Viva Zen with Kratom is a liquid kratom extract that’s inspired a lot of commotion, both positive and negative. It seems everyone who’s come in contact with this brand has a strong opinion about its products. This is good news for the first-time buyer.

Find out everything you need to know about this retail mainstay in our comprehensive product review. We’ll give you the full skinny on Vivazen’s pricing, discounts, consumer reputation, and then some. Here’s the straight story.

What is Vivazen Kratom?

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If you’ve been using kratom since the beginning of the 2010s, you’ve undoubtedly heard of Vivazen, AKA Viva Zen. This famous headshop brand specializes in liquid kratom shots in various sizes and concentrations. It is no secret that the brand was involved in some issues with the FDA  in 2015.

Agency scrutiny notwithstanding, Vivazen has made tremendous strides and amassed a loyal following. Nowadays, it’s widely regarded as one of the most reputable liquid kratom shot manufacturers in the U.S. marketplace. The brand’s new and improved products are crafted with the same high-quality standards that made its original formula famous.

What It Has to Offer

Vivazen kratom products

This manufacturer has three bestsellers – Vivazen Original (Viva Zen), Vivazen Max, and Vivazen Ultimately, respectively. Its products are packaged in black bottles with prominent labeling and a trademarked Vivazen logo. Each bottle of Vivazen Original and Vivazen Max contains a serving size of 56ml.

On its website, Viva Zen claims its kratom strains are made from “proprietary blends of botanicals and herbs sourced from the remote parts of the world.” They assert its products are scientifically evaluated for safety and made in the USA in GMP-compliant facilities. However, we have searched its site for third-party certification and were unsuccessful.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that Vivazen’s website, packaging (containing the tagline “Feel Good Relief”), and branding are on point. The company has made a tremendous effort to educate consumers on the various advantages of buying kratom shots.

Viva Zen’s natural ingredients (including willow bark extract, Valerian root extract, Boswellia serrata resin extract, and other components, such as California poppy aerial part extract and Mitragyna speciosa leaf extract) are clearly displayed, along with dosage instructions.

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What It Costs and How It Compares

Vivazen’s prices are generally competitive compared to other leading kratom vendors. The only downside is its minimum quantity. You can’t purchase just one bottle; you must buy three bottles. Each bottle is $5.99. A dozen bottles cost $4.99 per bottle, while 24 bottles cost $4.99 each.

This manufacturer offers 36 bottles of kratom drink for $4.39 per bottle, with 72 bottles going for $3.99 a pop. These prices only apply to Vivazen’s classic liquid kratom extract. Extra-strength kratom shots cost more. Vivazen Max Kratom Shot goes for $6.29 per bottle for a dozen bottles. 24 bottles go for $5.99 each.

Vivazen compares favorably to some liquid kratom extracts on the market, such as OPMS and K Chill Shot. For example, OPMS Silver costs $11.63 for a single-serving 8ml bottle, while K Chill sells a two-ounce bottle for $6.99. As you can see, it’s in the same ballpark, more or less. At the end of the day, the choice comes down to personal taste, tolerance, and sensitivity.

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Vivazen Customer Reviews

Vivazen has received a lot of attention, but reviews have been mixed. One Reddit member speculated that its extracts might contain Tianeptine, writing, “The normal viva zen liquid shots are the typical shots, so those are fine. But the extracts and likely pills and powder should be avoided.”

Another community member alleged liver impairment after long-term tolerance to Vivazen, writing, “Got hooked on Vivazen. It almost killed me. Doctor contacts FDA to complain and makes sure I do the same thing. FDA actively working on the case as we speak.”

Others have insisted it is safe and delightful. One member said, “VZ invented the kratom-shot market, and they’re very good at it, especially balancing effect and taste. Vitalize and K Chill taste horrendous by comparison.”

Top Alternatives to Vivazen

For raw kratom powder and capsules, you’re not going to find a better option than Golden Monk’s collection of kratom products, but there are also new kratom extracts hitting the market on a regular basis. With so many kratom brands, knowing which ones to trust can be challenging. Luckily, several legit manufacturers are stepping up their game. These are our staff picks for the finest Vivazen alternatives available.

Hush Kratom

Hush Kratom is an AKA-approved vendor with a galvanizing assortment of enhanced kratom products. This outstanding manufacturer has left jaws on the floor with its kratom gummies and softgels, but Hush Kratom Ultra Shot deserves attention.

Hush Ultra Kratom Shot is a premium full-spectrum extract composed of 80% pure alkaloids. Each 10ml drink is commensurate with seven to eight grams of kratom powder. Its refreshing lemon-lime flavor is as tasty as it is aromatic. Hush Kratom Ultra Shot typically retails for around $15-20.00.


MIT45 premium product display

(Full Disclosure: MIT45 is our parent company.)

This award-worthy brand has left an indelible mark on the kratom industry, with many reviewers noting its trailblazing approach. MIT45 was one of the first vendors to participate in the AKA’s GMP Program, signaling a sea change in industry oversight and consumer safety.

Since its inception, MIT45 has manufactured game-changing kratom capsules, raw kratom leaf, and kratom extract. This international powerhouse has set the bar high with its MITGO Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot. MITGO Black is unlike any other mass-market extract around.

Featuring an ergonomic bottle that’s easy to open and even easier to enjoy, MITGO Black Extra Strength Kratom Shot delivers a Viva-like pickup with a delectable blend of cinnamon, honey, and orange zest. The best part is it is economical at $11.95 per squeezable bottle. This one can’t be beat.


At this point, OPMS has almost become shorthand for kratom extract. This long-established brand has consistently wowed kratom connoisseurs thanks to its consistency and affordability. OPMS Gold Kratom Shot puts many other extracts to shame with its 42.0% mitragynine content and low price.

OPMS Gold is a 50:1 liquid kratom shot equivalent to a whopping 14 grams of plain leaf. Each 280 mg bottle retails for around $13-15.00, depending on your source.

Bottom Line

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Vivazen has a long history of providing customers with great kratom products at fair prices. It is an established brand with high-quality products sold through a network of reputable distributors and retailers. Overall, it is safe to say that Vivazen is a trusted brand. On the other hand, everyone responds differently to its products.