Delta Extracts Kratom Vendor Review

Delta Extracts Kratom Vendor Review

It’s one of the most talked-about extracts in America, but only some of the chatter has been complimentary. Delta Extracts Kratom has sharply divided consumers with its enigmatic extracts and peculiar blends.

If you’d like to know where this company and its products rank, we’ll fill you in below. Today’s complete vendor review will cover everything from lab testing and product features to consumer reputation and policies.

What is Delta Extracts Kratom?


One would be forgiven for thinking that Delta Extracts is the name of the company behind Delta Extracts Kratom. That would make the most sense. Alas, that is not the case.

The Texas Comptroller’s office has no business registration records for Delta Extracts or Delta Extracts Kratom. The company claims to be located in Marble Falls, a small city in Burnet County, TX. This would place it in the rolling hills of Western Texas, but Google Maps puts it in Central Texas.

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While we are usually turned off by such murky company background, we must admit this brand has impressed us. Once you set aside the corny fonts and gimmicky design of its online store, you are left with a reasonably humble business with a well-crafted product line.

Delta Extracts Kratom isn’t backed by AKA approval or GMP participation, but it does one better with its wealth of laboratory analysis. This supplier gives you access to 10+ certificates of analysis from a reputable source. Moreover, every package carries a QR code and lot number.

What It Has to Offer


This seller carries a plethora of enhanced kratom powders, hybrid blends, and kratom capsules. There are split kilos for those who prefer bulk kratom. Enhanced strains include Super Gold Indo, Super Green Dragon, Super Green Hulu, Super Green Indo, Super Maeng Da, and Super White Indo.

There are numerous blends, such as Gold Bali, Gold Hulu, Gold Maeng Da, Green Dragon, Green Hulu, Red Bentuangie, Red Horned, Red Maeng Da, White Dragon, and White Horned Maeng Da.

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This brand’s Black Diamond Extract 50x is its most popular concentrate, earning five-star reviews and many plaudits on social media. Other extracts include Maeng Da 11% Mitragynine, MIT5 Gold Enhanced Powder, Texas Red FSE (Full Spectrum 30%), and Super X Shot.

While we haven’t sampled everything on display at its online store, we can say with certainty its Black Diamond on the market. Many vendors have tried their hands at producing Black Diamond. Few have succeeded as Delta Extracts has.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices start at $9.99 for 30 grams of enhanced powder, which is relatively low by plain leaf standards. For comparison, Amazing Botanicals charges $11.98 for 30 grams of its Enhanced Red, while Phytoextractum charges $10.95 for fives grams of its Enhanced Bali.

You can get 250 grams of enhanced powder for $29.99, 500 for $49.99, or 1,000 for $89.99. Alternatively, split kilos sell for $72-74.99. These prices compare favorably to those charged by other industry favorites. For example, New Dawn Kratom charges $80 for a two-way split.

This brings us to the ordering process: Adding items to your cart is a piece of cake. The checkout process isn’t as predictive as other websites, but its payment options are convenient. You can pay with Bitcoin or CashApp.

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Delta Extracts Kratom Reviews


This brand has been reviewed on Reddit, YouTube, and other social media platforms. Spencer’s Botanical Spotlight has called its Black Diamond the best kratom extract they’ve ever had. “It really looks like little diamonds,” they said. “I love the smell… this kratom smells a lot different.”

Meanwhile, a Reddit member said its products are great, noting the quick response times, ease of use, and dedicated customer support staff.

This same user says, “I would say it is at least above Kats Botanicals… I have had gritty/course kratom… with really spotty strength… but Delta didn’t have that issue… The capsules in the sampler pack were excellent and got me to buy a capsule machine myself. The enhanced was also really nice.”

Top Delta Extracts Kratom Alternatives



If you value nationwide availability, industry accreditation, and widespread brand recognition, MIT45 is a superior choice for kratom extracts. Like Delta, MIT45 has something for everyone. Its product line includes Raw Leaf, Kratom Capsules, and its famed MIT45 Gold.

This trailblazer has released the first (and only) honey-based kratom gel and it’s easily the #1 new kratom product on the market. MIT GO Black Extra Strength is chock full of yummy kratom potentiators and comes in a squeezable two-serving pouch that’s cheaper than most single-serving kratom shots.

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Kraken Kratom


It is one of the oldest and most prosperous domestic kratom suppliers, and it continues adding to its already expansive collection. Kraken Kratom offers everything from Kraken Platinum Chewable Tablets, Softgels to Honey Sticks and Kraken Raspberry Kratom Gummies.

Enhanced kratom powder starts at $10.65, and every order comes with free same-day shipping, rewards points (good towards future purchases), and a 30-day refund policy. More importantly, the brand is GMP-certified, so you know you’re getting quality and affordability.

Bottom Line

In summary, Delta Extracts is a new extract supplier worthy of exploration. Its lab results are easy to view, its prices are well within the fair market range, and its items are (mostly) well-regarded.

Still on the fence? Consider reviewing our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. You can compare products, pricing, payment options, policies, and much more.

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