Vendor Review vendor review is a California-based Kratom vendor. They’ve been around long enough to have received almost 1,000 verified customer reviews via Yotpo. Of course, simply having a lot of reviews doesn’t mean that the word is all good. Therefore, we’re going to examine all of the prevalent details to help you decide if Authentic Kratom is worth trying. Review

Authentic Kratom first started shipping Mitragyna speciosa to US and International customers in 2013. They offer some great discount codes on their website, and they’ve also built a helpful blog that contains information about Kratom’s legal status. They sell 18 different categories of Kratom and offer a wide variety of shipping options.

One thing that’s a bit gimmicky about is their pricing structure. Everything is always 30 percent off the original listed price. This tactic makes the so-called sales price look great by comparison, but it would be much easier if the vendor simply listed their true pricing without putting the “regular” price next to it.

Authentic Kratom Product Line

With 18 categories and several options within each, you’ll find a very large selection of Kratom strains to choose from at Authentic Kratom. Please note that this vendor specializes in Mitragyna speciosa powder.

  • Borneo – White, Red, Green, & Yellow
  • Maeng Da – Kali, Green, Red, White, & Horn
  • Vietnam – White, Red, & Yellow
  • Thai Maeng Da – Red & Green
  • Bentuangie – Red
  • Hulu Kapuas – Green
  • Thai – Red & Green
  • Sumatra – Red & White
  • Bali – White, Red, & Green
  • Horned – Red, White, & Green
  • Riau – Red & Green
  • Malay – Green
  • Kalimantan – Red & Green
  • Crushed Leaf – Bali (Red, White, & Green) & Maeng Da
  • Elephant – White
  • Sulawesi
  • Aceh – White
  • Extracts – 30X

What’s it Going to Cost Me?

If you decide to buy Kratom from this vendor, make sure you take advantage of all the discount codes listed below.

There’s a wide variety of price points for the strains and sizes carried by Authentic Kratom. Pricing for 1 ounce starts around $8.39 and goes up from there. Prefer 5 ounces? That starts off around $41.99. You can also get 10 ounces for a starting price of approximately $83.99. Keep in mind that each strain and vein is priced differently, so the price your preferred Kratom lists may be higher or lower than our estimated range. Coupon Code

As previously mentioned, Authentic Kratom offers 30 percent off every order. The discounted price is reflected on each product’s sales page. You can also get free First-Class USPS shipping with orders of any value.

Spend $40+ and get free USPS Priority Mail shipping. Orders of $200+ are shipped UPS 2nd Day Air for free. You can also get free Kratom is you spend at least $50 and enter the appropriate coupon code.

  • 1 Free Ounce – $50+ Order, Coupon Code: XZDCMBR1OZ
  • 2 Free Ounces – $75+ Order, Coupon Code: DCMB02OZ
  • 3 Free Ounces – $100+ Order, Coupon Code: JLITIU90T6
  • 5 Free Ounces – $200+ Order, Coupon Code: JFIEYHNGT

You can also get additional deals by signing up for this vendor’s newsletter.

Authentic Kratom Consumer Reputation

Consumer review site TrustPilot has given a 3.7-star rating. There are several positive and negative reviews over on Reddit. For example, one thread has positive thoughts such as “what I tried was good,” “I really like and they have fast shipping,” and “excellent Kratom quality.”

At the same time, the thread mentioned above also contains some very unhappy customers. “Do not buy from them” and “the company cussed at me.”

We always have to take positive and negative reviews with a grain of salt. It’s hard to say for sure if a company has good products unless you give them a try. Customer Service

Kratom leaves

We’re a bit concerned by some of the customer service comments listed above, especially the allegation that someone from the company cussed at a customer. However, someone else in that thread spoke up to say that “the customer service is great!”

Another factor that always sheds an important light on a company’s customer service is their returns policy. Authentic Kratom does offer returns within 15 days for unopened products. They do require customers to call or email them within three days of receiving the product to report that there’s an issue.

Bottom Line has stuck around for a long time, which seems to indicate that their products and customer service are decent. If you’re unsure, we recommend sticking with a small first order.

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