t seem very flexible.

According to their site, Sacred Kratom “prefer[s] not to accept returns of our product due to the fact that we cannot resell it. Although we will listen to all cases, should the need arise, refunds may be possible within 15 days of purchase.”

Bottom Line  image of kratom leaves and capsules

Although we love the wide variety of Mitragyna speciosa that Sacred Kratom has to offer, we are concerned about their willingness to actually back up their products when push comes to shove.

With this in mind, we suggest that you take a cautious approach and perhaps start with Borneo since that’s received praise from Reddit users. As always, we recommend placing a small order whenever you try a new vendor for the first time.

Are you looking for a Kratom vendor that has a more positive and consistent reputation?  Head over to The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. You’ll find an extensive list of other online sellers to choose from, many of which have received glowing reviews from Redditors.

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