Gaia Kratom Review: Quality, Pricing & User Ratings

Gaia Ethnobotanicals opened its virtual doors in 2015. They quickly evolved into one of the Kratom industry’s most respected and beloved vendors. More recently, Gaia Kratom went through a rebranding to help them meet their goal of being the internet’s most comprehensive and transparent Kratom vendor. They’re now officially known as MitraGaia, but most Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts still refer to them as simply Gaia.

Gaia Kratom Review (MitraGaia)

MitraGaia boasts of being the #1 rated Kratom company online. Although we can’t confirm or deny that ranking, we do know it’s very impressive for a vendor to acquire more than 5 million reviews. Gaia also posts third-party testing results for their Kratom strains, making it much easier to trust the quality of their products.

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MitraGaia Product Line

Gaia’s Kratom comes in three styles: powder, capsules, and extracts. With well more than 100 products, we’re unable to list every option here. But to give you an idea of the Gaia Kratom line, here are a few of their more unusual offerings:

  • Green Batak Capsules
  • 50X Black Diamond Extract
  • Ganesh MD
  • White Ketapang
  • Red Asia
  • Elephant

You can also pick up an 8-in-1 Custom Blend and Samplers with up to 1 kilo (1,000g) split up into four different 250g packs. Want to try even more Kratom strains for a cheaper price? Be sure to check out their Gaia Kratom Welcome Sampler, which includes 1-ounce each of seven strains for only $30.

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

MitraGaia proves that you don’t have to pay an arm and a leg for high-quality Kratom. With every Kratom powder priced at only $5 for 1-ounce, you can easily try a wide variety of strains. If you want a larger quantity, 250g sells for $30 and 1 kilo (1,000g) retails for $120.

Extracts are more expensive, of course, ranging from $1.50 for a 1g sample all the way to $550 for 1 kilo (1,000g).

All of Gaia’s Kratom capsule bottles contain 2,000 capsules filled with a total of 1 kilo. The convenience of encapsulation pushes the price of 1 kilo to $199.

Gaia Kratom Coupon Code

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MitraGaia does offer coupon codes to help new and existing customers get the best possible deal. These codes are only active for a limited time. Currently, you can use “BACK2SCHOOL” for 20 percent off until November 27, 2019. They’re also offering 10 percent off with a code that doesn’t have a listed expiration date: “TPSREPORT.”

MitraGaia Consumer Reputation

Gaia Kratom may have millions of positive reviews, but that doesn’t mean they have a spotless reputation. Of course, you can find complaints online about practically anything. Therefore, we always encourage people to weigh the good and the bad while making a purchasing decision.

On the good side, a Reddit thread showcased MitraGaia’s tendency to be generous with free samples. Some of the comments included:

  • “Gaia is my favorite place to shop for Kratom.”
  • “Their products are amazing.”
  • “[8-in-1] was great, I recommend it.”
  • “Consistently high quality.”
  • “I only order from Gaia.”
  • “Top shelf stuff.”
  • “Really good overall.”

MitraGaia isn’t so well liked over on the Double M Herbals message board. They were even accused of copying their Kratom guide “word for word” from another vendor. Others said that Gaia’s Kratom has “a pretty dirty feeling” and that their products are “terrible.”

Gaia Kratom (MitraGaia) Customer Service

image of gaia kratom customer service

Customer service is another divisive issue among MitraGaia’s customers. Some complain about never getting free samples and dealing with extensive shipping delays. Meanwhile, others have raved about getting a large number of free samples and receiving their order almost instantly.

Gaia offers a Kratom Rewards program that can provide a lot of usefulness for regular customers. This vendor also allows exchanges of unopened products for 30 days.

Bottom Line

You can definitely buy Kratom at a good price from MitraGaia. We like that they’re typically generous with free samples. Lots of Mitragyna speciosa enthusiasts have had good experiences with their product quality. However, be aware that there may be shipping delays and you can’t expect free samples. Also, some of their strains may not be quite as good as others.

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