Soul Speciosa (Left Coast) Kratom Vendor Review

Left Coast Kratom Vendor Review (Soul Speciosa)

Soul Speciosa was a California-based vendor. They got into some trouble with a recall that kept getting expanded and eventually captured the attention of some law firms. As a result, the name Soul Speciosa was left in the dust and Left Coast Kratom was born.

Soul Speciosa Kratom Review

After they decided to change their name, Left Coast Kratom also moved to Oregon. In other words, if you weren’t aware of their history, you’d have no idea that they used to be known as Soul Speciosa. This might seem like a trick, but honestly, it’s a legitimate business practice that’s been used for decades.

Left Coast Kratom Kratom Product Line

Left Coast sells a large selection of Kratom products in powder, capsules, and extract format.

  • Powder: OG Bali, Super Green Malaysian, White Borneo, OG Bali Leaf, Red Maeng Da Thai, White Sumatra, Red Maeng Da Thai Leaf, Red Borneo, Yellow Maeng Da Thai, Green Thai, Red Thai, Red Sumatra, Super Indo, White Maeng Da Thai, Yellow Borneo, Red Dragon, Red Kali, Yellow Thai, & Horn Maeng Da
  • Capsules: Yellow Maeng Da Thai, Ultra Enhanced Indo, OG Red Vein Maeng Da, Bali, White Vein Borneo, Red Kali, Gold Reserve, & 10% Extract
  • Extract: UEI Liquid Kratom, Gold Reserve Extract, Private Reserve Liquid Extract, Gold Kratom Extract, Maeng Da Extract Full Spectrum, Platinum Extract, Maeng Da X Extract, Enhanced Maeng Da, Enhanced Bali, 50x Extract, Gold Elephant Extract, & Ultra Enhanced Indo

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

When you buy Kratom from Left Coast, be aware that their pricing is all over the map. Their powder starts anywhere from $8.12 to $9.99. When it comes to a larger size, their 225g packs sell for around $78.

Capsules also have their own prices, with the beginning price ranging from $13.94 to $26.99. And, of course, Extracts follow the same principle, although their pricing is even more extreme. You can get an Extract starting for anywhere from $19.99 to $44.99.

Left Coast Kratom Coupon Code

Left Coast, also known as Soul Speciosa, offers a wide variety of coupon codes. They also provide a one-time discount for shoppers who sign up for their newsletter.

Soul Speciosa Kratom Consumer Reputation

They changed their name to Left Coast Kratom back in 2018. Since then, they’ve gained a 4.8-star rating out of almost 200 reviews on Trustpilot.

  • “Left Coast are amazing!”
  • “Left Cost has awesome products, pricing and amazing shipping. Quick turn-around on orders and very responsive customer service.”
  • “All of your products are top notch and customer service is better than any other vendor out there. I feel so fortunate I came across you guys.”
  • “Left Coast Kratom is an AMAZING company! They have superior products and customer service. “
  • “I just placed my 4th order in 2 weeks. They respond quickly, and their gold reserve is wonderful!”

Left Coast Kratom Customer Service

As you can see above, Left Coast’s customer service leaves people raving. They also offer refunds on unopened merchandise.

  • “Best website I ever dealt with! Best customer service and best product!”
  • “The customer service is fantastic. Any questions you have they respond promptly.”
  • “Great prices, Super fast shipping, and knowledgeable staff, make Left Coast Kratom A+ #1!!”
  • “Fantastic service, quality, and reasonably priced.”
  • “I have received good service in every way.”

Bottom Line


Whether or not they were as good as Soul Speciosa, the jury is definitely in on Left Coast Kratom: they’re fantastic! We feel very comfortable suggesting their Kratom and customer service to anyone who is willing to pay their prices.

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