Lux Botanica Kratom Review

lux botanica kratom review

The Kratom industry is full of small, independent head shops selling boutique-quality Kratom products, some of which are formulated and packaged in-house. One such shop is Lux Botanica, a locally owned and operated brick-and-mortar Kratom store based in Boise, ID. The company has been in the business for many years, but its limited online presence keeps them under the radar of many prospective customers.

In this review, we will take a closer look at Lux Botanica and see why they have succeeded in this small niche of the Kratom market. We will also identify the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and provide recommendations for those who may be interested in doing business with them.

Lux Botanica Kratom Products and Services

Being a small, local business, Lux Botanica’s Kratom products are quite hard to find. Unlike other up-and-coming Kratom brands, Lux Botanica does not have a website. They do have Facebook and Instagram pages, but they are fairly bare-bones, offering only a few pictures of their products.

Lux Botanica’s most successful marketing strategy is its GMB listing. They have managed to accumulate a substantial amount of positive reviews on Google, which is great for generating organic traffic and is also essential for building trust with potential customers. We believed that this was the reason why the company is able to survive despite not having a website or an active presence on social media platforms.

Since the company does not have a website, we only managed to gather very little information about their Kratom products. From what we have seen in photos and videos online, Lux Botanica offers Kratom powder and capsules from a number of Kratom strains such as Maeng Da, Bali, Indo, Malay, and Borneo.

Aside from their physical store in Fairview Ave, Boise, ID, a couple of other head shops in the area also carry the Lux Botanica brand. Lux Botanica’s product line is not limited to just Kratom, because they also sell Kava and other plant-based products.

Lux Botanica uses resealable mylar bags for their Kratom powder and capsules, with gold, black, and white labels. On their packaging, they advertise their products as 100% pure and natural; lab-tested; ethically harvested; connoisseur grade; and rich in alkaloid content.

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Lux Botanica Kratom Product Cost and Price Comparison

Since Lux Botanica does not have a website, and their social media pages do not contain any information about the cost of their products, we were unable to determine if their prices are reasonable compared to other companies in the industry.

To give new Kratom users an idea, lesser-known Kratom vendors sell Kratom powder for as low as $60-$80/kg while leading brands charge as much as $120-$150/kg for a kilogram of their Kratom powder.

On a side note, it seems like a number of Lux Botanica’s previous customers find their pricing a bit expensive. In a number of reviews on Google and Reddit, customers have complained about how much they are paying for their Kratom powders and capsules.

Unfortunately, we can only speculate about Lux Botanica’s reason for charging such a high price. Perhaps, they have a high demand and they need to charge a premium for their products to stay in business. Or, they do not have a large volume of sales and they charge a premium to recoup their expenses?

We’ve also tried reaching out to Lux Botanica on Facebook, but we received no response.

Lux Botanica Kratom Customer Reviews

Small, local head shops typically receive a lot of hate from customers who buy their products, but not Lux Botanica. In fact, a large number of online reviews and posts on Google speak highly about Lux Botanica.

Here are some positive reviews that customers have left about the Kratom products from Lux Botanica:

“Such a cool place! Super knowledgeable and helpful about picking out strains to help with different problems, and they even threw in some free products for me to try out. Awesome prices, great quality, and tons of selection. Worth checking out for sure!” – Miranda P., Google review

“The best Kratom and the coolest staff ever. They treat me and Donnie like gold. Plus they have great tea, coffee, homemade soaps, and much more. Great place. They’ve been so loyal to us we’ll never go online or anywhere else.” – Teresa R., Google review

It’s impressive how Lux Botanica has maintained a consistent customer base over the past several years. This is quite uncommon in the Kratom industry, where customers tend to switch between different vendors every few months because they feel dissatisfied with the quality of their products. It’s definitely a good thing that Lux Botanica has remained committed to serving its customers without compromising on quality.

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Lux Botanica Kratom Customer Complaints

Lux Botanica has not had too many customer complaints or disputes to this point, but there are some that have been reported.

Here are some negative reviews and posts from customers who have had issues with Lux Botanica:

“Just doesn’t seem high quality and is expensive. Asked about the testing done, never got back to me with the results. There’s a shop less than a half mile away, with easier access, that has high-quality Kratom for much better prices.” – Landan S., Google review

“So, I have been coming here for a while now. They offered me discounts due to my loyalty and how often I came in. I was told they were going to put me in their system for a 20% discount. Now they are telling me the guy that said this had got fired and that they can’t honor it anymore. I came in for a pound a week. Just kind of shady how you are told one thing, and now they won’t do it. I won’t be back.” – Austin B., Google review

The majority of customer reviews about Lux Botanica are positive but it is important to note that not every customer has had a good experience with them. This is something that you need to consider when making a purchase from Lux Botanica.

Lux Botanica Kratom Coupons

As of this writing, we did not find any coupon codes on Lux Botanica’s Facebook page or Instagram page. Since they don’t have a website, there is also no way for us to check if they offer coupon codes to potential customers.

Is Lux Botanica Kratom Legit?

From customer reviews alone, we think that Lux Botanica is legit because the reviews speak highly of the quality of its products and services. Customers say that their Kratom products are superior and that they have great customer service. However, their lack of popularity online is quite concerning since Lux Botanica does not have a website, and they are almost non-existent on social media.

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Overall, we feel that Lux Botanica is a reputable Kratom vendor that takes pride in its quality products. They are an above-average vendor in terms of Kratom’s quality and customer service. While Lux Botanica doesn’t have much of a following online, we recommend that you give them a try if you’re interested in purchasing Kratom from a local brand.

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