Serenity Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

[Last updated: 10/15/2021]

Serenity Botanicals is a Georgia-based kratom vendor whose brick-and-mortar success led to a welcome online presence. Serenity specializes in some of the rarest kratom strains on the market, including Red Vietnam and Yellow Borneo.

Serenity Botanicals has been on the Kratom scene since 2015. Since that time, they’ve built one of the best-looking physical stores in Kratom history.

Of course, looks don’t mean everything. Therefore, we are going to examine what this store has to offer and find out if it is worth the price.

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Serenity Botanicals Kratom Review

Based out of beautiful Savannah, Serenity Botanicals is an earth-conscious brand that is backed by lab-testing and years of ethnobotanical experience.

As a family-owned business, it has flourished thanks to the team work of its passionate staff members. Every individual on deck is responsible for maintaining sanitary conditions and superior quality.

This requires routine submission of kratom batches to third-party laboratories. These labs evaluate Serenity Botanicals Kratom for potential contaminants, including heavy metals and pathogens.

Serenity Botanicals is famous for its plain leaf kratom and blends, but it is also renowned for its Serenity Botanicals Relief Collection, which includes Akuamma Seed Powder, Delta 8 Gummies, and more. But it is the kratom blend that has really made a mark.

This vendor crafts a variety of singular mixtures that are deeply aromatic and always delightful. You can find these sui generis stacks at the company’s land-based location or its online store.

When you go to their website, the first thought you’re likely to have is “wow.” That’s because Serenity Botanicals really brings it! They also have a clearly designated area for each of their six categories: Kratom, CBD, Skincare, Bath & Body, Botanicals, and Herbal Tea.

Right now, you can also see a 360-degree view from inside their store. This is where SB really knocks it out of the park, and they make sure everyone can see it.

Serenity Botanicals Kratom Product Line & Pricing

Serenity Botanicals carries a plethora of fine products. You’ll find Samplers, Extracts, Blends, and the normal veins, including Green, White, Red, and Yellow choices.

If you are used to shopping wholesale kratom sites, you’ll be blown away by the sheer level of diversity on display in this store. It has everything from essential oils and ancient herbs to CBD solutions, edibles, and salves.

We have fallen head over feet for every strain and blend we have tried, but we’d be lying if we said they were all equally enjoyable.

The honor of the best has to go to Green Indo, White Kapuas, and Red Vietnam. These three incredible cultivars are truly worthy of a lecture.

Green Indo is a striking green vein kratom powder with enough panache to outperform any other green vein, including the ever-enthralling Super Green Malay.

Green Vein Indo hails from the island of Sumatra where it is cultivated in the jungles of Aceh. The native farmers of the region are skilled in agronomy, creating sustainable harvesting methods that enable them to produce crop after crop of bracing kratom leaves.

The rich, velvety aroma of Green Indo is its most coveted feature and one that will wake you up upon opening your pouch for the first time.

White Kapuas Kratom is similarly satisfying, with its grainy texture and mitragynine-dominant profile.

This white vein kratom powder contains high concentrations of 7-OH (7-hydroxymitragynine) and its bouquet reminds one of meditating in a garden of gladiolas at full bloom.

Although Green Indo and White Hulu Kapuas have made the cut for Serenity Botanicals’ top kratom powders there can be only one number one strain. That honor goes to Red Vietnam.

This robust red vein is as rare as it is choice, providing keen kratom connoisseurs with a “tea” that is as noteworthy as it is mild. Red Vietnam is the smooth sort of powder you want to have around when things get sticky.

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Red Vietnam Kratom is the optimal choice for those in repose, with its pleasant fragrance and palatable taste. While some have called its smell sharp we couldn’t disagree more; this is the type of potent fragrance that so many of us have come to expect of a high-quality kratom variant.

You can expect to awaken notes of wood, lilac, and moss when steeping this singular treat. You may also enjoy an aromatic duration of some hours.

This seller regularly stocks Green Borneo, Green Malay, Green Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie, Red Thai, White Bali, White Indo, and White Maeng Da.

This Peach State kratom supplier manufactures a number of kratom extracts, all of which vary in strength, size, method of preparation, and method of delivery.

You can get extract in powder, liquid, or tablet form. Serenity Botanicals Kratom Extract Tablets are among the most popular, although you should do some research before trying them.

SB sells Kratom Extract 10% Mitragynine powder, which is black in color and burnt in taste. Nuff said.

You can also score a kratom tincture for a more classical experience or pick up Serenity Botanicals Ultra Alkaloid Kratom Liquid. Both are similar, although neither is known for tasting great.

Serenity Botanicals Kratom Extract Tablets purportedly contain 45% Mitragynine, which seems unusually high.

If you are considering an extract purchase, you should know that most kratom extracts focus on isolating one indole alkaloid (Mitragynine in this case, 7-OH in many others). This isolation is believed by some to be counter-intuitive.

Seasoned kratom connoisseurs recognize the importance in keeping kratom in its natural form. That is because kratom containing many alkaloids, all of which work in concert with one another to provide its desirable aroma.

When you isolate any one of these indole alkaloids you risk losing the “entourage effect.” This may compromise your entire experience and cost you an unreasonable amount of money in the process.

As the name would suggest, Serenity Botanicals specializes in a rich and varied assortment of ethnobotanicals and oils. Its Evulv Beauty line has captured the attention of many health conscious make-up influencers.

When it comes to this vendor’s attributes, there are several things that you’ll find appealing and pricing is definitely one of them. All of the powders are offered at the following price points.

  • 10 grams – $2.99
  • 28 grams – $6.99
  • 56 grams – $12.99
  • 112 grams – $22.99
  • 168 grams – $29.99
  • 224 grams – $39.99
  • 448 grams – $67.99
  • 1 kilo (1,000 grams) – $124.99

Aside from powder, SB sells Sampler Packs for $24.99 to $129.99, Extracts for $25, 100-count packs of capsules for $14.99, and Tincture for $19.99.

As with shipping, the choice of how to pay is ultimately yours. You can select from a number of payment options, such as eCheck, cashier’s check, credit/debit card, or money order.

To inquire about additional payment options, such as altcoins, drop this vendor an email at: [email protected]

Shipping & Returns

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You can pick the carrier you prefer from UPS or USPS (United States Postal Service). Given recent post office delays we highly advise upgrading to UPS.

Shipping speeds vary, although most orders automatically receive USPS Priorty Mail. All orders placed before Noon EST (Eastern Standard Time) are shipped next-day and typically arrive in under four business days.

Why choose UPS Ground?

That’s simple. With UPS you get a service guarantee. The same cannot be said of the United States Postal Service, which routinely loses packages and refuses to refund its customers.

Unlike the postal service, UPS has knowledgeable, helpful customer service members who will work to resolve any shipping issue you may encounter.

Should you have to return your order for whatever reason, Serenity Botanicals will gladly issue a refund or provide replacement items. This vendor asks that a return item contains 95% of its original contents in order to qualify for a full refund.

Serenity Botanicals Coupon Code

Before you buy Kratom, it’s always a good idea to look for a coupon code. Serenity Botanicals has several coupons available, so this should be easy to accomplish. At press time, the following coupons are still available.

  • SERENITY15 – 15% off
  • WELCOME – 10% off

You can unlock Serenity Botanicals coupon codes by signing up for its email newsletter. Look for the option at the bottom of its homepage.

Serenity Botanicals Consumer Reputation

This is the area where Serenity Botanicals really shines. With a 5-star average out of 65 reviews, you know that SB is where it’s at! A few of the many reviews include:

  • “I have been ordering from Serenity for YEARS, and I can honestly say they are the best kratom vendor out there.”
  • “Serenity will always be my #1 go to vendor!”
  • “I’ve tried other kratom suppliers. Serenity Botanicals quickly became my favorite. The best quality and prices by far!”
  • “Exceptional products that WORK! Very knowledgeable staff and owners who are happy to help you discover what will work best for you.”
  • “My go to place for kratom.”

Serenity Botanicals offers refunds to all customers who still have at least 95 percent of their original purchase. Aside from this, there are several people who want to tell you just how good their customer service is.

  • “I will not shop anywhere else. I am big on supporting family owned businesses. They put a lot of love into their products to make sure customers are getting the best quality.”
  • “LOVE Serenity! Top quality products and very kind customer service!”
  • “I have ordered from Serenity a few times, and everything has always been excellent. From the customer service, shipping, and really the whole shopping experience, I have always been 100% happy.”
  • “I have been a customer of Serenity Botanicals for two years. In that time, they have been extremely responsive to any questions or concerns I have had, they have gone over and above to correct a problem not their fault (postal service careless with package and product damaged), and they have shipped my orders promptly and correctly EVERY SINGLE TIME. They are dependable, customer service oriented and their products are of the best quality!”

Bottom Line

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Serenity Botanicals clearly has a good feel for how to run their business. People had absolutely nothing bad to say, and their pricing is pretty good too! From top-notch customer service to products you can believe in, SB is definitely worth checking out.

Are you looking for a strain that isn’t offered by Serenity Botanicals? Be sure to visit the Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors by The Golden Monk. While checking out this list of 75+ vendors, you’re certain to find exactly what you’re looking for!

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