MIT 45 Kratom Vendor Review

mit 45 kratom vendor review

“It only takes one.”

This is a common refrain among fans of MIT 45 Kratom, the highly concentrated kratom shot that has taken the smoke shop circuit by storm. Revered by many and reviled by others, MIT 45 Kratom may be the most talked-about innovation in Mitragyna speciosa since the introduction of UEI (Ultra Enhanced Indo).

The truth about this product is every bit as promising as the myth. Read on as we separate the facts from the fiction in our comprehensive MIT 45 Kratom Review.

MIT 45 Kratom Review

MIT 45 is more than a one-off kratom shot, it is a brand and a way of life. The California kratom vendor behind MIT 45 launched the company with a clear mission in mind: to change the lives of the global kratom community.

The company operates out of Huntington Beach, CA, where it has roots in the ethnobotanical scene and close ties to the culture. The business casual atmosphere at its facilities encourages employees to balance work life with personal life.

It also encourages its forward-thinking staff to think outside the box, a formula that has resulted in several innovations. The brand has penetrated pop culture, with its stylish posters, magazine appearances, and urban apparel.

First and foremost, however, MIT 45 Kratom has served as a wholesale supplier with clients all across the United States and beyond. You can find its products at apothecaries, convenience stores, head shops, and more.

MIT 45 Kratom bills itself as the Best Kratom Extract. Period. But many of its supporters have gone one step further, calling it the strongest kratom tincture available.

Whereas other smoke shop kratom brands fail to provide proof of third-party laboratory testing, MIT 45 shares its certificates of analysis on its official website. Several notable e-commerce sites offer the company’s items, including Nu Wave Botanicals, Supernatural Botanicals, and Buy Kratom Extracts.

This vendor proudly participates in the AKA (American Kratom Association)’s GMP program. When you buy kratom from this company you know you are getting a pure, unadulterated product because it has undergone proper assessment.

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  • Wide variety
  • Lab tested
  • GMP compliant
  • Wholesale kratom pricing
  • Accepts returns
  • Offers refunds


  • No direct-to-consumer sales
  • Limited site functionality
  • Frequent unavailability

MIT 45 Kratom Product Line & Pricing Guide

You have plenty of options at your disposal, including liquid kratom shots, kratom powder, and jumbo-size kratom capsules. Each form of kratom extract comes in a variety of strains and strengths.

MIT 45 Liquid Kratom Shot Extract is the brand’s classic Maeng Da extract, a 15ml bottle containing fifty milligrams of kratom extract leaf.

It is 7-OH-dominant, which distinguishes it from many of the company’s other extract products. What’s more, it purportedly consists of 45% Mitragynine, making for a nice entourage aroma. The classic kratom extract shot contains approximately five servings and typically retails for around $17-20.00.

The liquid shot line also includes MIT45 Gold, MIT45 Silver, MIT45 Super K Special Edition, and the new and improved MITGO Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot. Prices start as low as $12.99 for MIT45 Silver 2x Liquid Kratom Shot, a two-ounce bottle that is comprised of one hundred milligrams of Full Spectrum Extract.

MIT45 Silver is renowned for its superior potency and affordability. Like its other liquid shots, customers appreciate the portability of the snub-nosed bottle and the ease of use. Unlike other kratom extracts, MIT45 Kratom Shots are flavorless and less bitter than most. This makes it easier to get down without incident.

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For those with sensitive gag reflexes, the company offers a viable alternative in the form of flavored extract powders. MIT45 Orange Powder is an ever-popular example of a powdered kratom drink. You can add this one to water for a quick dose on the go.

Each stick pack of MIT45 Orange Powder is infused with the brand’s proprietary kratom blend. Prices start at $14.99 for a two-serving pack. Each of its extracts is available in capsule forms, such as MIT45 Gold Caps, MIT45 Silver Kratom Caps, and MIT45 Silver 2x Caps.

Kratom capsules start at $9.99 for a 10-count the capsule, each of which contains forty milligrams of kratom plant matter. Unfortunately, most wholesale retailers do not offer bulk kratom options on these items.

Last but definitely not least, you can get plain leaf kratom powder in secure disposable jars. MIT45 Raw Leaf is available as green vein, red vein, or white vein. Raw Leaf Powder starts at $34.99 for one hundred twenty-five grams, with two hundred fifty grams going for $49.99.

These prices are much higher than the industry average for a quarter kilo, but they compare favorably with those charged by smoke shops and filling stations.

Shipping & Returns

Retailers can choose between carriers and shipping speeds, but availability will vary for consumers. If you order MIT45 Kratom Shots from Payless Kratom, you will receive free shipping via USPS (United States Postal Service) Priority Mail.

MIT45 gives its patrons a fourteen-day window in which to request a return. Retailers may be eligible for an exchange or refund.

If you order your products from Payless Kratom, you will have fifteen calendar days from the date you received your item(s) to request a return. Since this vendor destroys all returned products, the consumer can expect to pay a thirty-five percent disposal fee, which will likely be deducted from their refund.

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Consumer Reputation

Customers have been positively effusive in their support for this outstanding brand, with one Reddit member writing, “It is the best one out there … it’s the bee’s knees.”

Another member said, “I recently bought the liquid shot and I thought it was fantastic.”

Yet another member wrote, “MIT is where it’s at. It’s always cheaper. It’s about twice the size of OPMS and doesn’t have sweetener.”

One member noted the high price but was quick to point out the advantages of purchasing it anyway. In their response, they write, “[MIT45] are overpriced, but they do batch testing and give you a readout of the main alkaloid, which is why I still use them occasionally as a treat.”

Over at Double M Herbals, a longtime forum member touted Payless Kratom as the best place to buy kratom extracts, writing, “I found this place … They’re cheaper than any head shop and any other place I’ve found online for the said brand as well as others. MIT45 was even cheaper than OPMS and well-reviewed.”

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Bottom Line

In summary, MIT45 Kratom is a prudent choice for the seasoned kratom connoisseur. It is pure, potent, and well-reviewed.  As an AKA-approved vendor, you’ll know you are purchasing products in good faith from a trusted brand. You can also expect to get something much stronger than your garden variety kratom strain. If you would like to shop around for similar products at competitive prices, be sure to check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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