Santai Kratom Review – What You Need to Know

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With so many popular kratom companies on the market, it can be tough to know what companies are legit or not. Check out this Santai Kratom review to find out where this company stands. 


What is Santai Kratom?

Admittedly, there’s not much information about this business online. Santai Kratom is a company headquartered in Newport Beach, California. This vendor’s business name comes from the word Santai, which means to relax or rest. This company refers to itself as taking a “holistic approach to kratom” on its website. It also notes taking a “socially conscious” approach to kratom. 


Santai Kratom Product Review

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If you enjoy trying many different kratom strains, you’re probably better off shopping elsewhere. As of now, this company sells green vein and red vein powder and capsules. You won’t find any Bali, Maeng Da, or Borneo strains while shopping on this company’s website. This notable lack of strains might not appeal to someone who prefers certain strains over others. If you’re not sure how important the kratom strain is, take a look at all of our kratom strain reviews. 


What It Costs and How It Compares

As for the prices and quantities of this company’s products, you unfortunately won’t get a lot of selection with product sizes. This lack of product size selection can be frustrating for users who prefer to stock up with a large-sized bag of powder or container of capsules.

This company’s red vein and green vein powders are available in 100-gram containers. You can either spend $70 per container or $56 by signing up for a subscription to receive a container each month. This vendor’s kratom capsules are only available in 200-capsule containers. The pricing for its capsules is the same as its powders: $70.00 for a one-time purchase or a monthly subscription for $56. 

For a larger selection of kratom products at a great price and additional discount options, you can shop right here at Golden Monk.  


Santai Kratom Customer Reviews

You won’t find many people posting about their experience using this company’s kratom. In a Reddit thread from 2022, a user posts on the r/vendorsofkratom subreddit asking if anyone has tried Santai Kratom. Only one user responds, stating that “they used to be alright” but that they’re now “overpriced.”

The only long-form reviews we could find about this business come from affiliate-type articles. We’re not saying Santai Kratom produced these articles. But it’s strange for a company with little to no reviews to show up on top of a few online lists. 

Is Santai Kratom Legit?

Based on the information researched and gathered for this review, it would be tough to call this company legit from a popularity perspective. As time goes on, and more reviews or lab-testing documentation becomes available, our view could change. 

Does Santai Kratom Offer Discounts and Coupon Codes? 

As of now, we can find no discounts or coupon codes for this vendor. If anything changes, we’ll update you here. However, this company does offer free shipping with every order. You might receive coupon codes or discounts by signing up for this company’s email list. 

Does Santai Kratom Test Their Products? 

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According to Santai Kratom, it performs third-party lab testing on its product. However, there are no lab-testing certificates, documentation, or anything else to strengthen this claim. 

Is Santai Kratom Approved by the AKA? 

No, this vendor isn’t approved by the American Kratom Association. You will also not find this company among the AKA’s list of GMP qualified vendors.

Unfortunately, Santai Kratom seems to be one of a growing number of kratom companies that seem to pop up out of nowhere. Our online research team scoured the internet for mentions of this vendor and its products without coming up with many results. As of this writing, this vendor also has no lab-testing documentation or certification from the AKA. We would recommend approaching this vendor with caution. 

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