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Organix Kratom may sound like a famous kratom brand, but that is likely due to its moniker and nothing more. Organix Kratom’s brand name sounds similar to more than five of its direct competitors. Each of these competitors has enjoyed a level of acclaim that’s evaded this Peach State supplier.

If you’ve been thinking about placing an order, there are some things you should consider beforehand. There are several pros and cons to buying wholesale kratom. In today’s complete review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about this DeKalb County company.

What is Organix Kratom?

Organix Kratom (not to be confused with Natures Organics, or Organicks Kratom) is a kratom distributor with facilities in Decatur, GA. This vendor, which also goes by Kratom Organix, is a four-year-old vendor whose products have been called the best kratom capsules in America. We can’t say we agree with this assessment.

This distributor’s website does not appear to be a functional online store. You cannot click on any product categories, nor is the site secure. Your only option is to call its 404 phone number for guidance on placing an order. 

According to search engine results, Kratom Organix has a measly 74 followers on Instagram, but we could not confirm this information to our satisfaction. On the contrary, we couldn’t find evidence of this vendor on social media platforms. There isn’t a single review of this brand on Reddit, which is more than a tad suspicious.

This vendor’s packaging is generic, seemingly unsecure, and cheap in appearance. Proper labeling does not appear on each pouch of powder or capsules. More alarmingly, there are no QR codes or high-resolution images of its kratom powder. This is different from what you’d expect from the best kratom capsules.

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What Does It Have to Offer?

This kratom supplier offers Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Super Green Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. Maeng Da strains are widely regarded as the oldest and most potent examples of the Mitragyna speciosa herb. If you’re not sure what type of kratom is right for you, check out our complete guide to the best kratom strains on the market. 

What It Costs and How It Compares

Although pricing is not made available on Organix Kratom’s official website, you can find select products and prices at https://7starswholesalellc.com. As you’ll see, the cost of its kratom powder is conspicuously low. You can get a whopping eight ounces of its self-proclaimed Super Grade Maeng Da Powder for just $14.00.

If this isn’t odd enough, the same wholesaler sells a 150-count bottle of Organix Kratom Capsules for nine dollars. While we have often acknowledged that high prices do not guarantee high quality, there is something to be said for industry-standard pricing. If you want fresh, potent kratom, you can typically accept to pay a premium for that luxury.

Alternatively, you can buy Organix Kratom from Botany Bay. This colorful Celtic shop offers comparable prices, with 60 grams going for $14.99, a 75-count of kratom cap for $19.99, or a 150-count for $34.99. 

While it may be slightly more expensive, 7 Stars Wholesale LLC is a more convenient option for the privacy-conscious. The privacy-conscious will appreciate its wealth of payment options. You can buy Organix Kratom with Amazon Pay, American Express, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Discover, MasterCard, Paypal, or VISA.

Organix Kratom Customer Reviews

We could not find a single review of Organix Kratom on any online kratom forums. This included I Love Kratom and Reddit. Likewise, no reviews for this brand have appeared on Google, Trustpilot, Yelp, or anywhere else.

This absence of any consumer recognition raises a significant red flag. The shortage of blog coverage or /r/kratom references leads us to believe that Organix Kratom is a disreputable brand. Its rundown location at 608 DeKalb Industrial Way doesn’t exactly inspire confidence, either.

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Is Organix Kratom Legit?

It is unlikely that Organix Kratom is a legitimate kratom vendor. Its homepage needs to be better developed; there is even dummy text on it where one would expect to find a money-back guarantee or a promise of lab testing. More alarmingly, it refers to its kratom capsules as “supplements,” which is fallacious.

Furthermore, Organix Kratom does not participate in the American Kratom Association’s Good Manufacturing Practices Program. This landmark initiative was established to hold processors accountable for the purity and safety of their products. This vendor doesn’t even disclose labs.

Top Organix Kratom Alternatives


(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is now our parent company.)

If you’re looking for pure, potent kratom capsules backed by AKA (American Kratom Association) certification, you need to look no further than MIT45. This five-star kratom manufacturer has created some of the most vital and innovative speciosa products in the United States. This includes their now famous Black Label kratom capsules.

MIT45 gets its name from the 45% Mitragynine content for most of its product line including their Black Label capsules. These cutting-edge caps are infused with an ingenious blend of kratom potentiators, ginger, turmeric, and white pepper, for a truly unique and long-lasting aroma.

New Dawn Kratom

Colorado’s favorite kratom vendor hasn’t been around as long as MIT45, but it’s already found favor with the kratom community. New Dawn Kratom is one of the highest-rated kratom brands of the last five years. This acclaim likely owes to its fresh kratom powder, wide variety, and incredibly low pricing.

New Dawn sells everything from Red Kali and White Horn to Green Dragon and Yellow Vietnam, and it does so in both powder and capsule form. It offers kratom kilos for as little as $70 and split kilos for as little as $80.00. You can get a four-way split for $85, less than what you’d spend on 500 grams from a headshop, and even slightly better than Golden Monk’s own split kilo price.

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Bottom Line

In closing, Organix Kratom isn’t what you’d call legit. This is a dubious brand at best and a potentially dangerous one at worst. We recommend you check out our list of the best kratom vendors before wasting your time with this sketchy company.

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