Kanga Kratom Review: Price and Product Review

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Kratom enthusiasts may have recently seen products from a vendor called Kanga Kratom. Their large product collection is appealing to people looking to try every kind of kratom, but you always need to do your research to make sure you’re only buying kratom from reputable sources. Find out whether this is a legit company in our Kanga Kratom review. 


Who is Kanga Kratom?

Kanga Kratom is a kratom vendor that carries over 80 strains of this potent plant. Our research shows that this business appeared to form sometime in 2022. What sets this company apart from other vendors involves selection. This vendor carries kratom powders, liquids, extracts, and capsules. In addition, this vendor also offers wholesale kratom for people or companies wanting to buy in bulk. 


Kanga Kratom Product Review

With so many products on its website, let’s look at this vendor’s product line. Since this vendor carries white, yellow, green, gold, and red kratom strains, you should find at least a few of your favorites from this vendor. Some of this company’s most popular strains are:

  • Maeng Da
  • Borneo
  • Horn
  • Hulu
  • Malay
  • Thai
  • Pucuk

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This vendor also offers sample packs. Each sample pack contains a few separate strains, which is great if you’re unsure which ones you prefer or dislike. To make a more informed choice about your preferred strain, check out Golden Monk’s own kratom strains review guide.

This vendor also carries extracts, which can be great for long-time kratom users or those with otherwise high tolerances to this plant. This company sells Kanga Drive Capsules and KangaGold, which features an alkaloid content of over 98%. 


What It Costs and How It Compares

This company offers most of its kratom powders in the following size and price options:

  • 5 ounces for $17.99
  • 8 ounces for $27.99
  • 10 ounces for $37.00
  • 16 ounces for $54.99
  • 1 kilo for $110.00

If you’re interested in kratom capsules, here are the size and price options available from this vendor:

  • 30-count capsules for $12.00
  • 90-count capsules for $22.00
  • 180-count capsules for $38.00
  • 250-count capsules for $55.00
  • 1 kilo of capsules for $120.00

This company’s Kava Blend contains 350mg of kava and mitragynine for $12.99 each. Its 300mg kratom tincture costs $29.99 per bottle. As for its extracts, KangaGold costs $15 per gram. Kanga Drive capsules cost $5 each.
As impressive as the product collection is, you can find a better price on kratom products including many of the most popular strains right here at Golden Monk.  


Is Kanga Kratom Legit?

Based on everything found online about this business, we feel reasonably safe stating that this kratom vendor is legit. This company isn’t yet AKA accredited, but it’s working hard to do so. You’ll also find that this vendor takes its product quality and lab testing very seriously. And we’re all about kratom vendors who focus on testing and selling high-quality kratom. 


Kanga Kratom Customer Reviews

In a recent review on the r/smallbatchkratom subreddit, one Reddit user said, “it’s not bad.” Another reviewer in a separate thread was more positive, saying they were “very impressed” with this vendor.


Does They Offer Discounts and Coupon Codes?

As of this time, we only found one coupon. I Love Kratom forum members can take 20% off using the code: ILK.

We also recommend checking out this vendor’s monthly giveaway. This business gives away one free kilo of its kratom to five lucky winners each month. But you must be a customer of this vendor with at least one published review on its website.


Kanga Kratom and mitragynine molecule structure

Yes! Kanga Kratom takes its lab testing very seriously. According to this vendor’s website, it tests each batch of kratom over nine times for E. coli, yeast, mold, staph, and salmonella. This company is also GMP certified.

You can even email info@kangakratom.com to request this company’s most recent lab test results. 


Is Kanga Kratom Approved by the AKA?

This company isn’t currently on the AKA’s list of approved vendors. But, according to Kanga Kratom’s website, this company’s kratom is “currently getting verified through the American Kratom Association.”

In our final review, Kanga Kratom is a vendor carrying many strains. This vendor focuses on lab testing and customer safety. Overall, we believe this vendor is worth checking out.  

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