[WARNING] Zaza Red Review: Avoid This Dangerous Product at All Cost

Zaza Kratom, AKA Za Za, AKA Za Za Red, is a proprietary kratom capsule unlike any other on the domestic market. That may be for the best, as many reviewers have called it a dangerous combination. Although it’s been the subject of some ridicule, Zaza Kratom remains a popular headshop brand.

We endeavor to change that by shedding some much-needed light on this hazardous product. You need to read this if you’re about to buy headshop kratom. Today’s Kratom Review will explore the ingredients and reputation that make Zaza an awful choice for any discerning consumer. Read on for all the dirt on this dangerous brand.

What is Zaza Red Kratom?

Zaza Kratom is distributed by M&J Distributors, LLC, a California-based retail supplier with a broad reach. The Zaza Kratom line features a range of unique products, including the ever-prominent Zaza Red. Where other enhanced kratom capsules contain select kratom alkaloids, Zaza Kratom shots contain signature chemical mixtures, including Kratom + Phenibut.

This brand’s kratom extract capsules are highly potent, which some users appreciate. Unfortunately, this potency has caused users a lot of trouble. Misuse and overdose have resulted in easily avoidable hospitalizations and deaths.

Its labeling needs more truthful details, and its general packaging leaves much to be desired. Zaza Kratom Capsules come in cheap tinted bottles with easy-to-open lids that make it that much riskier. These lids are neither child-proof nor idiot-proof; anyone could access these capsules.

Every bottle carries a vague warning label and lists the number of caps contained therein. Zaza Kratom’s online reputation is less than stellar, its quality is hit or miss, and its ingredients are said to be potentially sickening. A source tells us they spent time in drug rehab after making the worst mistake of their life by using Zaza Red.

Danger: Why You Should Stay Away from Zaza Red

By now, you’re surely wondering, what is Zaza Red? The answer is elusive, as the formula has allegedly changed over time. From what we’ve been told by retailers, ZaZa Red is a kratom powder infused with Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) and Phenibut. Like Phenibut, MSM is a mysterious and risky compound, particularly when combined with other substances.

As recently as 2021, sales units of ZaZa Red have been found to contain Tianeptine, a prescription drug that has not been approved for use in the United States. In other countries, this atypical substance has been prescribed as an antidepressant or anxiolytic medication, with some doctors prescribing it for off-label purposes.

Tianeptine dosage is imprecise and side effects are severe. Users have reported an exhilarating feeling from using this substance, a sensation that is only amplified when taken in conjunction with kratom and Phenibut.

The presence of Tianeptine may explain the abuse potential of Za Za Red, and its potential for being a life-threatening product. According to a University of Alabama Birmingham report, Tianeptine is sold as ZaZa or Tianna Red in American gas stations. Many even refer to the drug as “gas station dope.” The comparison is no accident.

The withdrawal symptoms from Tianeptine can be quite acute. If you’re thinking about buying ZaZA Red or a similarly branded product, we urge you to read these Notes from the Field from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Said notes explain in great detail the potential for toxic leukoencephalopathy among Tianeptine (ZaZa Red) abusers.

Tianeptine has been associated with polydrug use, which may increase the probability of experiencing detrimental reactions. These potential risks may include abdominal pain, confusion, constipation, dependence, drowsiness, headache, stomach cramps, or even coma. According to a CDC study, Tianeptine abuse potential is especially pronounced among those with a history of opiate abuse.

Anyone with a history of opiate abuse can tell you we wouldn’t wish the withdrawal symptoms on our worst enemies. Acute short-term symptoms can include: agitation, bone pain, diarrhea, dilated pupils, elevated body temperature, goosebumps, increased blood pressure, increased breathing rate, muscle cramps/spasms, nausea, sleep disturbance, sweating, and watery discharge from the eyes and nose.

What is Zaza Red Used For?

Zaza Kratom is famous for one simple reason: it gets users high. This unregulated drug combo causes a sensation that appeals to recreational drug users.

Today, this nasty product is on sale at e-commerce health shops. It has also been the subject of discussion at Bluelight’s online forums. There are numerous forum posts about this product, almost all of which refer to it as “gas station heroin.”

The presence of additional ingredients can only intensify or otherwise complicate Tianna’s results. For example, Zaza Red Energy Shot contains Vitamin B6, Phenibut, Caffeine, GABA, and 5-HTP, while ZAZA Red Capsules contain Tianeptine, Phenibut, and Piper Methyslicum (Kava Root Extract).

What It Costs & How It Compares

Ark Smoke Shop currently charges $30 for a 15-count bottle of Zaza Red, which compares favorably to other enhanced kratom capsules. For example, Amazing Botanicals charges $24.99 for a 15-count of kratom extract tablets, while Peace Novelty charges $34.99 for a fifteen-count of Hush Kratom Extract Soft Gels.

If you Google ‘za za red pills near me’ you will find several local smoke shops and convenience stores carrying Zaza Kratom products, but you are unlikely to find prices that compete with those listed online. Head shop proprietors are free to charge whatever they want, and many of them do; price gouging is rampant among brick-and-mortar shop owners.

Zaza Kratom Customer Reviews

Za za red pills reviews have been cautionary, with one Reddit member writing, “Sad, I hate this s**t, been trying to quit it for three weeks now and have made zero progress.” Another user agreed, writing, “I ran up several credit cards … blew the last of my money on this s**t.

One Bluelight member said, “It’s like a dirty oxycodone, very fiendish. Not like kratom and much more like a traditional opioid … I got sick of it because I no longer enjoy it … All side effects and only a shitty high. Don’t buy drugs from the gas station, however … avoid it as it is exceptionally addictive.”

The general consensus seems to be that Zaza Kratom’s manufacturers frequently alter their formulas to the detriment of consumers. One user wrote, “The people at Za Za are just f***ing evil.”

Bottom Line

If you see Zaza Red for sale, do not buy it. If you care about the welfare of your fellow humans, you should consider contacting the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) at this toll-free number: (800) 638-2772. Our research indicates that ZaZa Red is a shady brand that could land you in a hospital, rehab facility, or worse.

Still on the fence? You can find Zaza Kratom alternatives by shopping around online. Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors for a full rundown of the top brands of today (and tomorrow).

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  1. Gigolo Joe says:

    Methylsulfonylmethane is actually quite benign. It’s often compared to the similar organosulfur compound DMSO. Both can be taken in high doses, both topically (for DMSO) and orally (both). I’m not defending any of the other ingredients in this “gas station heroin,” but MSM is harmless.


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