Hush Kratom Review: Product Quality & Pricing

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Hush Kratom has generated major buzz with its expansive line of enhanced kratom products. In recent years, the brand has received copious amounts of attention and praise from the online community. Hush has been named an Approved Vendor by I Love Kratom and has garnered acclaim from bloggers and news outlets alike.

How much of this attention has been deserved? And is Hush Kratom legit? These are some of the most common questions we receive regarding this vendor. We’ll tell you everything we know in today’s complete Hush Kratom review.



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What is Hush Kratom?

Hush Kratom is manufactured by Bedrock Manufacturing, a corporate entity with headquarters in Boise, Idaho. The brand was has a reputation for producing quality kratom extracts, and it is backed by a long list of positive customer reviews.

Hush Kratom specializes in enhanced kratom powder, which can mean just about anything, from alkaloid infusion to synthetic additives. Fortunately for consumers, Hush Kratom products appear to be made naturally using an alkaloid extraction method.

This Pacific Northwest brand can be purchased from some of the most popular online retailers and distributors, such as Kratom Divine, My Kratom Club, Nuwave Botanicals, Pop Kratom, and others. Viable Solutions is the premier distributor of Hush Kratom products.

Unlike other vendors online, Hush Kratom only sells enriched versions of the M. speciosa herb. You won’t find any kratom leaves in its catalog. It strictly offers high-powered kratom extracts in powder, capsule, and liquid forms.

There are a lot of weak, shady or otherwise bogus kratom extracts on the market. We’re looking at you, Nodzilla! Hush Kratom is not one of them. On the contrary, it offers certificates of analysis and a fair return policy.

Hush Kratom has earned a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) seal of approval from the AKA (American Kratom Association), which speaks to its legitimacy. Its website boasts a Labs page, where you can punch in a batch number once your order arrives. This enables you to look up lab results before you use its product(s).

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What It Has to Offer

This brand stocks a wide range of exciting items, including Gold, Platinum, and Silver Kratom. You’ll find liquid kratom shots, kratom extract capsules, powdered extract, kratom gummies, and more.

Hush Kratom Gold is the brand’s classic extract and one of its undeniable best. Customers have called it bolder and stronger than the leading kratom extracts. Hush Kratom Platinum is this vendor’s next level Full Spectrum extract. It differs from Hush Gold Kratom in that a single serving is equivalent to four to five grams of kratom powder.

Hush Kratom Enhanced Silver and Ultra Enhanced Silver are among its other bestsellers. If there is any discernible difference between these two alkaloid-infused powders, it is lost on us. The language used on its packaging is vague and would benefit from additional clarification.

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On the other hand, the Hush Kratom Ultra Shot is said to be an especially enchanting shot, one which many users describe as joyous and jubilant. It has found favor among working professions coping with career stressors. This is our favorite kratom in the collection, as it comes closest to scratching the same itch as our own Super Green Malay.

Hush Real Coffee-Infused Kratom Shot is one of the manufacturer’s most coveted products. As you may already know, kratom is derived from the M. speciosa tree, which belongs to the coffee family of plants. This is why it is a naturally invigorating compound. When kratom brewed with coffee beans it becomes a singular treat.

Hush Kratom Gummies are another popular option. Every gummy contains 10-11 milligrams of mitragynine, which sounds low until you consider the mitragynine content of plain leaf kratom, which typically falls somewhere between 1-2%.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Consumers prices will vary depending on where you purchase your kratom. This vendor’s enhanced kratom powder starts at $69.99 for 50 grams (via Viablekratom.com), with wholesalers receiving six jars for $60.00.  Enhanced kratom capsules start at $20 for a 20-count. Liquid kratom shots go for $13.99 per 10ml bottle.

When compared to top brands like Kraken Kratom and Left Coast Kratom, Hush Kratom’s prices are way more affordable. If you are on a budget and looking for enhanced kratom products at lower prices, Hush Kratom is definitely a brand that you should consider. However, this is far from the most affordable option on the market. More on this in a moment.

Hush Kratom Customer Reviews

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The kratom community has lavished praise on Hush, calling it powerful and worthwhile. Some have lamented its high price, but others have acknowledged its profound aroma. Several Reddit members have expressed their desire to stop using it, citing the price tag as a major drawback.

One member spoke to the value of its kratom shots, noting the strength of a single half-bottle serving, while another said, “Not in any way a cost-effective delivery system.” Elsewhere, a member urged beginners to start small, admitting that a half bottle puts them on their butt.


Best Hush Kratom Alternatives


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If the price and ingredients of Hush give you pause, you aren’t alone. Many users have turned to cheaper options as an alternative to pricier headshop offerings. MIT45 is the most widespread and a much-beloved entry in the smoke shop hall of fame. This Utah kratom brand is known throughout the U.S. as the strongest and most inventive brand in the contemporary marketplace. (Full Disclosure: MIT45 is also our parent company.)

MIT45 Kratom gets its name from the 45% mitragynine in each of its kratom extracts. Right now, the frugal consumer can have a field day with the company’s groundbreaking MIT GO Black Extra Strength Kratom Gel. This honey-based formula comes loaded with kratom potentiators for a tastier and faster acting pick-me-up. The best part is, MIT GO Black is only $11.95 for a full two servings.


It is one of the oldest extracts in the world and easily the most recognizable. OPMS Kratom has been around since before the average American knew was kratom was. Like Hush Kratom, OPMS comes in a variety of color-coded packages, including OPMS Gold, OPMS Silver, and OPMS Black. Each has garnered four-star reviews from online consumers.

As with other bulk kratom sites, Apotheca offers deals when you buy multiple units of OPMS Kratom in one shot. You can get 10 bottles for $12.91 each, 45 for $10.52, or 90 for $9.97.

Bottom Line

Overall, we can say that Hush Kratom is a legitimate kratom brand. Its products are reliable and easy to use, and customers who have tried them have mostly posted positive reviews. That being said, consumers need to take note that enhanced kratom is more expensive than raw leaf. They are also not intended for the uninitiated.

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