Lucky Herbals Vendor Review

Lucky Herbals is a self-proclaimed vitamin and supplement store in Alamo Heights, TX. It also serves as one of the Internet’s best kept secrets.

The proprietors of Lucky Herbals created their e-commerce site as a companion to their brick-and-mortar operations. Initially serving as a convenient way for local customers to place an order ahead of time, this site swiftly became one of the most buzzed about online destinations.

Find out why people are talking about this mysterious Lone State supplier in our vendor review.


Lucky Herbals Kratom Review

Little is known about this Texas-based kratom vendor outside of what’s available via search engines. There is a relative scarcity of information about purchasing limitations, policies, and third-party analysis.

This is not out of the ordinary, particularly for an independent artisan who may or may not be trying to keep a low profile. In recent years, we have encountered a growing number of vendors who do their business discreetly via social media apps, such as Facebook Messenger.

What makes Lucky Herbals different from other vendors is its exclusivity. This seller places restrictions on who can purchase its products.

The Lucky Herbals Kratom site is a Members Only page, one that’s secure and streamlined. You won’t find any ridiculous claims or cheap marketing gimmicks here. Just product pages and a simple FAQ.

Product Line & Pricing

What is most alluring about Lucky Herbals is its obvious commitment to quality. This vendor provides customers with lot numbers for each batch of its kratom powder.

This would come in handy if you were to purchase kratom powder from a compromised batch. As we mentioned earlier, there is no publicly available information regarding third-party laboratory testing. Therefore, contamination could be an issue, at least in theory.

There are 24 kratom strains in stock, which includes green, red, white, and gold veins. This vendor also carries CBD products, such as Suver Haze CBD hemp flower and a Delta-8 THC vape cartridge.

Raw kratom powder is a great choice for anyone who likes to take the DIY approach. You can sprinkle this fine powder on your food, add some to a smoothie, or take the traditional route and steep some in a cup of tea.

Lucky Herbals’ deeply aromatic kratom powders include Gold Bali, Green Hulu, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, High Octane 3.0, Red Bali, Red Horn, Red Jongkong, Red Maeng Da, Super Green, White Maeng Da, White Thai, and Wild Red Sumatra.

You can get two hundred grams for $17 or five hundred grams for $42.50. Prices may vary from strain to strain.

There are a lot of worthy contenders for the number one spot, such as Wild Red Sumatra and Borneo Blast, but our top pick for best kratom strain has to be Bali Sunrise.

A delicate blend of White Maeng Da and Red Vein Bali, this robust powder is Mitragynine-dominant and said to be long-lasting.

Bali Sunrise is widely considered a daytime strain, although many users also brew it in the afternoon and evening.

Most of Lucky Herbals’ kratom teas start at $17 for two hundred grams and cap off at $42.50 for five hundred grams. However, strains like Green Maeng Da are currently available in one hundred gram pouches for $11, with a kratom kilo selling for $85.00.

Although its purchasing options are limited when compared to many of its competitors, its pricing is plenty competitive. $85 is well below the industry low price of $120.00. This is about as good as it gets when it comes to buying kratom online.

This vendor currently accepts Apple Pay, Bitcoin, CashApp, Google Pay, and others. Alas, they do not accept PayPal or Venmo at this time.

To inquire about additional payment options, you can text the owner at 210-610-5511.

Shipping & Returns

lucky herbal shipping and return

Orders placed before 12PM CST (Central Standard Time) receive kratom same-day shipping. Orders are fulfilled during business hours only. Lucky Herbals does not ship on weekends.

Standard shipments receive next-day shipping, with an estimated arrival time of two to three business days.

All orders are shipped via USPS, with Express Mail available to members at an added expense. Flat Rate shipping ranges in cost based on how much product you buy.

For example, you’ll pay eight bucks in shipping if you order a kilo, whereas an order of 3,000 grams will cost you $14.00.

Refunds or replaced items may be provided at the vendor’s discretion.

In order to qualify for such treatment you would need to belong to this exclusive club, of sorts. Unfortunately, Lucky Herbals is not accepting new members at this time.

Lucky Herbals Coupon Code

Lucky Herbals delivers deep discounts on all of its strains, but the savings don’t stop there. When you become a member, you receive many consumer incentives, such as Lucky Bucks.

The Lucky Bucks Rewards program enables you to save five percent or more on each purchase you make at Lucky Herbals’ site. You can also earn 100 rewards points by posting a review to Google Business.

Lucky Herbals’ promo codes are delivered via email under discreet subject lines. All rewards are redeemable at checkout.

Lucky Herbals Consumer Reputation

image of lucky herbals customer ratings

Lucky Herbals Reddit posts have been rare, perhaps due to the nature of the vendor’s privacy. Members may be inclined to keep what they learn about Lucky Herbals to themselves.

That being said, several users have reviewed Lucky Herbals or commented on recent purchases on the Double M Herbals forums.

One user gave them a nine out of 10 rating, writing, “Lucky Herbals never ceases to amaze! With the freshest batches, swift customer service, and great order accuracy! I’ve come to look forward to buying from them every month! The Green MD is out of this world.”

Elsewhere, a user said, “Communication was excellent…super nice and helpful in picking strains. Packaging is nice as well – black stand up bags clear on one side to see leaf. Nice big and informative labels with batch number and such…said they do lab testing…Prices are great as well. Shipping was fast and packed professionally. Overall, this was a great experience.”

Closing Thoughts

In summary, Lucky Herbals is an elite kratom brand with a trusted owner, and a reputation for professionalism and freshness.

Its products are as affordable as they are enjoyable. We recommend picking up the Bali Sunrise when it’s made available to you.

If you see the opportunity, reach out to Ben and inquire about becoming a member. The Lucky Bucks are only one of the many perks to shopping with Lucky Herbals.

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