Choice Kratom Review: Product Quality & Pricing

Choice Kratom, often branded as Choice Botanicals, joined the Mitragyna speciosa scene in 2010. They also happen to offer one of the rare headshop brands that’s earned a relatively solid reputation for quality.

Choice Kratom Review

No matter which name you’ve encountered them under, this vendor first made a big splash in the headshop world with their Maeng Da powder. Over time, Choice Botanicals expanded their product line to include capsules and extracts. However, as with most vendors that branch out, some of their Kratom offerings are more highly rated than others.

WARNING: As of December 2019, a few of Choice Kratom’s website pages are auto bouncing to obnoxious, unrelated spam ads that attempt to trick visitors into clicking on them. It’s unknown if these malicious ads originate from a hacker or a very bad decision on the vendor’s part. Until this gets resolved, we recommend a very carefully approach to the Choice Kratom site.

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Choice Botanicals Product Line

Each of this vendor’s products come under the Choice Botanicals label. Although they still don’t carry an extremely wide selection of Kratom, there are more options than their used to be.

  • Powder – Green Maeng Da
  • Capsules – Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Choice Blend (Maeng Da, Bali & Borneo), & Rising Phoenix
  • Extracts – Maeng Da & Green Apple Maeng Da

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What’s it Going to Cost Me?

Pricing is based on the strain, format, and size of each Kratom bottle.

  • Powder – $19.99 for 30g up to $199.99 for 1 kilo (1000g)
  • Capsules – $13 for 25ct up to $210 for 500ct
  • Extracts – $20.99 for 12mL up to $423.99 for a 24 box of 12mL each

Choice Kratom Coupon Code

As with most Kratom vendors, Choice Kratom offers occasional discount codes for their Choice Botanicals products. We found one coupon code that seems to be working currently. Keep in mind that this could change at any time. You can also get a coupon for 5% off your next order when you sign up for their newsletter.

  • CHOICE20%OFF – 20% off your order

Choice Botanicals Consumer Reputation

On the I Love Kratom forum, one member tried every offering from Choice Botanicals and reviewed them. Per that assessment, the Green and Red Maeng Da are by far the best options. The Red Maeng Da Extracts earned a “96/100” score, making this the company’s top product. Overall, their products got a “70/100.”

On Reddit, you’ll find the usual mixed reviews. In one thread, their Kratom was dubbed “okay stuff, but it was too expensive.” Another person countered that Choice Botanicals has “awesome” Green Maeng Da. A third Redditor chimed in that the offering they tried “wasn’t bad stuff, especially for the price.”

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Choice Kratom Customer Service

Customer service is where Choice Kratom really seems to excel. Even those who don’t care for the company’s Mitragyna speciosa tend to make positive comments about the rest of their experience. On Reddit, it’s easy to find posters saying the customer service “was awesome.” Reviewers also compliment this vendor for doing “an excellent job of packing their product.” One person relayed that “customer service was excellent & they were very nice & respectful when replying back.”

We’re always happy to see a customer-friendly return policy, and Choice Kratom does offer one. They accept most unopened items back within 30 days of your order.

Bottom Line

If you decide to buy Kratom from this vendor, be careful with their website issues. Aside from that cautionary comment, we’ve seen enough happy Kratom enthusiasts to know that Choice Kratom typically sells decent stuff. Their prices are a bit high on some products, though.

As always, it’s best to shop around until you find a vendor that sells high-quality products that you personally enjoy. That could mean Choice Kratom (Choice Botanicals), or it could mean one of the many other vendors on The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors.

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