Vendor Review Vendor Review debuted in 2014. They’re one of the few Kratom vendors to list an ‘Our Values’ section on their site. These values include:

  • Sourcing all-natural Kratom
  • Never adding chemicals, fillers, or additives to their products
  • Practicing Fair Trade practices
  • Quality testing each batch
  • Offering a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee. Review

If you’re impressed by their decision to create a values list, you’re not alone. showcases many of the qualities that all Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts are looking for. So, they definitely talk the right talk. But do their products and customer service live up to their words? We’re about to find out! Product Line

Kratom Spot sells 16 powder strains and 13 capsule strains. This vendor also stocks 7 extract strains, thereby giving customers a solid selection of products to choose from.

  • Powder – Red Thai, Green Thai, Indo White, Bali, White Sumatra, Red Indo, Green Indo, White Borneo, Green Malay, Red Sumatra, Red Bali, Maeng Da, White Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Bentuangie, & Ultra Borneo.
  • Capsules – Red Thai, Ultimate White Borneo, Green Malay, Red Malay, Super Green Indo, White Indo, Red Sumatra, Red Bali, White Maeng Da, Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, Ultimate Maeng Da, & Bentuangie.
  • Extracts – Bentuangie, Ultra Borneo, Ultra Indo, Ultra Malay, Ultra Sumatra, Ultra Bali, & Ultra Maeng Da.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

If you buy Kratom from, you can expect to pay between $12.99 and $209.99 for packs containing 20 to 500 capsules. Meanwhile, Kratom extracts range from $14.99 – $169.99 for bags containing between 1 ounce and 1 pound. Regular Kratom powder starts as low as $7.99 for 1 oz and goes up to $169.99 for 1 pound. Coupon Code

Kratom Spot coupon codes come and go. It’s best to sign up for this vendor’s newsletter if you want to stay updated about the latest discounts. You may also get the following code to work:

  • KSPOT15 – 15% off your order lists online specials toward the bottom of their homepage, so be sure to check there before placing an order. Additionally, all orders of $100 or higher will ship for free. Consumer Reputation

TrustPilot has given Kratom Spot an Excellent rating based on 790 reviews. Of these, 90 percent of customers gave this vendor 5 stars, with only 3 percent calling ‘poor’ or ‘bad.’

Over on I Love Kratom, forum members talked about getting a great deal from this vendor. One person indicated getting fast shipping and a product he’s “very happy with.”

Interestingly, it’s difficult to find commentary of any type about on Reddit. But back on TrustPilot, customers say, “fantastic seller,” “Kratom Spot is incredible,” and “always pleased with the quality of product.” Customer Service has an online chat feature that’s operational during business hours. Otherwise, you can contact them via email or phone. All of their products come with a 100 percent money-back guarantee. Returns are accepted on unopened products only.

Per TrustPilot’s reviews, has excellent customer service. Comments include “I wish they would teach their efficiency to other businesses. Great customer service and great product.” Others opined that this vendor has “the best customer service you could find” along with “honest, kind, and dependable” service.

Bottom Line

Kratom Leaves in Sunlight

Although it’s very strange to find a Kratom vendor that hasn’t been discussed half to death on Reddit, we do have to say that no reviews are better than bad reviews. It’s hard to say why the Reddit crowd hasn’t flocked to Kratom Spot, but it’s easy to see that many other enthusiasts have had great experiences with this vendor’s products. After all, a handful of TrustPilot reviews could be an anomaly – or even fake – but 790 is really compelling evidence.

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