Herb Research Kratom Vendor Review

Herbresearch Kratom has been around longer than almost any other vendor in America. The Herb Research Foundation was instrumental in bringing the first commercial kratom to the domestic market.

Today, this wholesale kratom vendor remains active online. Despite its longevity, everything is not as it seems with the Herb Research Foundation. Before engaging with this exclusive members-only club, you need to read this.

What is Herb Research Kratom?

Herbresearch, AKA the Herb Research Foundation (HRF), is an enigmatic kratom vendor. It purports to have been essential in bringing kratom to the U.S. market in the mid-90s, but we could not find evidence supporting such claims.

A source suggested Herbresearch was an Oregon-based supplier, but there is no business registration record for this company on the Secretary of State’s website. It is implied on the wholesaler’s Contact page that it is operating under the auspices of Viable Alternatives LLC in Corvallis, OR.

Herbresearch Kratom’s ongoing existence must be an annoyance to the actual Herb Research Foundation (www.herbs.org), an educational nonprofit of 30 years from the Boulder, CO, area. It is unclear whether there is any relation between these entities,

The folks behind this brand habitually choose names similar or identical to those of established brands. Viable Alternatives is a well-known Idaho-based kratom supplier. The misrepresentations are manifold. Herbresearch even claims to have been in business since 1997, but it lacks the brand recognition typical of established brands. Kraken Kratom or Mitragia this is not.

This wholesaler’s website features an underwhelming layout and a lackluster interface. It lacks certificates of analysis, FAQ, refund policy, or seal of approval. There is no satisfaction guarantee, nor is there any promise of free shipping kratom same-day shipping,

As we mentioned earlier, Herbresearch is a club and an exclusive one at that. Before purchasng its products, you must sign up and be approved as a member. Most of its kratom powder looks disturbingly dark and clumpy in hue.

What It Has to Offer

Many strains that stand out because of their clever names, but few of these are particularly original. Seasoned kratom connoisseurs will recognize this labeling as little more than a marketing tactic.

Herbresearch’s collection includes Blonde Indo, Enriched Cerah Malay, Green Kali, High Queen of Malay, Maeng Da Kratom, Potent Indo, Red Kali, Sundanese Superior Indo, White Jade, and White Sumatra.

Other items include Black Power Trace Alkaloid Fraction, Gold Reserve Full Spectrum Extract, Green Vein 90+ Alkaloid Extract, ISOL-8 Standardized Extract Powder, and Red Kali 90+ Alkaloid Concentrate.

What It Costs and How It Compares

As an exclusive club, Herbresearch does not publicly disclose its price tags. However, a source tells us that kratom kilos sell for as much as $300, which is highway robbery, plain and simple. This price does not conform to current industry standards and doesn’t come close to the industry low.

For comparison, Happy Hippo Herbals (one of the industry’s most overpriced vendors) charges $199.99 per kilo (down from over $220), while Mitragaia charges $120.00 for a 1,000-gram sampler. Meanwhile, bulk kratom sellers like New Dawn Kratom charge as little as $79.99 for a key.

Herb Research Kratom Customer Reviews

image of herb research kratom customer reputation

Opinions on Herbresearch Kratom have been mixed, though only some seem aware of this company’s dubious origins. One member of the kratom community said, “The maeng da is good, probably the best I’ve had. Haven’t tried the indo yet, but I may buy a kg of the maeng da. Even though it’s 300, I think it may be worth it.”

Another member responded, writing, “Isn’t their maeng da the plantation MD that’s re-sold by a few popular vendors? I think it is. It’s good leaf, but $300 a kilo is insane.”

Still, another member had this to say:

“The plain leaf at HR was always good, but I stopped ordering from them when I realized that I could get the same quality from vendors like SoCal. Ethan from HR is a cool dude, and he definitely has his marketing strategy down pat. That extra markup is just not worth it for me. Some people might enjoy paying extra to feel like they belong in an exclusive club, but I guess I’m not one of them.”

Bottom Line

When it comes down to it, the question is whether you want to spend more money on a quality kratom that may or may not be better than cheaper brands. For some people, this will be a no-brainer. For those on a budget, though, the difference in quality won’t be worth the steep prices.

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