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Krave Kratom launched in 2016 as a wholesale and retail vendor. It claims to sell the highest quality kratom, which isn’t particularly original. Does the truth look anything like the marketing hype? Read on for the full scoop!

What is Krave Kratom

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Krave Kratom is a North American wholesale kratom brand. It is one of the most ubiquitous products to grace smoke shop shelves. This brand is found in nationwide headshops, convenience stores and smoke shops.

Krave Kratom’s headshop availability makes many kratom enthusiasts suspicious of its quality. Much of this mistrust owes to the illegal adulteration of smoke shop kratom products with dangerous synthetic additives. Luckily, not all wholesale manufacturers produce inferior products.

The only practical way to separate the decent head shop vendors from the bad is to try them out. This is how we found two of our favorite products – Trainwreck Kratom from New Dawn and the Gold Shot from MIT45 (which also owns Golden Monk). Sometimes, you have to take a leap of faith if you want to discover something extraordinary.

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What It Has to Offer

Krave Kratom sells kratom powder, capsules, concentrate, and samples. They don’t have an enormous selection in any category, but they cover the basics. Kratom capsules include CBD-Infused Kratom, Bali, Gold, Green Malay, Maeng Da, Trainwreck, White Thai, Red Dragon, Red Hulu, White Maeng Da, & Yellow Borneo.

This vendor’s powders consist of CBD-Infused Kratom, Green Malay, Bali Kratom, Gold Kratom, Maeng Da, Trainwreck Blend, Red Dragon, Red Hulu, White Maeng Da, White Thai, & Yellow Borneo. Liquid kratom shots and concentrated tinctures are also available.

What It Costs and How It Compares

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All of its kratom capsules (aside from the CBD-infused option) have the same price point, making it easier to buy kratom without any financial surprises. Start with a 30-count bottle for $15.99 or go all the way up to a 500-count bottle for $99.99. CBD-Infused Kratom is the sole exception, coming in at $39.99 for 75 caps.

Kratom powder is priced similarly. All but the CBD-infused powder ranges from $24.99 for 60 grams up to 250 grams for $69.99. The CBD-infused powder only comes in a 60-gram bottle for $39.99. Although these prices have not gone up, they haven’t gone down either.

Like other smoke shop brands, Krave Kratom is woefully overpriced especially compared to our own online collection of kratom capsules and powders, which we ship directly to consumers. These figures are mind-boggling when you consider the average cost of online kratom. For example, New Dawn Kratom charges $29.99 for 250 grams, while Kona Kratom charges $54.99. Many online stores offer 500 grams for $55 or less.

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Krave Kratom Coupon Code

It used to be easy to get Krave Kratom coupon codes by following them on Facebook. Unfortunately, the fun police deleted this vendor’s page. We don’t know if the code we found online is still active but be sure to give it a try. You can use ‘KRAVE10’ to save 10% off.

Krave Kratom reportedly offers a 15% off coupon for people who subscribe to its newsletter. This vendor also gives customers free shipping with every order. Yes, you read that correctly. Every single order qualifies for free shipping. So, let’s say you just want to try one of their $4.95 sample packs. You can do that without covering the shipping cost!

Krave Kratom Consumer Reputation

What do people think about Krave Kratom? There’s a variety of opinions, of course. One Reddit member said that they’re “a decent headshop brand, way better than most headshop kratom in my experience.”

One of the most recent Reddit posts about Krave Kratom isn’t nearly as complimentary. “This sh*t is completely ineffective. Stay away from Krave brand sh*t. It’s bunk.” Two others spoke up in the same thread and said, “it’s awful” and “Krave isn’t good at all.”

Elsewhere, a reviewer said, “I’ve had Krave before, and it seemed pretty dried out and old and not good. Honestly, nothing you’ll get in a head shop will be truly high quality, but there are definitely better brands you can get without having to buy in bulk online.”

Krave Kratom Customer Service

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This vendor’s website doesn’t mention anything about a return policy, which means they probably don’t accept returns. There’s no language about any type of product guarantees on their site, either, which is always worrisome. We didn’t uncover any specific complaints about their customer service, nor did we find any praise. Krave Kratom does have its phone number and address listed on the site, and that lends a bit more credibility to the company.

Bottom Line

It’s easier to find complaints about Krave Kratom than positive comments, and that should always be looked at as a red flag. However, it must be noted that individual experiences vary. Some have really enjoyed Krave’s products, while others have heavily cautioned against spending any money with this vendor.

While we can’t make a decision for you, we would like to remind you that you can get a sample pack for $4.95. When in doubt, it’s always better to place the smallest order possible.

Do you want to find a vendor that has a history of positive reviews? Check out our Complete List of the Best Kratom Vendors to discover the vendors that enthusiasts really love.

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