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Earth Kratom has only been around since 2017, but they managed to get a good foothold in the marketplace relatively quickly. This was mostly due to an aggressive advertising campaign that was run by their parent company (and long-time kratom vendor) MBBR Distribution. We all know that the right marketing can pull customers in, but the true test is whether or not those people return.

So, what’s the deal with Earth Kratom? Read on to find out!

What is Earth Kratom?

This vendor sells its products online. However, their primary source of business comes from wholesale clients. Yes, that’s right; Earth Kratom is typically sold in headshops and smoke shops.

As you’ve undoubtedly learned by now, there’s a good reason that many kratom enthusiasts try to steer clear of headshop products. However, not all of these products are the same, and some are worth checking out. Will that be the case for Earth Kratom? Let’s examine the evidence.

Earth Kratom is a South Carolina kratom supplier with a reputation for killer kratom blends. It regularly produces a wide range of kratom powder, capsules, and extracts. The brand’s collection includes Vietnam Kratom and the perennial favorite Maeng Da.

This vendor scores point from us for its secure packaging, detailed labels, and straightforward product pages. We appreciate the lack of bombast or B.S., and you’ll like it too. The only downside is its lack of third-party labs, but sometimes we can overlook this if the product is vital.

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What It Has to Offer

image of earth kratom products

The first thing to note about Earth Kratom is that they sell a diverse selection of kratom powder. Whether you want raw leaf, caps, or liquid kratom extracts, this vendor has got you.

Earth Kratom strains include Green Borneo, Green Hulu Kapuas, Green Maeng Da, Green Malay, Green Vietnam, Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Super Indo, Trainwreck, White Borneo, and White Maeng Da. These strains are typically available as a powder or as kratom capsules.

What It Costs and How It Compares

If you’re a regular reader of The Golden Monk’s vendor reviews, you know that we love it when a vendor uses consistent pricing. We tip our hat to Earth Kratom for doing this in their online shop. Remember, though, the products listed may vary significantly if you look for them at a brick-and-mortar shop.

Kratom powder starts at $12.99 for 30 grams, with 100g for $34.99, 250g for $49.99, and a kratom kilo (1,000 grams) for $129.99. Kratom capsules start at $19.99 for a 65-count pouch, with a 150-count for $34.99, a 300-count for $54.99, and a kilo’s worth of capsules for $199.99

These are fair market prices, though they are slightly more expensive than most. Most online vendors have responded to our current economic downturn by reducing the cost of bulk kratom. This reduction is designed to incentivize lower-income customers and keep vendors afloat.

For comparison, New Dawn Kratom charges $79.99 for a kilo, while charges $99.99. Others, such as Amazing Botanicals, sell split kilos for $99.99-109.99. Sketchier brands are even going so far as to push $50 kilos.

Earth Kratom Coupon Code

This vendor offers an excellent selection of Earth Kratom coupon codes, including seasonal promo codes redeemable for 25% off your total. You can check its homepage for ads or reach out via email at Promo deals come with free shipping as an added bonus.

Earth Kratom Consumer Reputation

image of customer reviews

One thing that has given some people pause is that Earth Kratom’s Bali was part of the FDA Kratom salmonella scare of 2018. Of course, there haven’t been any reported issues with any of its products since then, so that incident may have been nothing more than bad luck.

As far as customer reviews go, experiences vary per usual. One Double M Herbals member complained of experiencing migraines after buying Earth Kratom, alleging it was an awful brand whose product sucks. Another member agreed, calling it a sham.

On Reddit, the varying experiences continued. One person said they were “completely disappointed” by Earth Kratom. Another Redditor chimed in to say, “it’s hit or miss for me, honestly. Sometimes very potent, other times absolutely nothing. Overpriced, but convenience factor is cool.”

Earth Kratom Customer Service

We didn’t find much in the way of customers discussing their experiences with this vendor’s customer service. That’s to be expected when most people buy Earth Kratom from headshops, though. Those who decide to buy from this vendor online will be happy to know that they accept returns of unopened products within 30 days.

Bottom Line

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As you can see from the many Reddit comments, Earth Kratom is average at best. This makes them an okay choice if you’re between shipments and can stop at a local headshop. However, most people probably won’t prefer this brand enough to buy larger quantities from their online store.

Do you want to find a vendor that doesn’t sell headshop Kratom? Be sure to visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to learn about more than 50 different options!

6 Reviews for “Earth Kratom Vendor Review”

  1. Stephanie Lang says:

    Really awful product. Every strain is brown and dingy looking and the green bali, actually a weird brown color, does NOTHING. I am an experienced kratom consumer of at least 7vears and I’ve never had worse kratom than Earth Kratom. I bought a kilo to split with someone in between my regular preferred brand and I am absolutely disgusted. Never again.

  2. Andrew says:

    I’ve been buying earth kratom for about four months now. As others state it is hit or miss. Sometimes awesome, sometimes not. HOWEVER, something is not quite right with this kratom imo. I have a hard time believing this is organic like they say, something isn’t adding up in my body with this brand. Do yourself a favor and avoid this brand. I really didn’t want to give it two stars but when it hits it hits hard and lasts.

  3. Jae says:

    It’s convenient if I’m in a jam. Also, the prices are decent where I shop. The quality like others have said is hit or miss. I have to say Trainwreck was pretty great.

  4. Levi Mansell says:

    Earth Kratom is overwhelmingly disappointing in its quality and by extension, it’s pricing. I’ve tried all types over the last year or two and I’ve only had 1-2 excellent experiences out of a dozen or more purchases. My last purchase was an over priced bag of Green Borneo. Older batch or not, it’s not an excuse. Shop other vendors and leave this brand on the shelf’s of smoke shops where it belongs.

  5. Gina says:

    I have used it for awhile and every time I tell myself to order online and a quality vendor cause this is one of the worst companies they have the worst Kratom and no lab testing I can find don’t buy gas station leaf unless it’s OPMS gold extract

  6. Zack simms says:

    Earth kratom does have good prices, especially compared to other smoke shop brands. But the quality of the kratom is very poor. I wouldn’t recommend this brand unless your in a pinch.


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