Best Online Vendors for Kratom Tincture Extract

Kratom Tinctures, sometimes referred to as Liquid Kratom, provide a much more potent punch than capsules and powder. Each bottle contains Kratom extracts, and you can tell how many leaves were used by the number on the bottle. For example, a Tincture labeled with x10 used 10 grams of kratom makes 1ml of liquid. Read on to see some of the best kratom vendors online who carry liquid kratom tincture extract drops.

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Some Kratom buyers prefer Tinctures because they’re measured in terms of drops rather than grams. There’s also no powder or capsules to deal with, making Kratom Tinctures very portable.

Why Kratom Tincture Extract is More Expensive

The manufacturing process is more complicated than grinding Kratom leaves into powder, which is the primary reason that a lot of vendors don’t sell this product. To help you save time, here’s a list with a few good resources for finding highly rated Kratom Tinctures.

4 Best Vendors for Kratom Tinctures Extract


zerbals vendor online logoAs one of the best-selling items in the Zerbals shop, it’s no wonder that Kratom FST Full Spectrum Tincture Liquid Extract (Maeng DA FST) has a five-star average. Of course, the manufacturing process we previously spoke of – plus the number of leaves required to make a Tincture – comes with a higher price tag than many Kratom buyers may be used to. This particular Tincture starts at 2ml for $49.99.

Zion Herbals

zion herbals liquid kratom extract gold reserve

Perhaps best known for their 15ml “Gold Reserve” Tincture, Zion Herbals offers affordable Tinctures that many buyers swear by. For example, the “Gold Reserve” Tincture is only $19.99. When you compare that to the price from Zerbals, it’s no wonder that the “Gold Reserve” is frequently sold out. Zion Herbals also sells 15ml of Liquid Kratom 24K GOLD Extract for $19.99.

Kratom Herbs

kratom herbs FST liquid extract

If you’re looking for a wide variety of Kratom Tinctures, then you should definitely check out Kratom Herbs. They specialize in carrying full spectrum extracts and currently have four types: Bali FST, Golden Concentrate FST, Maeng Da 5x Liquid Extract FST, and Original FST. Pricing can vary quite a bit depending on the style and size you choose, with the most affordable option being 2ml of Bali FST for $17.50. Unfortunately, this is also their lowest rated Kratom Tincture, so you may want to skip it in favor of one of their other options.

Kraken Kratom

kraken kratom capsules review

You can unleash the Kraken with this vendor’s three unique Kratom Tinctures. Their budget Tincture, FSE Kratom Extract, starts at only $12.95 and is made from Bali Kratom Extract. The higher end of the price scale includes Full Spectrum Kratom Extract (FST) in plain or citrus and Kraken Reserve Liquid Kratom Extract (Maeng Da).

Bonus Option

O.P.M.S. makes a highly regarded 8 ml bottle of Liquid Kratom that is very popular. You may find this from some online vendors, but it’s most commonly spotted at head shops and gas stations. If you’re going to pick up a Kratom Tincture from a brick and mortar shop, this is probably your best bet.

OPMS liquid kratom extract 8 ml shots

Parting Words About Kratom Tincture Extract

Keep in mind that all of these Kratom Tinctures are much stronger than their powder and capsule alternatives.