Remarkable Herbs Kratom Vendor Review

Remarkable Herbs sells wholesale Kratom products to retail vendors. According to their website, they’ve been in business since 2001, which really says a lot in the Mitragyna speciosa community.

However, they’ve built their entire business on providing head shop products. With that in mind, it’s always wise to take a closer look before spending your hard-earned cash on a company’s products.

Remarkable Herbs Review


This vendor has an online presence, although it’s relatively new. Unless you’re a wholesale customer, their website will only give you some basic information. Even those who are retail wholesale customers cannot place an order through the website. Instead, they have to reach out to Remarkable Herbs via their contact page.

Remarkable Herbs has a unique approach to kratom sales—it refers individual consumers to, an affiliate site where you can purchase Remarkable Herbs’ branded products.

Retailers cannot order through this site or the Remarkable Herbs site. Instead, Remarkable Herbs off-loads its inventory to wholesalers who then resell to nationwide stores.

Though it may seem unorthodox and, perhaps, a bit shady this unusual approach has worked quite well for it. Remarkable Herbs is arguably one of the five biggest names in the business.

Today, you can walk into any number of gas stations, novelty shops, or convenience stores and find this brand prominently displayed behind glass. It is right up there with Krave Kratom, Mit 45, OPMS, and Whole Herbs Kratom.

That is because Remarkable Herbs is stocked by more than 15,000 brick-and-mortar establishments. It is widely known as one of the most trustworthy outfits in the United States.

Despite Internet rumors about a Remarkable Herbs kratom recall, this vendor has never once slipped up in the quality control department. At the height of the 2018 Salmonella scare, Remarkable Herbs had long since invested in sanitary facilities.

What’s more, Remarkable Herbs has received AKA (American Kratom Association) accreditation. This is no small feat, as the AKA requires vendors to participate in its rigorous GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) program in order to qualify for accreditation.

All of this illustrates Remarkable Herbs’ devotion to quality and care, and goes far towards putting consumers at ease. After all, when a company works this hard to ensure its safety and potency, you are clearly in good hands.

While it is always shady for a vendor to withhold third-party lab results from the public, we can well imagine this being a privacy issue for a company that does all of its business with distributors. In other words, it is not in Remarkable Herbs’ best interest for its personal information to be made available online.


  • Solid variety
  • Excellent strains
  • No additives
  • Re-sealable packaging
  • Reliable brand
  • GMP-compliance
  • Sterilizes its kratom products


  • No kratom capsules
  • No direct-to-consumer sales
  • Does not disclose third-party labs

Remarkable Herbs Product Line & Pricing Guide

image of remarkable herbs products

Any store that’s looking to carry a variety of powder products may want to visit this vendor’s site. After all, they sell a lot more than just Kratom. You can also find 15 types of Kava, along with eight specialty products such as Cat’s Claw, Mimosa Hostillis, Mitragyna Hirsuta, and Mitragyna Javanica.

Remarkable Herbs Malaysian Kratom is the stuff of legend—it’s bold, it’s mysterious, and it’s sublime. White Malay is also smoother and longer lasting than most traditional plain leaf kratom strains.

This Remarkable Herbs White Vein is almost as infamous as Remarkable Herbs Green Vein around here. We tend to prefer green veins for office hours, but we have found this vendor’s white strains to be quite interesting for daytime brews.

Remarkable Herbs Vietnam is a similar cultivar, one whose aroma is protracted and whose body is vigorous.

Both of these outstanding strains are suitable for all seasons, so to speak. That being said, we prefer White Malay for late-afternoon brainstorm sessions and weekends in repose.

This vendor carries numerous kratom strains in a variety of sizes and vein colors. They include all of the following:

  • Green Indo
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Thai
  • Green Vietnam
  • Red Bali
  • Red Maeng Da
  • White Maeng Da

Prices vary based on the strain and quantity ordered. There is no indication on the website if wholesale customers can get a discount for bulk quantities.

Distributors can pick up an ounce for $7.99, three ounces for $14.99, eight ounces for $35.99, or twenty ounces for $81.99.

The latter price point is extremely high for such a small amount; twenty ounces equates to roughly five hundred sixty-seven grams. Normally, online vendors charge somewhere in the neighborhood of $50-60 for a half-ounce (500 grams).

Any retailer who purchases it from a distributor will have to charge significantly more than this in order to turn a worthwhile profit. That may not be a problem for the retailer, but it’s an unfortunate prospect for the consumer.

If you place an order online via, you can choose between a range of payment options. They include credit/debit card payments through CannaPaid and FLEX, P2P payments through CashApp, Pop Money, and Zelle, or your choice of eCheck.

Additional payment methods may be made available upon request. You can contact Payless Kratom at [email protected]

Shipping & Returns

image of kratom shipping and returns

Should you place an order for Remarkable Herbs Kratom from Payless Kratom, your item(s) will ship via USPS (United States Postal Service). For four dollars more than your sub-total you can require a signature.

We highly recommend users invest in the signature requirement, as it all but guarantees that your package will arrive promptly and will be hand-delivered by a driver. Given recent post office delays any insurance you can purchase is well worth the extra bucks.

If you are bulking up, you’ll be happy to know that Payless Kratom provides free Priority Mail shipping on orders of $100 or more.

You can return an item for any reason, so long as your return it within fifteen business days. Items must be unopened in order to qualify for a partial refund.

Since Payless Kratom destroys all returned products for safety reasons, you will bear the cost of 35% of its disposal fee, with the remaining 65% covered by the site’s parent company.

Remarkable Herbs Consumer Reputation

Most headshop and smoke shop brands do not earn high praise from the Kratom community. However, Remarkable Herbs has become a notable exception. Over on Reddit, it’s easy to find people singing the praises of this brand, even if they don’t like the overly inflated headshop prices.

One thread dedicated to Remarkable Herbs contains many testimonials worth reading. A few highlights include:

  • “It was actually pretty good stuff! I’d recommend it.”
  • “It is honest, quality Kratom, well-packaged and at a headshop price. If you ever run out unexpectedly, this is a fine brand to tide you over.”
  • “This is not bad Kratom…I would buy it again in a pinch.”
  • “I would definitely recommend Remarkable Herbs if you find yourself in a bind.”

Of course, Kratom tends to offer a very subjective experience, so it’s unsurprising that one Redditor posted their displeasure with Remarkable Herbs. “I purchased my second large bag after having a good experience with the brand. However, the second bag I got was NOTHING like the first. It is truly terrible…this batch smelled horrible compared to the last.”

As a wholesaler, Remarkable Herbs doesn’t provide any direct general consumer customer service that we can find. However, their website does offer an authentication guide to make sure you’ve purchased the real deal. They also have a FAQs and About section to help consumers find answers to their questions. If all else fails, you could reach out to them via their contact page too.

Bottom Line

image of kratom leaves and capsules

If you run out between shipments and need to buy Kratom from a head shop, you could certainly do much worse than Remarkable Herbs.

The general consensus for this vendor is highly positive, with even the one detractor stating that their first batch was good quality. Keep in mind that you can find better pricing for products that are just as good – or even better – from reputable online vendors.

Want to find online vendors that sell their own branded Kratom for a competitive price? Visit The Golden Monk’s Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to learn about several quality vendors.

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