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Club 13 Kratom is one of the oldest kratom vendors in America, but it lacks the fanfare typical of old-school brands. When it comes to consumer recognition, this isn’t another OPMS or Remarkable Herbs. On the contrary, Club 13 is barely on some people’s radar.

So, how does Club 13 Kratom compare to its more prominent headshop counterparts? And is its line of bulk kratom products worth the price of admission? We’ll explore all of this in today’s review. Read on for the complete pros and cons.

What is Club 13 Kratom?

Club 13 Kratom, also known as Club 13 Herbals (or simply Club 13), is one of the longest-standing kratom companies in the United States. This wholesale kratom brand was founded in 1999 in St Augustine, FL. Since then, it has launched its online store and developed relationships with several third-party retailers.

Many kratom enthusiasts won’t touch headshop products with a 10-foot pole. Club 13 Kratom appears to be no exception. For some, the name may signal danger. For the superstitious, 13 is thought to be an unlucky number. Nevertheless, it’s always worth learning more about a vendor who’s been in business for 20+ years.

In April 2018, the FDA issued a recall on Club 13 Kratom Red Maeng Da Powder due to the potential for Salmonella contamination. After this vendor voluntarily recalled its Maeng Da kratom powder and submitted it to the FDA, testing detected the presence of Salmonella. Club 13 subsequently destroyed its kratom stockpile and started from scratch.

Today, Club 13 Kratom advertises that it is tested by a third-party laboratory. Visitors are encouraged to request certificates of analysis. Although it doesn’t participate in the AKA’s GMP Standards Program, it appears legitimate and trustworthy.

The first thing you’ll notice when you visit the Club13 website is its payment options. This vendor accepts ACH payments and focuses heavily on its kratom capsules. However, it is far from a one-trick pony. In fact, it sells everything from powder and extracts to self-proclaimed connoisseur blends and vape juice.

The next thing you’ll notice is its consumer incentives. Club 13 Kratom invites you to sign up for its email newsletter to receive Club 13 Kratom discount codes. First-time visitors get a 13% off Club 13 Kratom coupon code, while subscribers are eligible for promo codes and kratom samples.

What It Has to Offer

image of club 13 kratom products

You’ll find 36 Kratom products, including its famed connoisseur blends and kratom taffy. Your options include the CBD Kratom, Classic Kratom Bundle, Green Maeng Da Kratom Powder, Green Malay, Horned Leaf, Indo White, and Red Bali. Its kratom extracts include Double Black Extra Strength, Green Malay, and Maeng Da White. Its vape juice comes in varieties of green, red, and white.

What It Costs and How It Compares

Pricing varies based on the strain and type of product. Therefore, you’ll want to look carefully before you buy kratom from Club13 to ensure you stay within your desired budget. Kratom powders start at $11.19 for 30 grams, with 90 grams selling for $24.99. 150 grams go for $35.63, while 453 grams will run you $84.99. These prices do not conform to the industry norm.

Before the pandemic, online vendors charged anywhere from $120 to $150 for 1,000 grams of kratom. Things have changed quite a bit over the last few years. An economic downturn resulted in vendors slashing prices to accommodate the financially strapped. Vendors now charge around $50 for 500 grams, with kratom kilos going for $90 or less. New Dawn Kratom even sells kilos for $79.99.

By contrast, Club 13 sells 10 kratom capsules for $7.99, with 120-count bottles going for more than $80.00. That’s 120 kratom pills, each containing less than one gram of kratom, selling for around the same price as the fair market standard for 1,000 grams of loose powdered kratom. These prices are unfortunate, to say the least.

Club 13 Customer Reviews

Consumer review site TrustPilot has Club 13 Herbals at a 3.5-star rating based on four reviews. The most negative review says, “sent me the wrong order, won’t fix the problem…rip off alert.” On the flip side, another reviewer says Club13 has “quality products” and has become their “go-to.”

On Reddit, you’ll find people debating over Club 13 Kratom. Some say things like “real bunky bunk,” “not very good,” and “mediocre.” Yet others say it’s “damn good for headshop stuff,” “worked like a charm,” and “quite strong.” One thing everyone seems to agree on is that their Kratom is overpriced, with one Redditor saying it’s “10x what the price should be, and it’s not better than the cheap stuff.”

One Kratom enthusiast relayed a “terrible” experience with Club 13 Kratom on Reddit. This thread led some to speculate about this vendor possibly adulterating their products.

Club 13 Kratom Customer Service

image of club 13 customer reviews

Club 13 Kratom offers a satisfaction guarantee for its products. According to its website, you can return any product you don’t like for an exchange or refund (less shipping and taxes). Be sure to double-check its requirements before you send anything back.

This vendor has attracted a mixture of good and bad feedback from Trustpilot reviewers. Many have addressed its customer service in particular. One customer received an erroneous order, alleging that Club 13’s sales rep kept promising to make things right but never did. Others say its customer service is great, and it answers any questions you might have.

Bottom Line

Club 13 Kratom has gotten a decent amount of praise for a headshop brand. However, it’s also attracted a lot of negative reviews and questions about the validity of its products. We don’t believe you can truly judge a product until you’ve tried it, but we would caution interested parties to do some more research and start small.

Would you like to steer clear of headshop kratom altogether? Head over to our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors. This is the perfect way to compare companies, prices, policies, protocols, and more.


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  1. Staci Graves says:

    sent red strain in a white maeng da bag! I know the difference. they would not acknowledge they gave me wrong product. tried ordering again, said 3 day shipping, it’s still not here and won’t be for another week. BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE, and I think they switch and put other things on their kratom.


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