Best Online Vendors for Kratom Tincture Extract

Kratom Tinctures, sometimes referred to as Liquid Kratom, provide a much more potent punch than capsules and powder. Each bottle contains Kratom extracts, and you can tell how many leaves were used by the number on the bottle. For example, a Tincture labeled with x10 used 10 grams of kratom makes 1ml of liquid. Read on to see some of the best kratom vendors online who carry liquid kratom tincture extract drops.

Some Kratom buyers prefer Tinctures because they’re measured in terms of drops rather than grams. There’s also no powder or capsules to deal with, making Kratom Tinctures very portable.

Why Kratom Tincture Extract is More Expensive

The manufacturing process is more complicated than grinding Kratom leaves into powder, which is the primary reason that a lot of vendors don’t sell this product. To help you save time, here’s a list with a few good resources for finding highly rated Kratom Tinctures.

4 Best Vendors for Kratom Tinctures Extract


zerbals vendor online logoAs one of the best-selling items in the Zerbals shop, it’s no wonder that Kratom FST Full Spectrum Tincture Liquid Extract (Maeng DA FST) has a five-star average. Of course, the manufacturing process we previously spoke of – plus the number of leaves required to make a Tincture – comes with a higher price tag than many Kratom buyers may be used to. This particular Tincture starts at 2ml for $49.99.

Zion Herbals

zion herbals liquid kratom extract gold reserve

Perhaps best known for their 15ml “Gold Reserve” Tincture, Zion Herbals offers affordable Tinctures that many buyers swear by. For example, the “Gold Reserve” Tincture is only $19.99. When you compare that to the price from Zerbals, it’s no wonder that the “Gold Reserve” is frequently sold out. Zion Herbals also sells 15ml of Liquid Kratom 24K GOLD Extract for $19.99.

Kratom Herbs

kratom herbs FST liquid extract

If you’re looking for a wide variety of Kratom Tinctures, then you should definitely check out Kratom Herbs. They specialize in carrying full spectrum extracts and currently have four types: Bali FST, Golden Concentrate FST, Maeng Da 5x Liquid Extract FST, and Original FST. Pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the style and size you choose, with the most affordable option being 2ml of Bali FST for $17.50. Unfortunately, this is also their lowest rated Kratom Tincture, so you may want to skip it in favor of one of their other options.

Kraken Kratom

kraken kratom capsules review

You can unleash the Kraken with this vendor’s three unique Kratom Tinctures. Their budget Tincture, FSE Kratom Extract, starts at only $12.95 and is made from Bali Kratom Extract. The higher end of the price scale includes Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (FST) in plain or citrus and Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract (Maeng Da).

Top Liquid Kratom Alternatives

There are scores of kratom suppliers all across the United States and beyond, and many of them offer kratom extracts. But only a few of these brands are worthy of discussion. There are several liquid kratom shots on the market, almost all of which are inedible.

In the past, consumers have lamented the horrid flavor and unbearable odor of these liquid kratom extracts. We have read many accounts of extracts triggering customers’ gag reflexes, knocking users on their butts, and contributing to an upset stomach.

Fortunately, there are a few trusted kratom extract brands working to improve the concept. These are our picks for the best examples of high-quality kratom extracts. Each has been evaluated by independent laboratories and all of them are known for their cutting-edge techniques.

Hush Kratom

Opinions of Hush Kratom Shots have been sharply divided, particularly on platforms like Reddit, but it is one of the most popular options available. Some have even suggested that Hush Kratom Ultra Shot is a stronger extract than OPMS extracts. Others have praised its pleasantly fruity taste.

Kush Ultra Shot is infused with 80% pure alkaloids, including mitragynine. The latter is the dominant alkaloid of the shot, and the lemon-lime flavor almost seems to potentiate mitragynine’s pungent aroma. One reviewer called this one a genuine shock, while another insisted that it was the best taste available.

At $12.99 per bottle, Hush Kratom Ultra fits neatly within the economy category of kratom extracts. While 10 milliliters is less than that of your average liquid kratom shot (approximately 12-15 ml per bottle), it is every bit as robust as its larger counterparts. One serving is commensurate to 7-10 grams of kratom powder.

MIT 45

There are those who believe that MIT45 has eclipsed all those who came before it. And it so happens that many on our writing staff agree. MIT45, so named for the 45% mitragynine content in each of its kratom extracts, is an international vendor with a commitment to quality and innovation.

The MIT45 online store opens up a whole new world to first-time buyers and seasoned kratom connoisseurs alike. In addition to its proven transparency – certificates of analysis are made readily available, and the brand possesses AKA approval – this vendor offers unparalleled products.

All told, there are five kratom extracts in the MIT45 collection, including MIT45 BOOST, MIT45 Gold, and Super K Full Spectrum Liquid Kratom Shot. But we recommend kratom vets give its MIT Go Black Extra Strength a try, as it is a venerable revelation.

This gel-based alkaloid concentrate marries MIT45’s mitragynine-dominant extract with black pepper for potentiation and tantalizes the taste buds with a honey base, and unmistakable flourishes of cinnamon and orange zest. At $11.95 for a 150 mg squeezable pouch, it is easily the most bang for your buck.


Last but not least, there is the godfather of all American kratom extracts. OPMS Kratom has been blazing a trail in the business for over a decade. This West Coast manufacturer has implemented a patented, and very much top-secret, extraction process in order to yield extracts of superlative properties.

The results have been baffling, with some emerging as best in the biz and others falling short of generic garbage. Over the years, OPMS has continued to hone its craft. Some of its finest items include OPMS Gold, a concentrated kratom shot that’s nearly as strong as the others on this list.

As it nears its 13-year anniversary, OPMS remains a brand to keep an eye on. Items like OPMS Black Kratom Extract Capsules are proof positive that this manufacturer is in it for the long haul. And what a relief that is to its many international customers, many of whom praise its liquid kratom shots.

One Reddit member said OPMS Black is the only extract on the market that does what it’s supposed to do, while others noted that MIT45 Black is superior. As with other brands, opinions are all over the map, but the consensus is that each of these brands is a cut above the rest.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that all of these Kratom Tinctures are much stronger than their powder and capsule alternatives. These concentrates are not necessarily intended for the inexperienced, nor are they intended for recreational use. Like other kratom products, extracts were developed for research purposes. They should be treated accordingly.

Whichever brand or product you decide on, be sure to do your due diligence before placing your order. Take a look at the AKA’s website to confirm that you’re using a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices)-compliant vendor. If the brand doesn’t participate, be sure to inquire about lab results.

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