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Fire Wholesale Kratom may sound like shorthand for a failed kratom vendor’s bulk kratom fire sale, but in actuality, it is one of the longest-standing companies in the botanical industry. Fire Wholesale was founded way back in 1999 when most Americans can yet to discover the purported wonders of the Mitragyna speciosa herb.

Earth Kratom is the official kratom brand of Fire Wholesale (hereafter referred to as Fire Wholesale Kratom). This South Carolina kratom manufacturer is concentrated on producing premium-quality kratom strains and proprietary kratom blends.

Known for its consistency and convenience, Earth Kratom has become one of the most prominent names in the domestic kratom marketplace. Learn all about the pros and cons of this international collective in our comprehensive Fire Wholesale Kratom Vendor Review.


Fire Wholesale Kratom Product Review

Fire Wholesale Kratom is a product of Earth Kratom, a vendor with offices in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Earth Kratom operates under the umbrella of Fire Wholesale, a merchant wholesaler located in Hollywood, FL. Fire Wholesale Kratom has additional offices in Lisboa, Portugal.

Fire Wholesale Kratom launched Earth Kratom in 2017 as an all-natural brand with an aim toward manufacturing cleaner extracted kratom products. To this end, it rolled out a line of liquid kratom extract that is as unadulterated as it is robust.

With the assistance of Fire Wholesale Kratom’s distribution partners at MBBR Distribution, Earth Kratom’s products have become widely available and highly regarded, with its kratom extracts and kratom capsules receiving five-star ratings across multiple platforms and product pages.

This vendor carries twelve to thirteen varieties of kratom at any given time; these strains come in multiple vein colors, including green vein, red vein, and white vein. Earth Kratom’s prices for kratom powder are comparable to those charged by many of its competitors, especially its bulk kratom deals. More on this in a moment.

Earth kratom products and logo

Fire Wholesale Kratom’s biggest draw is its packaging, which is both attractive and easy to reseal, with an eye-catching green-on-beige design and leafy green trim. More importantly, each batch of Earth Kratom powder is emblazoned with a bar code, ingredient list, promise of purity, and warning label.

Earth Kratom’s consumer reputation is fairly mixed, with some hailing it as a great choice in a pinch and others condemning its high price and hit-or-miss quality. Some have speculated that its kratom powder has been adulterated in the past, but no evidence supports such claims.

This vendor provides free kratom same-day shipping on all orders, big or small. Every order is shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service), with tracking information given once your order has been processed.

The quality of this brand is said to be inconsistent, though such allegations are largely subjective. However, research indicates that Fire Wholesale Kratom is less than stellar. In fact, select customers have suggested it is stale or otherwise compromised.


What It Costs & How It Compares

Prices start at $12.99 for thirty grams of kratom powder or $19.99 for sixty-five kratom capsules. You can get one hundred grams of powder for $34.99 or two hundred fifty grams for $49.99. Alternatively, you can pick up one hundred fifty caps for $34.99 or three hundred caps for $54.99.

As we mentioned earlier, these prices are in keeping with long-standing prices among e-commerce suppliers and are, in many cases, cheaper than what brick-and-mortar shops charge for similar amounts.  At $12.99 for thirty grams, Fire Wholesale Kratom is more affordable than two out of three prominent brands. For example, Choice Kratom charges $17.99 for thirty grams, while GLA Kratom charges $20 for the same.

Fire Wholesale Kratom Kilos are currently available for $129.99 for one thousand grams. This is a bit more expensive than the current industry low, but not by much. You might say Fire Wholesale Kratom’s prices exist in between low prices and high prices. For the sake of comparison, Mitragaia charges $120, while Happy Hippo Herbals charges $260-290.00.

This vendor currently accepts checks, eCheck, Mastercard, money orders, and VISA credit/debit cards. COD (Cash On Delivery) does not appear to be offered, nor are cryptocurrencies of any kind. In order to inquire about alternative payment methods, you can contact Fire Wholesale Kratom at:

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Fire Wholesale Kratom Coupon Code

There are no promo codes available on Earth Kratom’s website at this time, nor could we find any on social media. You may want to inquire about an email about subscribing to its newsletter. Typically, newsletter subscribers receive exclusive offers, kratom coupon codes, and promotional opportunities.

These opportunities may include discounts of up to twenty percent off and entry into kratom giveaways. Promos may also extend to free kratom samples and sitewide clearances. These savings will vary from vendor to vendor.


Fire Wholesale Kratom Customer Reviews

Customers have written in from far and wide to share their experiences with Earth Kratom at online kratom forums. Earth Kratom Reddit posts have noted the pros and cons of this brand, particularly the quality and price.

One user said, “It is actually really good. It was my first ever Kratom experience and you can feel the effect in 10 minutes. Makes you calm, but focused. It may give you the craps, depending on how much you take. BUT overall, I had a good experience with them.”

Some customers have even noted their loyalty to the brand, with one customer writing, “I’ve been b**ning their stuff for a little bit now and it’s actually pretty good.” Over at Double M Herbals, a member reviewed one of its kratom blends, calling it “awesome” and nothing its invigorating aroma.


Fire Wholesale Kratom Complaints

Others have not been nearly as enthusiastic; one customer wrote: “I’ve had the Earth Kratom Organic a couple of times when I couldn’t wait for a shipment. It was actually the first brand I tried. It’s hit or miss for me, honestly. Sometimes very potent, other times absolutely nothing. Overpriced, but the convenience factor is cool.”

A Double M Herbals member accused Earth Kratom of being part of an old FDA seizure involving salmonella contamination, but no evidence of this appears to exist online. While similar brands have been recalled due to such outbreaks, Earth Kratom appears to be clean.

Regardless, users have found their fair share of gripes when it comes to Fire Wholesale Kratom. Speaking of its Maeng Da strain, a Reddit member wrote, “It was awful. I got sick and dizzy from a normal-sized dose. Felt like crap the next morning. Was even kind of fucking with my vision. Idk what they did with it.”


Is It Lab Tested?

This vendor makes no claims where laboratory testing is concerned; Fire Wholesale Kratom’s Terms and Conditions page makes no mention of testing or purity. No certificates of analysis from third-party labs are disclosed, nor is there any indication that it has been evaluated for purity or potency.

Depiction of Fire Wholesale kratom lab test


Is Fire Wholesale Kratom Legit?

In spite of its many years in business, Fire Wholesale Kratom has not demonstrated its legitimacy. This brand does not deliver important data, nor does it offer any kind of satisfaction guarantee. Its website lacks a FAQ page, while its checkout lacks privacy-conscious payment options.


American Kratom Association

Fire Wholesale Kratom is not listed as one of the approved vendors in the AKA’s GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Standards program. The GMP program was established to protect customers against unsafe products by unsavory brands. By holding kratom processors accountable, the GMP Standards program seeks to improve the future of kratom legality and kratom sales in the United States.

Fire Wholesale Kratom’s failure to participate in the GMP program is not necessarily proof of any wrongdoing, but it speaks to its unwillingness, to be honest, and forthcoming about its business practices. The GMP Standards initiative requires that vendors submit to a third-party audit while adhering to manufacturing, labeling, marketing, and distribution requirements.


Closing Thoughts

Fire Wholesale Kratom is a reasonably priced brand with real longevity, but its lack of transparency and divisive standing in the kratom community leaves us to question its value as a domestic kratom vendor.

Still on the fence? You can find excellent alternative brands by shopping around online and asking the broader community for recommendations. You can also check out our complete list of kratom vendors here.

4 Reviews for “Fire Wholesale Kratom Vendor Review”

  1. Scott Smith says:

    Man, I thought by getting this direct I could cut out the middle man, but I was wrong. Every couple months or so I buy a bag 1500 CT of Kratom Capsuals. It cost me in the store 119 bucks. And on here it’s double the price.. how is this even possible

  2. Lee Fountaine says:

    I’ve used kratom for years and in my opinion the white Magda Kratom works best, at least for me. The only complaint I have is apparently fire wholesale has absolutely no quality control. The reason I say that is because every once in a while, 10 to 15 times now, I count the capsules to see if the correct amount is in the bag and every time I have it’s always short by three to ten capsules! I still buy them because they work best for me but fire wholesale needs to do better on their quality control. I mean I can’t pay less than the advertised price so I should get the amount that each bag says it has in it every time!

  3. Judith Gouldin says:

    I love the relief it provides

  4. Allan says:

    I’ve been talking Kratom for about years and people should understand you learn what dose works for you yes when you first start out it can make you feel bad until you get the dosage right but sugar can also have this effect until you learn how much sugar you should take in during a day but in four years I’ve found no real bad side effects or side effects at all with the dosage that works for me people should note I like the effects of Kratom in part because I’m someone that cannot intake marijuana and drinking alcohol all the time is not ideal for productive members of society I’m thankful for this product and this company I recommend people find the strain that works for them


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