Blissful Botanicals Vendor Review

Blissful Botanicals Vendor Review

Blissful Botanicals Kratom is a Rocky Mountain vendor known for its red kratom extract and natural wellness alternatives. It claims to be helping people with its diverse products, but is it as helpful as it claims? In today’s comprehensive post, we’ll expose the pros and cons of this Centennial State brand.

Blissful Botanicals Kratom Review

Located in Colorado’s famed Little London (Colorado Springs), Blissful Botanicals is a nationwide distributor of premium-grade kratom and CBD products. Despite a sizable following on social media and some five-star reviews, the brand strikes us as sketchy. Our research indicates it was founded in 2019, but its website claims it was established in 2014.

Search engine results would have you believe that Blissful Botanicals receives hundreds of thousands of searches. Still, its Instagram account has only attracted 1,170 followers, many of whom are peers in the kratom industry. This is one of the brand’s many tricky aspects.

Blissful Botanicals’ homepage purports to be following FDA guidelines and working towards GMP-certified facilities. While it is true that its product pages avoid the hucksterish language that government agencies have prohibited, there is no evidence of Blissful Botanicals participating in the AKA’s GMP program.

The GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards Program was conceived to keep kratom consumers safe by requiring third-party laboratory audits. Blissful Botanicals Kratom claims to test every batch of its kratom powder, but no certificates of analysis are disclosed. No QR codes appear on its packaging, either.

You can look at the information on its homepage for a real head-scratcher and let your mind reel at its promise of risk-free purchasing. According to the page, this vendor offers packages where you can try its kratom at zero upfront cost. But its product pages make no mention of free kratom samples.

Instead of referencing risk-free zero-cost samples, Blissful Botanicals’ product pages cleverly lure its retail partners in with vague language about customizing the product that would work best for their shops… “from $500 – 1,500.” This is bedrock bait-and-switch marketing at its most fundamental.

What It Has to Offer

Blissful Botanicals Kratom Delta 8 may be one of the company’s most well-known products – right behind Blissful Botanicals Gold Series Ultra Enhanced Blend – and it’s not the only one that’s considered a top seller. If you go on the info provided by third-party seller The Botany Bay, its 20:1 extract is another best-selling product.

Red kratom extract is arguably its most robust item. This liquid kratom shot comes in a 12 ml bottle. Remember that whole bit about how Blissful Botanicals complies with FDA guidelines? Well, this red extract’s motto – “Feel Good, Be Happy” – seems to fly in the face of those guidelines.

Potential FDA violations notwithstanding, Blissful Botanicals has done an equitable job of offering its clients the variety they look for in a wholesale kratom brand. In addition to the above, retailers can order kratom powder, kratom tinctures, Full Spectrum Kratom, enhanced kratom capsules, and more.

Products include Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Enhanced Bali Hybrid, and Enhanced CBD + Kratom. You can also pick up a CBD skin salve or a liquid kratom tincture variety pack. Start-up kits and display boxes are also available for P.O.S.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Prices are kept under wraps, so don’t expect to find pricing listed on this vendor’s website. To inquire about pricing, you must email Select retail pricing was once available at Botany Bay, but that company’s website appears to be under construction.

Blissful Botanicals Customer Reviews

The only thing worse than bad reviews is no reviews at all. The notoriously judgmental Reddit community could be accused of being harsh in their assessments of kratom vendors, but their honesty is unimpeachable. Blissful Botanicals hasn’t received so much as a single mention on the social media aggregator.

This seller has received 15 five-star Google reviews from conspicuous accounts with two reviews or less to their names. However, they have all been positive, for good or ill. One customer said, “Amanda is great to deal with…superb products! I highly recommend this business.”

Top Blissful Botanicals Alternatives

Those who value transparency and brand recognition will want to keep their options open. There are many brands superior to Bliss Botanicals. Here are our top picks for the best Bliss Botanicals alternatives.


Utah’s premier kratom extract manufacturer, MIT45 Kratom, is a veritable trailblazer, setting trends in the extract space with its one-of-a-kind enhanced kratom products. This includes its liquid kratom shots and kratom extract capsules. MIT45 carries everything from raw leaf to gold vein kratom.

This GMP-compliant brand now offers a lab-tested extract unlike any other on the market. MIT GO Black Extra Strength is a groundbreaking kratom gel made from mitragynine-dominant kratom, pure honey, and a delectable blend of kratom potentiators. Each two-serving pouch retails for just $11.95, making it the most affordable extract.

New Dawn Kratom

Like Blissful Botanicals, New Dawn Kratom is located in Colorado Springs. Unlike its seemingly inferior competitor, New Dawn is GMP-certified and offers proof of laboratory testing. More importantly, its kratom powder is well-regarded by a wide swath of the kratom community. This vendor rocks!

New Dawn Kratom carries a vast array of yellow kratom strains, as well as fresh split kilos on all of its green, red, and white veins. This GMP-certified vendor offers some of the lowest prices and highest quality, with primo cultivars available at $79.99 per kilo. Kilo splits range from $80-85.00.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, Blissful Botanicals is neither the best kratom vendor in Colorado nor a particularly well-known vendor in general. In lieu of laboratory bona fides or brand recognition, there is little to recommend this generic supplier. We recommend shopping around and exploring the best kratom vendors.

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